Dear World: Obama Does Not Represent America

Dear World,

I’m writing to you because it’s come to my attention that the current administration is creating false impressions of America, and I thought that you should know that this president is not at all representative of the majority of the American people and that with few exceptions everything this president has done will be revised and/or completely overturned/repealed.  This will come as very good news to America’s friends and allies, many of whom are quite alarmed by the bizarre choices and decisions America seems to be making right now.

So let me be clear:

America is pro-Israel.  Israel is, has always been, and will continue to be America’s friend and ally.  We love Israel and the Jewish people very nearly as much as we love America and our own people.  I’m terribly sorry that this is not apparent at this time and can only assure you that America will be righting its course and returning to stand at Israel’s side as soon as humanly possible (i.e. January 21, 2013).  Where we belong.  And where the American people are, if not this administration.

To borrow a famous quote from this failed president:  America is not any more “pro-Muslim” than we are pro-any other religion (to the extent that Islam is a religion).  This means that NASA will be focusing again on space exploration and study, and that they will not be working to make Muslims “feel good about themselves.”  That is not the job of NASA, nor of any other American governmental agency for that matter.

Sorry about that START treaty, but it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.  We’re not going to undermine our own defensive capabilities nor those we use to protect our allies.  It’s just not going to happen, even this administration (probably) has no intention of doing so.  The leftist way is to sneak and hide and deceive (witness the “no torture, but woot! let’s engage in rendition and drone attack” fun that Obama enthusiastically embraces), and this administration thinks that if you, the people of the world, believe we’ve disarmed that you’ll all do it, too . . . while we keep our defense in place, of course, defying the treaty and our word.  That is not the American way.  Further, we are going to honor our commitments to our Eastern European allies and place missile defense shields in Poland and the Czech Republic. 

Your opinion on our domestic affairs is . . . well, let’s just say that it’s unwelcome.  We don’t want socialized medicine in this country, and we don’t believe that it’s either economically nor morally sound.  Indeed, we think it’s an economic catastrophe that would harm the quality of and limit the access to health care that we have long enjoyed and that that is immoral.  Sorry if you don’t understand or like it, but America believes in limited government.  Besides, we’ve seen how socialized medicine operates and are simply not interested.  You, however, are still more than welcome to come and obtain medical treatments here that you cannot get in your own countries.  You know, if you can afford to come here (funny how that fabulous socialized medicine still means that the poor cannot access care, isn’t it?).

We understand that many of our European friends think that the U. S. should not have the death penalty.  That’s okay, you can think that.  However, our states are sovereign, and the states that have the death penalty have it because the people of that state want it.  This is how America works and will continue to work.

In short, America is America, not Europe, not the Middle East, not the Soviet Union, not Asia, not Africa, not Australia, not any other country in the world, and we, like all of you, will do exactly as we please, exactly as we think right and good for our people.  I’m sure you can understand that and respect that.  After all, we don’t tell you to embrace the free market or to privatize your health care or to adopt the death penalty, so we’d really appreciate it if, to be blunt, you’d stop whining about what is wrong with America (in your eyes) and focus on fixing the myriad problems in your own countries.  Do let me know if you can’t think of any, and I’ll provide you a list. 

America is a republic, and we will remain so.  We are not socialist, we are not communist, and we approve of neither.  Sorry, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, et al, but we’re really not interested in your opinion of us; the impression that this administration has given the world is that America is going to prostrate itself before the world in supplication.  That’s not going to happen.  In fact, we’re going to make some much needed changes and stop funding the U. N., stop listening to or indulging the U. N., and essentially tell the U. N. to go straight to . . . well, you get the idea.  Making nice with the world is an exercise in futility, and while we will protect and continue to give aid to our allies, we are not going to be bullied by groups of nations, nor by a single nation. 

To that latter end, we’re going to start living within our means and paying back our debts.  America will be in no one’s debt, we will be under no one’s thumb, and we will take orders from no one. 

There will be no “global governance.”

In short, all the promises that Obama has made to you will not be kept.  Heck, he already hasn’t kept most of them, that’s his way.  But I’m writing to let you know that America has not changed her attitude, her fundamental beliefs, nor her values.  Just ignore Obama (we do).

America’s strength, both economic and military, has kept peace in this world for decades, and as this administration works overtime to diminish both our economy and our military, we can see that the world is already, in two short years, becoming alarmingly unstable.  This will not stand.  We hope that you can see for yourselves how much the world has changed, how much more dangerous it has become, how close to nuclear wars we are, but if not, that’s okay.  We see it.  And we will correct it.

Peace through strength works.  Peace through indulgence, appeasement, and supplication does not work.  We know this, even if Obama does not.  Expect America to move back to speaking softly and carrying a great big stick: diplomacy until that doesn’t work (funny how much better it works when it’s known that we can and will put our money where our mouth is), then force as needed (and it rarely will be just as it rarely has been).  We’ll welcome your anti-American comments and condemnations because it will mean that you are still alive, still free.  And in that we will take great satisfaction because your lives and freedom are worth whatever abuse you hurl at us.  They always have been.  

Fuzzy Slippers




11 thoughts on “Dear World: Obama Does Not Represent America

  1. Let's all hope that the optimism you espouse in this post is embraced by the 112th Congress, and the 113th and a new President who has true leadership skills, and a vision to restore American patriotism and greatness in the eyes and minds of her citizens. I agree with you that we (at least those on the conservative side of the spectrum) could care less what the world thinks of us. However, I for one am getting pretty sick and tired of being the punching bag for the world, and at the same time turn the other cheek and supply aid to whomever asks for it. Let's stop that practice and provide aid only to those who support our vision of freedom and liberty. How's that for a start? That should wake some countries up! And as for your take on the UN, I don't know what you've read to make you believe we'll take that action, but if we do, I'll fully support it! I think the UN is just a bunch of spies and liars anyway. And I think they think they're pretty cagey – talking down America right in her own backyard, hell, in the very pulse that drives her economically. I loved the anticipation of the 2010 elections, but I just wish the 2012 elections were tomorrow. I don't know if we can withstand two more years of the obama czars and regulators. We may not recognize a path back to pre-obama days by the time he's finished…

  2. @Randy, woot! thanks 🙂

    @HTBWS, well . . . okay, so the U. N. stuff was wishful thinking, but hey, if the tide is turning against leftist craziness, maybe it can happen. ;p I think that we need to seriously consider the aid we offer, not only in terms of who supports us but in terms of what we can actually afford. I'm sick to death of deficit spending and really don't think that leftists understands that MEANS spending money you don't even have. We have to borrow money from China to send to who knows where . . . only to be bashed and insulted for not sending ENOUGH. I'm worried about whether or not we can make it through two more years of destructive anti-American policy, too, but I'm hopeful that we'll survive and be stronger and better for this bleak and horrific episode in our nation's history.

  3. Dear Fuzzy,

    You have a way of saying what every freedom loving American would like to say, it's just that you say it soooo damn much better than anyone else!!!

    Lock & Load!!! (That's my big stick!)
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

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