Predictions and Not Predictions for 2011

The fabulous, articulate, witty and wise (and quite dreamy–in the “he’s so dreamy” sense, definitely not in the head in the clouds sense) Professor Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection has posted his list of predictions (if they come true) / wishes (if they don’t) (see? Totally witty and wise) for 2011.  I started my comment over there and realized that I was (is anyone going to be surprised?) going on and on.  And on.  So I thought I’d just post here instead and call it a blog post:

   1. There will be a government shutdown crisis over the House budget, which will include major spending cuts and defunding of Obamacare.  Someone will blink.  My guess is it will be the Republicans.

This would be a replay of 1994-95, and I’m not as sure that 2010 is comparable at all.  This is not about a seat on a plane, nor can it be spun to be such. Further, the main source of outrage then was the veteran’s benefits (social security and MediCare checks went out). Add in the three network “news” options that the country had, and the trust that the public had in them, and it was bound to be a disaster. Gingrich did the right thing for the right reasons, but Clinton played his hand and the media and the people well. He’s good like that. BO is not.

Besides compare that time to now, the mood of this country is nothing like it was in 1994; we’re not just throwing a tantrum out here or still in shock after HillaryCare but recovering because we changed Congress and think that’s sufficient to stop the socialist train (seems crazy that we believed that was enough then). We learned a lot from that little episode, and we know that it’s not that easy, that there is much much work to be done to get America back on track and out of the clutches of unhinged socialists. Look where not doing it back in 1994+ has brought us. It can only go downhill from here.

Further, we’re genuinely, deeply concerned about our nation’s future, and we have zero trust in the (now fringe) media who wrote the narrative of the 1995 shutdown. We are informed, and we are serious about serious changes being made. Yes, that includes social security and MediCare. It has to. We know that. But it also includes major federal government downsizing in every area not specifically laid out in the Constitution (mainly national defense and security, trade with foreign countries, etc.). That takes time and hard work, but we have to start somewhere. Shut down of non-essential government services (as long as the VA is included as essential this time around)? Sounds like a good start to me.

   2. The mainstream media will steadily chew through Republican candidates until they find someone they claim to like.  Establishment Republicans will coalesce around the same person, because that person will be viewed as electable.  I just can’t figure out who that person is.

This is definitely the plan.  It worked with John McCain, and if we aren’t careful will work in 2012, as well.  That’s why we keep having Romney and Huckabee flashed around as “front runners.”  The media would love to have either run and then tear them down as they did RINO progressive McCain (Romney is definitely a RINO progressive, while Huck will be painted as an evangelical rightwing fundamentalist lunatic).  That there are sporadic bursts of leftists taking Sarah Palin seriously is worrying for this very reason.  Anyone the LSM supports needs to be seriously vetted and considered (and then reconsidered) by conservatives and the GOP.

   3. The price of gasoline will rise, and “drill baby drill” will be back.

Gasoline prices are already rising, and shortages and 1970’s gas lines are already being predicted.  This, of course, means that the cost of everything will go through the roof–food prices are shooting up even as I type.  And this while unemployment hovers near 10% and will soon exceed it, that’s also related to the rising cost of gas–everything in our economy is in some way related to oil prices, so everything will be hit.  The middle classes hardest of all (much to BO’s glee).

   4. Housing and the mortgage bubble will continue to deflate, and the White House will renew its “blame Bush” messaging with even more vigor than before.

Agreed.  Republicans better find a way to defuse this and to get the truth out about the damaging Democrat policies that keep creating these bubbles.  Something short and sweet that conveys the danger to our entire economy of forcing banks to provide mortgages and other loans to people who can never pay them back.

   5. Townhall meetings during the summer of 2011 will be hotter, politically, than the summer of 2009.

I hope so, but it will take something concrete (like ObamaCare did in ’09) to bring out the people. No bill will do it, not with a Republican House, and I’m not sure how America will react to BO enforcing things via agencies (EPA, FCC, DHS/TSA) and executive order.  For some reason that I can’t fathom, the American people don’t seem to care about circumventing Congress and the Constitution in this way.  Maybe they will when their electricity bills “necessarily skyrocket” or when TSA’s “every tenth person might be a terrorist, so let’s sexually molest every tenth person” approach to airline safety fails to catch the next terrorist?

   6. There will be war in the Middle East as a result of the build up of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran’s frustration with Israeli and western covert actions against Iran’s nuclear program.  It is impossible to predict the event which will be the spark, but it will be something unexpected.

Yep.  And I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if there isn’t a “trial” nuke set off by terrorists in the Middle East or even in Europe in preparation for a terrorist nuclear attack in America. 

   7. The European economic model will fail; yet it still will be the model pushed by the Democratic base.

This is happening now, and yes, will continue into 2011.

I would add:

8.  Hyperinflation will kick in sometime in 2011, and this–compounded by the government’s food bans, corn biofuel idiocy, the aforementioned skyrocketing price of oil/gasoline, huge unemployment,  a harsh winter that’s already damaging what little food we do produce in this country, and cap and tax via the EPA–will mean that certain classes of Americans begin, quite literally, to starve.  This may seem far-fetched, but all the pieces are there for this scenario.  The question is:  will BO go that far before a presidential election? 

9.  As the TSA branches out to train, subway, and bus stations, as well as to malls and sporting events, Americans will be rounded up arrested and held, perhaps indefinitely.  Again, this sounds extreme, but it’s clearly the plan.  The question here is how far dare they or can they go before the progressive left rebels and they lose the media support they simply must have?

10. We’ll begin seeing the impact of the FCC’s control of the internet (including new taxes and fees that will contribute to the aforementioned economic problems).  Sites will be fined, suspended, blocked; blog owners sued and prosecuted for violating copyright and other regulations (“fair use” types maybe) about which we won’t be aware. 

11.  BO will continue to wear the mask of the “blue dog” American patriot, and Americans won’t put two (executive orders, policies, agencies) and two (BO’s agenda) together.  This is the one that scares me most of all.  He’ll claim that everything is either Bush’s fault and/or that it’s the individual agencies doing the damage–his hands are clean.  We’ve seen this strategy when he blamed Holder/DOJ for the decision about KSM being tried in NYC and when he handed over HCR to Herr Pelosi and Commandant Reid (give the GOP some credit, here, though, for keeping BO deeply connected to and associated with both–that was definitely not the WH’s plan). 

Okay, that’s what I think will happen.  Here’s what I hope will happen:

Mr. Issa goes in with metaphoric guns blazing and uncovers every illegal, traitorous act that this administration has been involved in.  Holder is prosecuted for violations of the Civil Rights Act and the DOJ is purged of his “we don’t prosecute crimes by black people against white people policy.”  The House, led by Boehner, begins impeachment proceedings.  BO is successfully removed from office; Biden kicks all the commies out of the WH and ineptly pursues his own progressive agenda (this is stopped by Congress) until he is beaten in 2012 by a true conservative American patriot who goes on to balance the budget, restore America’s place in the world, grow our economy, simplify our tax code, close our borders, and otherwise get America back on her path to being the shining city on a hill. 




11 thoughts on “Predictions and Not Predictions for 2011

  1. Nice post, O She of the Fuzzy Slippers. I agree with most of your and the Professor's assessment. Call me overly optimistic, but I think we can beat this crazy Chicago machine. After all, we're the people who tamed the west, beat down Nazism and Communism both, and put a man on the moon. I think this is doable in comparison to all those other accomplishments.

  2. Excellent Post Fuzzy. I agree with almost everything you and the most excellent professor write..with one exception. With the investigations of anything not just obvious and blatant like the voter intimidation would be a mistake and could look like dems are being punished. Working to undo the damage of the 11th congress and defeating the golfer and chief should be the prime objective.

  3. First, I can be “dreamy”, too. πŸ˜‰

    Much of this comes to fruition if we do not hammer away at Republicans in Congress. We hired them to do our bidding. We need to attend school board, city council, county board meetings. We need to continually communicate with our state government on our wishes. We especially need Congress to override Net Neutrality. It is designed to silence us and it must not succeed.

    We got here because most of us were asleep at the wheel. We need to stay awake and awaken our friends and neighbors.

    Be optimistic. And work hard. Drives them crazy.

  4. Here I was minding my own business reading Fuzzy's blog, and I'm reading the first sentence. “WOW, that's me I thought”, then Fuzzy you ruined it by the second line …damn!

    Fuzzy, the fence sitters (the pieces of crap I hate) are the only ones that think the MSM is news. The rest of us hate them and their favorite candidates the RINOs.

    YES ! shut the government down if they won't cut 10% across the board! EVERYTHING !

    I feel better now … oh, I have a new follower. Now, how did that happen?

  5. @TCC, thanks πŸ™‚ I hope you're right and love your optimism. I think we'll get through this, too, but I'm worried about how far into the abyss we'll have to go before the rest of America wakes up.

    @DS, yay, thanks! πŸ™‚ I've been hearing about this worry with regard to investigating the WH (and DOJ), and I really have to give it some thought. You may be right about it being a mistake, but letting them get away with God knows what high crimes and misdemeanors for political reasons just seems wrong to me.

    @Randy, me too, but let's not get our hopes up.

    @Sherry, thank YOU (I giggled all the way through your list of predictions). I'm not sure this is Potluck material, but I appreciate the vote of confidence. πŸ™‚

    @Deekaman, we definitely need to restore a sense of our representatives in Congress actually representing us (not themselves or their party's agenda), and staying alert and informed is key. FCC internet regulations are designed to hamper our access to information, so that must indeed be stopped. You're right, we were asleep at the wheel, we sort of roused a bit in 1993-94, then went promptly back to sleep when it looked like the HillaryCare and far left Bill Clinton threat had been neutralized. Now we know better. No more slumbering for us.

    @Matt, yes, I know. *sigh*

    @Odie, oh, it's you alright πŸ˜‰ Yes, it's sad how many people think they are “informed” when all they watch and read is liberal lunacy. Ugh. And hehe, I'm still following the “wrong” blog, too, btw.

  6. I was telling someone the other day that maybe we need to feel the pain of this buffoon's policies. Pain has an amazing capacity to wake people up in an instant. And maybe that’s just the prescription we need. Great post.

  7. @Trestin, it's going to take a lot more than hope, but I get your meaning. Me, too.

    @John, this is a dangerous idea (actually exactly the idea at the base of the sprog destruction of America and Cloward-Piven). I don't believe that the remedy to our problems as a nation is to see it destroyed before we get our act together.

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