Gay Conservatives: God’s Bounty

I’ve been in complete denial.  Some part of me, the bizarre optimist part that I try to starve and squelch, has always told me that much as I hate the far left, they are right about one thing: the conservative movement, the one and only thing that will save our Republic, is threatened, not from without but from within.  This makes me more sad, more heartbroken, than I can fully express.  

Er, Happy New Year!?

The social conservatives are just determined to undermine any steps that we must, simply must, take to preserve, even save, our union.  I’m not conservative enough.  I know this. I love gay people, I love black people, I love poor people, I love Asians, Latinos, heck, you name it, I’m all about loving them.  And while I’m not gay, I’ve certainly had more than my “fair share” of interracial relationships.  And you know what I learned?  Americans, mostly, don’t care about that anymore .  A white chick with an Asian?  With a black guy?  Whatever.  Oh sure, it’s easy to think that people are staring because you’re an interracial couple, but it’s more often that you’re hot.  Or that he is.  Or that you’ve put your shirt on inside out.  Or that you’re freakishly tall (this happened when I was dating a white guy who was 6’7″–got far more stares and those weird mumblings than I did when dating any “minority”).

So there’s an uproar about two conservative groups pulling out of CPAC because of GOProud.  You know what I say to that?  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  Buh-bye.  I would rather have one Chris Barron by my side than ten of you.  And here’s precisely, exactly why:  Chris Barron represents conservative values in a way that is affirming and positive, in a way that makes me proud of conservatism.  WE don’t define people by their sexual orientation, WE don’t define people solely and only by any single factor of their humanity.  Barron talks about policy that affects us all: jobs, taxation, the role of government.  He talks about conservatism as a practical means of opening doors for all Americans.  He talks about conservatism as I understand and defend it.  He’s a freaking patriot, and until he decides to work to subvert our Constitution and our liberty (which is never), I support him.  And I support GOProud.

I don’t want there to be a “civil war” in the conservative movement.  But if there is going to be one, I stand firmly, whole-heartedly with American patriots who wish to fight for, to protect, and to preserve our great nation.  If this makes me a pariah, so be it.  But I want no part, no part, of any movement that does not include gay conservatives.  These men and women are God’s bounty, without them, we are less than, we are smaller, we are diminished.

Turn on our gay brethren at your own risk.  I am not alone in supporting them, of this I can assure you.




27 thoughts on “Gay Conservatives: God’s Bounty

  1. @JACG, hee! you bring me much joy. And yes, I'll hear about this. To which I will say, easily and of clear conscience: “Screw you.” Lines are being drawn, and I'm damned if I will allow those lined to be drawn between true conservatives and true conservatives.

    @Deekaman, unfortunately we have to pick sides. I've picked mine, with clear conscience and love. I trust my fellow patriots to pick their wisely. There is no room for intolerance and hate on this side of the aisle; more than enough of that “over there.”

  2. Fuzzy, I second your sentiments with a big ole HELL YEAH! I stand with you and any patriot who wishes to stand with me to fight for our country. I JUST DON'T CARE if someone is gay or not, if they love America and do not wish to see it 'fundamentally transformed' into some eurosocialistislamist hell hole, then I am more than happy to embrace them. We are in the fight of our lives and we need all the help we can get, it is monumentally stupid to exclude those who would stand with us for something so superficial as the fact that what they do in private may be a little different from what I do in private. They are not gay conservatives to me, they are conservatives – period.

  3. So Fuzzy, if you're conservative enough then you are expected to hate (or at least to not like) gay people, expected to hate black people, you hate poor people, you hate Asians, Latinos, heck, you name it? Have you been watching MSNBC of something? I very much doubt that you feel that way, but that's pretty much the implication of what you wrote.

    Of course I support GOProud in this, but I fail to see the big deal in these two groups pulling out. I think it's a little premature to start saying that this is going to cause anything more than a slight disturbance until these people eventually come slinking back– mainly so that their voices aren't self-censored. Where else are they going to go? To the Dems?

  4. I don't think the words conservative or patriot should be prefaced with anything… You are either a conservative, a patriot, or hopefully a combination of both… These being polar opposites of liberals and progressives which I truly believe are the scurge of the earth…

  5. Fuzzy,

    You are correct on all counts… A conservative by any other name is just as smart! God loves us all, even the leftist loons who are trying to destroy our country.

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  6. Hear Hear.

    As I've said elsewhere, Conservative simply means For the Constitution. Period.
    (I can tag on a couple more things like low taxes, and federal UNinvolvement in all things not associated with National Security and some Interstate issues..)

    But Conservative has nothing to do with anyone's preferences. Atheist, Gay, Race, Creed, Religious Preference. Hey, that's starting to sound like one of our Founding Documents isn't it?

    Yes, it is the left/liberal that insists on putting labels on us – 'Religious Right', 'Christian Conservative', etc. I don't think you'll ever see just Conservative used by the Democrat media when referencing us.

    They simply Have to put these labels on us.

    Oh wait, they're Against Labels ??

    F Me….

  7. I have to agree that the presence of GOProud can only help the conservative movement look more valid in the eyes of those who would normally find reason to hate and despise those of us on the right. I have no qualms about what someone does in their bedroom. My only issue is the institution of marriage. to me it's a sacred institution and, homophobic though this might make me, I believe that that institution should remain unchanged. Insofar as not allowing a gay person to call themselves conservative because of who they take to bed, though, that's insane.

  8. …… and I don't think there is any conflict between being conservative and tolerant/inclusive – whatever you want to call it – my Dad has always been a staunch conservative/Thatcherite. He never even dipped his toes into “socialism” but he has always supported equality across the board. We may have the most dreadful political arguments but I always admire his stand on social issues.

  9. Trestin, stop being a trouble maker …

    Fuzzy, I'm with you. I don't care where one dips their wick, just as long as they vote to keep the country, a country of “We the People”. I am not a Social Conservative myself (I have to ask … you couldn't tell?), but that's just me. I'm a “Mind my own business Conservative”.

    Folks, isn't it more important to vote, with your mind and your heart ,to preserve this great country than it is to judge your neighbor? If it isn't your life style … don't live it!

  10. Thanks, guys! I appreciate the support, we social moderates/liberals sometimes get the feeling we aren't welcome at the (Tea) party.

    @Yukio, the focus on the Constitution and on getting America out of the clutches of the sprogs has–for the time being–put a hold on, dare I echo Mitch Daniels and call it a “truce”?, the “litmus” tests of “true conservatives.” i.e. abortion, gay marriage, etc. So yes, I do believe that there are a number of conservatives (usually on the pretty far right, but not always) who would happily call me names and try to shove me out of the conservative resurgence. I've written about the problem of drifting from the conservative, pro-America message before. A lot. I always try to stay focused on the threats we face now, but I'm very aware that when we win, there will be a big push by the far right to swing this country to the right, partly to counter-balance the lunge left and partly because they really believe that it would make it better. It wouldn't. And whatever numbers conservatives are gaining would be quickly lost.

    @Trestin, are these Muslims American patriots who truly love America and who truly support her base ideals, beliefs, and foundational documents?

  11. @Odie, that, my dear, is totally perfect. “If it isn't your lifestyle, don't live it.” That, to me, is the core of the conservative ideology. If you don't want to watch hate-filled burblings by Code Pink or the NBPP or whomever, don't buy a ticket and show up or change the channel. If you don't like eating meat, don't eat it, but don't infringe on MY right to do so. And on and on in every area of an individual's rights, liberties, and choices. That separates the adults (conservatives) from the children (leftists): they want to force their views, dearly held and believed remember, on everyone else. We do not.

  12. I agree Fuzzy. Most people who are against homosexuals or homosexuality are against the act, not the person. If the homosexual is a conservative then I wouldn't disagree with their conservative values and throw a hissy fit just because we disagreed on one life issue. I recently posted on this issue, separating the person from the homosexual act.

  13. @Teresa- I agree you have to separate the act and the person, but that does not mean we should not resist the gay agenda.

    @Fuzzy yes they are constitutional, they just want us to reverse our foreign policy, including support for Israel.

  14. Thanks pjMom! 🙂

    @Teresa, yes, it's sad. Seriously, it breaks my heart. Love the sinner, hate the sin. You know, until the sinner starts blowing up airplanes, then I have to leave the forgiving to others and God. :p

    @Tres, if they're not a friend of Israel, it's only because they think Jews all need to be annihilated, and no, I would never support that. And certainly not from a gay Muslim. (you're supposed to smile at that, dear)

    @RHM, woohoo! I'm a muse. How great is that. Loved your post, too, really good stuff.

  15. @Fuzzy lol. And I would not think that you were close minded or an Islamaophobic hate monger for apposing such a group. Just keep in mind that many social conservatives feel that presurving traditional morality is just as important.

  16. Trestin, you know from reading my blog that I believe that the family and God are a foundational part of our republic, that the more they disappear, the less we are. But just as the left can't force us to be something we are not, we cannot force anyone to be something they are not. There are gay people in this world, in this country, in the conservative movement. It's not catching, you can't be “taught” to be gay, you just are. And if you also happen to be a conservative patriot who wants to stop the socialist progressives from further destroying our great nation, then it's all good with me. What's the alternative, Tres? What's the alternative for an ideology that espouses freedom, personal liberty and responsibility, equal opportunity for all?

  17. Wait… You love gay people, you love black people, you love poor people, you love Asians, Latinos, heck, you name it, you are all about loving them.

    So you are a “liberal” republican? Love thy neighbor and all that jazz, but bomb the Muslims? How is that different from kill the infidels? You are the same coin different sides or do you see that social conservative are just as twisted and ignorant as the Muslims you fear. Or am I wrong? Are you still a cold blooded tax cutting idiot that can't see the forest through the trees? Over 30 years of failed government policies you would think you far-right wingers would learn. Cutting taxes then expanding government to enrich your contributors doesn't work.

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