Supporting The People’s Speaker and Conservative Ideals

I know we’ve been burned and are distrustful of the GOP and with darned good reason, but there’s something to be said for giving people another chance.  We don’t really have much choice but to either support The People’s Speaker and hope that our trust and support will help him (and the House and new senators) to stay on task, empowered and inspired by the voice of the people, or we can drag him down, watch him be chomped up and spit out by the lunatic leftists.  Oh, sure, we can signal that we don’t think much of him, we can beat him up (verbally, of course), and we can grouse.  We can send waves of negative energy to Capitol Hill and overwhelm Speaker Boehner with how little we think of him or believe that he’s going to follow through on his promises to the American people.

Sure, we can do that.  But in your experience, when you treat people like that, how are they likely to respond?  Do they battle through and rise to the occasion or are they likely to disappoint you again, just as you tell them they will?  Newsflash: if that’s how you treat people, nine times out of ten, they’re going to respond not by rising to meet high standards, but by being deflated and thinking it’s just not worth it.  At least that’s usually what happens.  Few people, battered and bruised and doubted, will have the strength of will and spirit to succeed.  Mostly, they just say, “well, if that’s what you expect, that’s what you’ll get.”  And it is.

If Speaker Boehner and the rest of the new congressmen and women don’t think that we’re supporting them, don’t think that their doing the right thing matters to us, then what’s to stop them just giving in to the tide of corruption and tantalizing bribes of power and money that pervade Washington?  That Speaker Boehner hasn’t, in all his years in the House, once taken an earmark bribe for his vote is very heartening and suggests that he’s made of stronger stuff than I’ve just described, but why leave him–and the others we’ve sent to Washington to fight the good fight for America–to face the onslaught alone?  That he’s cut congressional budgets, refused the Pelosi plane, changed the House rules (to include reading the Constitution on the floor!), and already proposed a repeal bill (and put it online just as he said he would) shows that he is acting in good faith with the American people.  Doing what he said he’d do.  Isn’t that worth something?  Shouldn’t we be just as quick with our praise and support as we are with our displeasure?

We sent them there, so we need to support them.  And do so with every bit of vigor and dedication that we devoted to sending them there in the first place.  Counter the lies the LSM and random lefties spin about what the GOP is doing with facts, with reason, with logic.  Don’t let the battle to repeal that healthcare monstrosity be reduced to the GOP hating old people.  Do not let them write the narrative this time.  They did in the ’90’s, and look where that’s led.  Right here.  If we don’t stop them this time, where’s there to go from here?  How much of our country will be left?

This is not to say that we don’t “trust but verify” or even prepare, internally, for disappointment.  But to let that show, to wear that on our sleeve as some sort of you burned me once and now I think you’re scum for all time badge of honor is self-defeating.  It’s America-defeating.  They are all we have right now.  And if they have the support of the people, they can and will make the hard choices and get our country back on the path to fiscal security.  But they won’t be able to do that if we aren’t there.  Think of the difference we made over the last two years.  The dems had supermajorites, both Houses of Congress, and the White House, and yet because we stood up, they didn’t get much of what they wanted.  We made a difference.  Thank God.  And here’s the thing, if we can stop negative, destructive, horrendous socialist and fiscally-irresponsible horrors, just think what we can do if we put our minds to supporting positive change, to supporting our elected representatives as they work for the good of our nation (for as long as they continue to represent us, anyway)?

We can hold signs that say “no” to socialized medicine, and that makes a difference.  We can march on Washington to protest higher taxes and out of control spending, and that makes a difference.  AND we can also hold signs that say “yes” to cutting entitlements, simplifying the tax code, eliminating federal agencies that have failed, that are redundant, or that are just filling lobbyists’ and bureaucrats’ pockets with our money . . . and any number of other things that we support.  Instead of waiting until the next socialist bill is coming up for a vote to crowd into D. C., why not be proactive in shaping those bills, our country’s policy, before they get that far?  Instead of reacting to crap legislation after it’s already on the floor, why not let it be known what we want first.  And then hold our elected officials to that standard?  Why not work with and for our country and its conservative leaders in Congress? There’s no reason that we should use our mighty voice only to protest, let’s use it to shape our country’s future.




6 thoughts on “Supporting The People’s Speaker and Conservative Ideals

  1. We need to make sure we let the Speaker know our wishes and expect our will to be done. When it is not, we need to make sure he knows. We also need to make sure that when defense is needed, we provide that support. Same goes for all of our members of Congress and State Legislatures.

  2. This Congress knows exactly why they are there. They are there to do the PEOPLES' work … no more and no less. We the People spoke loud and clear last NOvember and it should be etched in all republican's minds. I think we've sent enough Conservatives to remind all Republicans of this if they appear to be straying. Back them up, and let the process begin!

  3. Well said, Fuzzy. Many of us now have reps that actually want to hear what Conservatives have to say. We need to freshen up our political address books and keep those public servant phone lines nice and warm.

  4. @Deekaman, defense will be needed every single day. Witness the attacks already on Speaker Boehner from everyone from pols to David Letterman. If we don't make those attacks ABOUT the American people, they will stick. And no matter what the House does, we will lose in 2012.

    @Mal, thanks 🙂 Happy New Year to you, too.

    @Odie, “back them up” is key. Sitting back and expecting them to go it alone will ensure that they fail. I'm not risking that.

    @Trestin, support IS holding them accountable, think of it as positive reinforcement. It works.

    @QR, yep.

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