Bill Whittle: BO’s Mid-term Report Card

This is good, but I think the best bit is after the top 10 leftist wish list stuff. 


10 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: BO’s Mid-term Report Card

  1. @Odie, yep, massive fail!

    @Kerry, that made me smile, too, heh

    @Deekaman, lol

    @Fredd, you hereby have my permission to skip my blog when I post videos, as I do (and will continue to do) on occasion. :p

  2. Bill is the best Fuzzy.

    There was a lot more he could have put in there as well. But he was obviously talking to the progressives and they can barely stay focused that long let alone any longer.

  3. LOL, Kid, yeah. Sprogs actually know all this and keep talking about how BO's actually “rightwing.” I guess to them, waaaaay out there in far left field, he is. Hopefully, they'll primary him with a far left loon like Grayson or (more likely) Russ Feingold or even Howard Dean.

  4. @Fredd, honestly, I was thinking and talking about blog posts that are copy and pastes of articles, not of posting videos, but I see your point. That said, I don't browse through YouTube looking for video, so unless someone else does post it, I won't see it. I think there's a difference, maybe because of my own use of the internet, between copying and pasting articles that we all read anyway and posting vids that some people (like myself) would never otherwise find/see. But that's just me, you are, of course, welcome to your opinion and preferences.

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