BO and Hu: Amateur Meets Leader, What To Expect

When the–as yet unsubstantiated–news got out that BO told the Egyptian Foreign Minister that he, BO, is secretly a Muslim who supports the Muslim agenda, few were surprised.  Some felt that this confirmed their worst fears that there was a radical Muslim in the WH, working to bring about the global domination of Islam.  Some thought that it was just gossip, a rumor, baseless.  Some thought that it was still further evidence that BO would say anything to anyone to further his agenda (and maybe accomplish something that might be worthy of that Nobel Peace Prize, even if it was through under-handed trickery, lies, dissembling, and deceit).  Some thought that it was of interest, something to file away for future comment / snark.  I’m in that last camp.

I have to say that the only thing that’s going to happen while Hu is here is that BO will bow (literally) and scrape (probably figuratively, but who knows?) and whine (definitely literally) and maybe stamp his dainty toes in the privacy of the room that houses his and MO’s (probably unused) marital bed.  Oh, and the whole pageant will cost we, the people, a bundle.  A bundle.  There will be dancing girls (or boys, quite possibly), fatted calves (because BO and his entire staff are idiots), and maybe some Paul McCartney and Oprah to add that certain air of affirmation that BO does matter.  To someone.  Somewhere.

And Hu will nod a lot.  He will smile a lot.  He will demure a lot.  He will be faultlessly polite.

He will be mentally laughing his commie butt off at the Amateur in Chief.  And he will go back to China (still chuckling and shaking his head).  And he will do nothing, change absolutely nothing, that BO begged, wheedled, bribed, or nagged him to do.

So who cares about that, except how much this embarrassing episode is going to cost us (money we’ll probably borrow from Hu while he’s here) and how horrifyingly crass and awful the first couple behave (and which sofa MO’s designer slays to drape on her massive frame, held in place by the ever-present boob belt.  She’s not wearing the skin tight, disgustingly revealing outfits of yore.  Thank God.  Some not-really-newspapers-that-aren’t-the-not-really-newspaper-the-NYT think she’s pregnant.).

We know nothing will come of this BO and Hu meeting, and we know this because the entire world is laughing at that clown in the WH.  What I’m interested in is what cheap, self-involved state “gifts” the WH will present Hu.  Then again, expense may not be an issue, here, as China is not an American ally and therefore is particularly beloved by BO.  Here’s what I imagine is on the short-list:

–a postcard from the WH giftshop with the National Mall abloom with cherry blossoms (that’s going to seem all “Asian” and appropriate to this incompetent admin)
–a signed (by BO) copy of Horton Hears a Who (because the incompetent WH staff’s library shelves are limited to Dr. Seuss and Alinsky.  Besides a Who is Hu is a Who, right?)
–a framed photo of the first couple in traditional Chinese garb (maybe with MO’s enormous feet bound?)
–the People’s Documentary of the State Visit, commissioned by the WH, with Michael Moore directing (most footage of BO, of course)
–a golden bust of BO (made of clay and painted with gold leaf to best capture his essence–naw, he’d have one done up with solid gold and bedazzled with real jewels.  He thinks he’s king, after all.)

I’m also rather curious to learn if it “leaks” out that BO has told Hu that he’s (BO) secretly Buddhist (or an atheist, Hu heads the atheist commie party in China, after all, but seems willing to embrace religion).  This would be a slap in the face to Muslim peoples, like the Saudis and apparently the Egyptians, who believe BO to be Muslim, and it would confirm many Americans’ suspicions that he uses religion as a political weapon (he wanders into the random Christian church every couple years now that he’s thrown Rev. Wright under the bus, has started saying “God Bless America” with every speech-this started on the campaign trail after he was brow-beaten by outraged Americans into pretending to care about God.  Or America.  He started wearing that flag lapel pin–the one he swore he would never wear–at about the same time he started invoking our Christian God.  He’s revolting like that.  And many Americans are gullible enough to think that this signals a change in this crazed ideologue.).

One thing’s for sure, Hu will not be ushered out of the White House past bulging bags of garbage.




9 thoughts on “BO and Hu: Amateur Meets Leader, What To Expect

  1. Everyone also says, “He's moving to the right.” Oh really? He may want the ones who bow at his feet to think that, but we who know better call it “surviving”.

    How about as a gift, a set of big BO ear cuff links … one,a right ear, for the right cuff and one, a left ear, for the left cuff.

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