Wal-Mart, BO, and "Fundamental Transformation"

Is anyone else wondering what is going on with Wal-Mart and the leftist BO regime?  All of a sudden, after at least a decade of being the target of leftist vilification and rage, Wal-Mart is being wooed by BO and his traitorous horde.  DHS and FLOTUS are cuddling up to Wal-Mart . . . and Wal-Mart is spooning them right back.  Let’s not forget how Wal-Mart came out in support of BO’s government takeover of healthcare; that didn’t really seem to make sense at the time, particularly given Wal-Mart’s shaky history with its employees’ health coverage and poverty-level wages.  Oh, sure, the SEIU hasn’t received the memo and that marriage of convenience between the purple shirts and the yellow smiley face over health care is definitely not going well, but something is going on here. 

It seems to me, given Wal-Mart’s history of supporting crap legislation (like cap and tax and the aforementioned job-killing healthcare monstrosity), that Wal-Mart is more than happy to support anything that will push their competitors–small businesses–out of business.  Sky-rocketing health care and energy costs?  Sure, that’s wonderful . . . for massive Wal-Mart. 

The free market isn’t free (or much of a market) if the biggest players, abetted by the federal government, manipulate it through regulation and assorted under-handed, dishonest machinations that eliminate all (or certainly most) competition.  This seems pretty obvious, right?  And yet, one can’t help but wonder if this isn’t exactly what this regime and Wal-Mart are doing.  Using socialist progressives to further your own business interests at the expense of the middle class?  What can go wrong? 

The unanswered question: what’s in it for the Tyrant in Chief and how does this play into his “fundamental transformation” of our beloved country? 


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12 thoughts on “Wal-Mart, BO, and "Fundamental Transformation"

  1. Hey Deekaman, I actually agree with your comment over at JACG's, and if that were actually the case, that the free market was working and competition even, I'd be fine with it.

    What I'm concerned about is what Wal-Mart is doing to ensure that they have an edge–a competitive edge is one thing (lower prices, more successful business), but actively seeking government intervention into the free market to squelch competition is another, and very sinister, story altogether). And this isn't new to Wal-Mart, many–most–big businesses do this and have for a century or more; the lobbyists, crony capitalism, and downright corruption that oozes through DC unchecked these days is mind-boggling. What seems different here is that Wal-Mart seems to be working for the government, as an extension of it, almost. That is horrifying. Who knows if that's what going on, but it sure does seem . . . interesting.

  2. Your next to last paragraph pretty much sums up exactly what I've been saying for some time. Big Business loves Big Government because Big Government creates the kind of laws and regulations that put Big Business's competition out of business, and you can't love Big Government without loving the party of Big Government. Likewise, Big Government loves Big Business because Big Business doesn't squawk when Big Government creates those regulations that put its competitors out of business, and the party of Big Government gets Big Campaign Contributions from Big Business as a result. So, the Democrats are now the party of Big Business, despite the earnest bleatings of the media, academia and the Spartacist Youth League. The same's true of The Rich, but I don't have to tell you that…

    You're right, it is horrifying.

  3. The irony is uncanny and amusing, the left just loves bashing big business, corporations, and capitalists in general, especially the 'evil' 'uncaring ones', but one thing remains certain, they need/want money, and if it is someone else s, all the better.

  4. We'll see if the employees of WalMart unionize.

    The unions have been trying to get in there for years, without success. There are a lot of employees at WalMart, ya know…. Potential voters for “the other side”.

    It's a stretch, I know, but stranger things have happened.

  5. It disgusts me how progressives smear, hate, and demonize those small businesses which are successful on their own ( without the government's help) while lauding those large businesses that are in cooperation with Big Government. This crony capitalism must stop! This is far from the free-market capitalism which our Founders envisioned.

  6. looks like we are seeing an awful lot of government involvement with GE and China,MSNBC(state run media),Walmart and China,the Internet,Health care,a ton of new regulations. Anyone else see a pattern here?

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