The SOTU In A Nutshell

Another SOTU by the same POS, what did we expect?  While it was nice to see Speaker Boehner on the dais, the sprogs’ plan to disperse positive reaction worked–it looked like BO has more support in Congress than he has.

BO needs to talk to the TSA because he just promised that Americans won’t be gate raped and radiated at porn machines at the new train stations that connect every little part of this sprawling continent (except Canada. For now.).  Maybe he doesn’t know that TSA, with Napolitano’s approval, is already planning to roll out the invasive, police state procedures not just to train stations but also to bus, ferry, and metro stations, malls, and sporting events.  Ah, never mind, what’s one more lie, one more broken promise.

I could go on and on but others are already posting the numerous lies in, inconsistencies in, and reactions to the speech, so I’ll just go with what it all means:

The SOTU in a nutshell:  Every progressive policy and additional governmental agency designed by progressives to “improve” America has made America “lag behind” in every conceivable area, particularly in education (K-12 and college, where we need graduation rate/diploma quotas because quotas mean excellence) and infrastructure (we need shiny trains that whistle!).  Faced with this reality–America’s lagging position in the world, what we need now are more progressive policies and additional governmental agencies designed by progressives to “fix” absolutely everything . . . from Washington.  Central planning is good.   Long live the king!




7 thoughts on “The SOTU In A Nutshell

  1. Above and beyond what he said, he didn't say it well. He normally gives a good prepared speech; not last night.

    Although, I do think the prom date seating worked; did you notice how much less clapping there was? I think they should do the date night every year.

  2. There was less clapping because there were 69 fewer democrats. If the traditional seating had been maintained, that huge loss would have been far more evident. The WH did a good job on the date night propaganda, and BO's opposition was muted.

  3. I didn't watch more than a few minutes — simply because I couldn't. I did read some of the reviews of what he said (easier to take) and I don't think that anyone believed anything – left or right. More of the same: blah-blah.

  4. i can't stand listening to him speak, so i didn't watch it. i did hear a few people say that watching boehner's facial expressions during the speech were hilarious. maybe i should have watched with the sound turned off.

  5. It's All he's got and it's wearing thin with everyone who has at least two brain cells to rub together it seems.

    And he got punked in the WH with Lang Lang playing the anti-American N Korean tune about Americas military as Jackals.

    The word Pathetic comes to mind.

    Fuzzy, are you active in teaching? My bosses wife is a teacher and they know a lot of teachers -and- a common theme in our discussions is how the no child act caused schools to: concentrate on the dumb students and let the smarter ones fend for themselves basically (in a nutshell) so as to bring the averages up.
    Do you think this is an accurate representation of federal involvement in education and it's effect. ?

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