Doing It Sprog Style

Okay, so I’m reading an article about how the lunatic fringe is now saying that the uprising in Egypt is caused by (get this) global warming.  Really.  They’re saying that.  And it got me thinking about how MO was trying to convince us that childhood obesity is a national security threat (but not streams of murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and assorted criminals, including terrorists, flowing across our border–oh, no, that’s not a national security threat:  that’s wonderful.  Fat kids, though, they’re going to be our downfall.).  At least MO is trying to “work it” by tying her pet project into something she thinks will appeal to the center-right nation her husband rules “leads.”  You know, like Time trying to make BO into Reagan.  (Heh, I can’t type that without laughing.)

So I thought maybe we should try that, too.  Let’s make our common sense solutions and worldview sound like something the lefties will embrace.

Smaller government:  The massive, sprawling monstrosity of a government that we have is harming the planet.  It’s destroying trees by the acre in memos and bills and laws . . . oh my!  It’s spitting out untold amounts of [insert whatever that stuff is that the lefties fear so much, something to do with a carbon footprint] because every time some mid-level government official wants to travel, even across town, they have to crank up massive gas guzzlers.  And think of all the electricity they use each and every day, even to charge their brand new Volts.  I can practically hear the earth shuddering under the burden of so many useless bureaucracies.  

Lower taxes:  Workers’ money is and should be their own; it’s a basic human right to keep our own earnings.  Taking our livelihood to fuel (literally!) the federal government is a violation of working Americans’ rights.  Heck, just printing out reams of tax booklets every year has to cost millions.  Wouldn’t it be kinder to our planet if we had a simple tax code that didn’t require the cold-blooded murder of trees to meet? 

Out of control legislative, executive, and heck, throw in the judicial branch: we need regulation of these bodies.  Regulation is the cornerstone of our massive government, and if we could just get . . . oh, I don’t know, each of the three branches to regulate the other two, wouldn’t that be great?  And transparent?  And robust?

Judeo-Christian culture:  Just like Islam!  Religions with God in them and everything.  Billions of Christians and Jews in the world deserve to worship as they wish and in peace.  We’re victims.  We’re being marginalized and silenced.  The horror!  Woe is us.  Poor poor us.  We are sad and abused and . . . something else that is pathetic.  With Christmas being banned across the world, we have to make our own ornaments for our trees, and this one lady–so nice, a real human rights’ activist and person who condemned seal pup beatings–had to use her dead sister’s teeth to decorate her tree!  Imagine that.  So tragic.

Okay.  Maybe not.




14 thoughts on “Doing It Sprog Style

  1. Could it be that childhood obesity is the root cause for dissatisfaction in Egypt? You didn't make that linkage yet, Fuzzy, but I'm confident that MO has.

  2. Global warming might have something to do with it. Not because it is real but because a bunch of A* are pretending it's real and thereby inflating the cost of food and other essential resources. Many wars and conflicts through history were brought about because of a shortage of resources. (Not sure if this was their angle as I'm not going to give them any air time to my brain.)

    This meme will accelerate though over the next century in my opinion.

    Yes, they've tried to cast obama as every notable president from Abe to Ronald Reagan. All I will say is “The Less Real It Is, the More Hype That Needs to be Applied”.

    Regulation of Government. Love THAT !

  3. I have a question pertaining to the boogeyman – Global warming. (And gimme a minute, it takes a bit to set this up.)

    In high school science class, I learned about photosynthesis. This is where plants take in CO2(carbon dioxide) and turn it into oxygen. Plants REALLY NEED CO2 to live. And the environmentalists are bat crap crazy about making sure that there is as much forestation as possible (to the determent of even those who manage the land).

    Now, they want to rid the atmosphere of CO2… what is the consequence of a lowered CO2 content of Earth's atmosphere? Less carbon dioxide = less plants = less oxygen… I guess that leads to the final solution of less people…

  4. @LL, oooh, I'm sure she's busy working on how to get the word out that fat American kids are actually the cause of the Egyptian conflict. Indeed, they probably are the cause of all the woes and strife in the Middle East across the centuries.

    @MJ, heh, thanks 🙂

    @Odie, hee, between she and her husband, we have all the national security threat we can handle. Stay away from Big Macs, I hear they are not illegal in many states. 😉

    @Kid, yeah, we're stuck with that global warming crap for at least another decade, and you're right. Heck, some insane British woman is calling for WWII-style food rationing to get a grip on the serious problem of non-existent man-caused global warming (which I think they now call global climate change or some such crap because that whole “warming” thing is utter crap).

    @QR, but see, here's where we're stupid. The fact that the climate fluctuates, that we've had cyclic ice ages and thawings/warmings simply proves that man is causing it (even if it happened before industrialization. Or before mankind.). Or something.

    I know I'm not the only one who clearly remembers the fear of aerosol spray cans in the 70's. [insert Steve Martin from The Jerk: “it's the cans! He hates the cans!] When we stopped using AquaNet, the planet healed itself by magic, the ozone hole closed up, and manufacturers went back to producing aerosol spray cans. Have tons of them under my kitchen sink and in my bathroom, yep, including hairspray. It's all buuuuuunk.

    @dubyavu, there are some wackos who are still babbling about “over population,” too, so yeah, maybe they are trying to decrease the production of freaking oxygen to suffocate all lifeforms. Love it!

  5. Fuzzy,

    I agree with Zilla/MJ!!!!!

    Sorry I've stayed away so long, I guess all this global warming and childhood obesity caused a short circut in my short term memory…

    I now remember who I am and what I stand for, and that is as God is my witness to make “DUMBO” a one term president or even less if I had my way.

    This latest act of throwing our greatest allies the United Kingdom under the bus for his damn “START” treaty should be an impeachable offense!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  6. Govt. is God don't you know? The left will want three more committees to interpret what the GAO report said yesterday about 38 Billion being wasted on overlapping programs—like one agency devoted to reducing electricity consumption in other agencies—and another that promotes these agencies to buy more Chevy Volts! Then they will need six more commissions to explain why they can't abide by the GAO's report and recommendations…..ARRRGH! My head is spinning!

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