What Went Wrong with the American Experiment and When?

I was going to write about Donald Trump, but then I saw this post at Adrienne’s Corner and was intrigued by her answer to the post’s title question.  She snagged the idea from Conservatives on Fire who was writing in response to a Frankenstein Government post.  I can give you a hint at what these fine posts offer as the answer to what went wrong with the American experiment–an innately-flawed human nature, apathy, and cowardice, but do read the entire posts.  I can’t disagree with any of these assessments, actually, but I can’t use the same “fatal flaw” they each used, so I decided to talk about how Americans who make up that famous “silent majority,” those of us who didn’t get involved, who sat on the sidelines, who voted our conscience but never spoke out against the incipient threats to our great nation, we are culpable in many ways.  Our silence is indicative of the fact that, despite what we’re told by leftist nut jobs, we’re too damned nice, far too tolerant.  So much so, that we lost ourselves somewhere along the way.

I’ve written previously about the role of both God/religion and  patriotism in our national identity–the chipping away of both, I believe has contributed to the current crisis in which we find ourselves, so I won’t repeat myself (at least not precisely) for this contribution.  Instead, I will discuss what I think paved the way for, indeed spread welcoming rose petals on the path of, the near-failure of the American experiment (I won’t accept defeat.  Not now, not ever).  Make no mistake, we’re on dangerous ground here, the near-collapse of all that we hold dear, so discussing this is vital.  How’d we get here?  What happened?  Where the heck were we, the people, when it was all happening?  I’ll tell you where: trying to get along, trying not to appear to be or not to be called vile names like “RAAAAACIST” or “intolerant” or whatever else the leftist Alinsky sheep threw at us.  We were not complacent so much as trying to accommodate the views, opinions, and wishes of the very people who sought, and still seek, to destroy us. 

So we heard that black people are treated unfairly, that God and the flag are offensive to some, that women aren’t equal, that guns kill, that . . . well, you name it, really.  We heard that people didn’t like certain words, certain jokes, certain phrases, terms, iconography, symbols, and we said to ourselves, well, gee, we don’t want these people to be offended or to feel slighted.  And we remained silent as steps were taken to eliminate offensive language, even thoughts.  We stood mute as any mention of God was removed from our schools, our entertainment media, our lives.  We didn’t like it.  But we didn’t object.  Heck, we didn’t really even talk about it . . . for fear of being seen negatively by the very people who thought so little of us, our beliefs and culture and religion, that they were happy to wipe it away in the name of tolerance and inclusiveness.  Seems silly now, even stupid, but that’s what happened.  For decades.

The silent majority was so silent that we couldn’t even think our own thoughts without filtering them through the politically-correct (totally intolerant, absolutely ex-clusive) worldview of the far left.  We absorbed the message, and we chided ourselves for thinking that things like affirmative action and welfare were actually harming the people that they were supposed to be helping.  Well, we’d say, maybe some people are being helped, and that’s good.  We want people to be treated equally, to be helped, and if these damaging programs seem to be lessening standards, defeating American exceptionalism, well, maybe we’re just wrong.  Maybe it is better to stop thinking about us all as Americans and equals, to think instead of various separate (but “equal”) groupings (or “communities”).

So we didn’t have much to say about lawsuits that banned religious displays at Christmas, that banned the Ten Commandments from court rooms, that eliminated religious after-school groups (well, only Christian ones, but if we noticed, we remained silent), that worked to demonize religion (well, only Christianity, but if we noticed, we remained silent), that sought to make the American flag a blight and shame–something that was to be hidden, even burned.  We didn’t like it.  Oh no, we felt uncomfortable, outraged, but still we said nothing, did nothing.

Silence has long been America’s enemy.  When good people are cowed, ridiculed, marginalized for expressing their beliefs, worldview, ideology, we aren’t being tolerant, we aren’t being inclusive.  We’re simply living a lie, not being true to ourselves or to our God or to our country.

That seems to be changing now, and I hope to God that it’s not too late.  For America to survive and thrive, we, the people, the silent majority, better speak up, make our voices heard, push back.  I do not mean that we need to become the lunatic fringe.  To stay true to ourselves, our God, and our country, we cannot stoop to the lowest level of the leftist onslaught, we cannot allow ourselves–fueled by decades of repressed anger and outrage–to become the thing we despise.  And we’re not.  We’re protesting peacefully, we’re finally making our voice heard, and we’re making a difference.  The American experiment hasn’t failed, and if we continue our peaceful resistance, our refusal to be dismissed as “extreme,” “terrorists,” “RAAAACISTS,” “fascists,” or any of the litany of false accusations leveled at us, we will prevail.  For that to happen, we must be courageous.  We are still the majority, but we can no longer be silent.  Nor allow ourselves to be silenced.

Update: Old Bob has added his contribution (in two parts) to this project and talks about the way that socialist progressives infiltrated our religions.

12 thoughts on “What Went Wrong with the American Experiment and When?

  1. “We heard that people didn't like certain words, certain jokes, certain phrases, terms, iconography, symbols…”

    I'm starting to be offended that people are finding offense in virtually everything…!

  2. “Nor allow ourselves to be silenced.”

    Maybe I'm just a little gung-ho, being a new Citizen and all, but when I'm out with my wife and we talk about politics, I find myself talking a little louder, as a big “eff you” to anyone eavesdropping!

  3. Dear Fuzzy,

    We are not silent and never will be. We just have not been speaking as a group.

    This past November we spoke as a group and the world heard us! If they think we will not speak louder and stronger in 2012 they are the ones that will be sadly mistaken.

    The ones unfortunately that need to be listening more acutely than anyone are the republicans we just hired to do the will of the people, as they can be removed as quickly as they came. They must not cave and or compromise the cause or I am afraid this Great Nation could be lost. But it will only be lost if we allow it to be and as you said, “Not now, not ever” defeat is not an option!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

    PS: Dudge OH welcome aboard, as this nation needs new and brave citizens who are not afraid to speek their minds!

  4. Silence, the absence of morality and God in the public square, and apathy are indeed the main reasons the United States is in this predicament. You are spot on!

  5. Cultural Marxism, combined with bread and circus. I think we will wake up enough to avert the totalitarian nightmare that has gripped most of the world, but it will never be the same.

  6. @Dudge, yup, me, too. I'm really “over” the people who are constantly on the look-out for something to be offended by (usually for someone else, of course). And yay! I'm so pleased that you're a citizen (yes, yes, I know I told you that already, but I like saying it). I like your style, too (I do this, too, actually–it's' fun). btw, did you retain your Scottish (was it?) citizenship, as well? Just curious, feel free not to answer as it's rather personal (and it really doesn't matter, I'm just curious).

    @Odie, yep! It's a long road, though, and I hope that people don't get frustrated and give up that we make slow progress. Heh, I know YOU won't, but others might. It worries me.

    @L, exactly! We finally got it together in '09, stopped just griping to family and friends (we all did that! lol), and decided to speak out in a meaningful, influential way. That's the kind of not being silent that I mean. Defeat is definitely not an option.

    @Teresa, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

    @Trestin, it will take a long time and probably won't be the same, but we can take back things we (essentially) handed over and return our country to its core principles. That's not nothing.

  7. Well, you're absolutely right. A very concise and accurate observation.

    I would just add that I'd like to see conservatism and religion separated. Believing in small government, less government in our lives, personal property rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness doesn't require religion. If for some reason, I simply appeared here without any supernatural forces in play, I would still demand a conservative led society.

    Maybe the best way to describe it would be that I think all people regardless of race, creed or color deserve the very same things I do and will as long as they live within the confines of the law, which at it's core demands that one treat others as one would demand to be treated.

    FWIW – I'm not an atheist, nor do I believe in macro-evolution. I believe in intelligent design. I have more thoughts about religion and God than will fit here so I'll just stop here.

  8. Fuzzy, just read it. I agree. I find myself always wanting to try to expound further, but any such travels into the explanation of the supernatural are obviously ambiguous.

    You seem to say in the 4th para from the bottom that the attempted destruction of religion in America is part of the communist agenda. That is what I believe anyway.

    Anyway, to put it in 25 words or less, I view God as the total sum of everything. God IS nature, the universe and infinity. God is a self maintaining system which is as unavoidable as death and taxes. Maybe even more so ๐Ÿ™‚
    God's word is how one must live one's life if one is not to suffer the realization of one's evil at the time of death and thereby be in hell for all eternity.

    I've seen my life pass before my eyes. In that moment, you cannot fudge anything. There are no excuses. You see and feel your life and know your percentage of evil versus good. You judge yourself without any consideration for yourself. If that makes sense.

  9. Fuzzy, and it's not hard to notice that the Dems love to elevate the minority and fringe groups (at least give lip service to) above us hard working – don't ask for more than anyone else has – Americans All part of the 'demoralization' of America which is what the defected KGB agent that you've seen on youtube describes as job one for any self respecting Communist Indoctrination operation.

    One of my favorites bumper stickers (I don't use them) is “Nobody Owes You Crap”

    And I'm afraid once all the foundations are destroyed, the vast majority of people will be easily subject to anyone that wants to come in and fill the vacuum.

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