Musing About 2012: Donald Trump

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?! What is going on with Donald Trump?  I can’t figure him out, but here are some impressions that I have right now about his potential candidacy for president in 2012:

The Cons:

7.  He’s got bad hair.  Now, I know that shouldn’t be a problem, but it rather is (let’s face it, a lot of the Romney zombies like him, in no small part (pun intended), because he has good hair).

6.   He’s got that brash, “ugly American” thing going on.  I’ve never liked it, the ostentatiousness, the gold towers, the planes and bottles of water plastered with his name and/or image.  Yes, I understood that it was about business and brand, but it just seemed so . . . crass.  Is so crass.  In any prior year, this would have been a deal breaker for me, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I could give a rat’s patootey what the frak the world thinks of us.  We tried the guy the world was in love with for his “humility” (HA!) and his “thoughtfulness” (deer in the headlights ineptitude is more like it), and it failed miserably.

5.  He’s rich.  (next bit from a comment I posted at Big Government sums it up): 

I just conducted an unscientific survey of one–the lady who’s cashier at the local liquor store. I asked her if she’d ever vote for Trump, and she sort of snorted, shook her head, and said, “He’s a millionaire, what does he know about working people?” To which I responded, “Well, Obama’s a millionaire, too.” Two beats. Creeping look of incredulity, then confusion, then a shrug, a head duck to the shoulder, and a a “well . . . “. It trailed off and was clearly a “well, that’s different.”

However, he’s got more bitter clinger cred than BO does with normal Americans  (which, if you think about it, isn’t saying a whole lot) because he’s plain-talking and direct, not condescending and sneering.  And he’s not petulant, but he is . . . well, grating.  But he says what he means and means what he says.  There is a great hunger for that right now in this country.  (Well, okay, so that’s the “pro” side of this “con”)

4.  No political experience.  This is a big one for me (and one of the reasons I’m luke-warm about potential candidates like Herman Cain). Trump’s no dummy, and once he’s in the WH, he’d learn way more than we can ever know, AND he’d be able to process it and act on it (unlike the blight and disgrace currently occupying the WH).

3.  He’s got that “cowboy” thing going on that indies are wary of after President Bush went on a progressive big-government, big-spending, amnesty, let’s go to war spree.  I can very much hear Donald Trump say something like:  we want him “dead or alive.”  (I personally don’t have a problem with the cowboy thing, but that’s a biggie for indies and thus is a con for Trump).

2.  He donated to Twinkle Toes, to Chuck I’m a freak of nature Schumer and to Anthony I’m a bigger nutjob than Chuck I’m a freak of nature Schumer Weiner.  This is horrendous, of course, and when you add in Harry I’m a whiny asshat Reid and other dems last November (yes, November 2010!), it’s damning.  Very, very damning.  Very.

1. He donated to Nancy Pelosi’s 2010 campaign (this deserves its own “con” listing–it’s that infuriating) and has said (*shudder*) that he likes her and (*other shudder*) that he thinks she’s “the best.”  This, compounded with his aforementioned donations, is ten kinds of not good, probably a deal-breaker (for me, anyway).

The Pros:

9. He’s got mostly-positive name recognition and is well-liked in a broad cultural sense.  Usually not something I’d care about or count as a “plus” in a presidential race, but this is neither the usual election nor usual times.  As we all know, the general public doesn’t have a clue what is going on in this country, but they know Donald Trump, and they like and admire him (even if that admiration is grudging).  Sure, a bunch of people hate him (a lot of people hate BO, too, but he’s still running), but anyone who watches The Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice likes and respects Trump.  That matters.  Consider:  California elected Ahnold.  Twice.  Independents, heck even lefties, will vote for a celebrity republican.  That’s just fact. 

8. Let’s face it, the “birther” thing is freaking hysterical.  I still get giddy simply remembering the sprogs shrieking about the “invalid” birth certificate he first released and demanding a long-form. Irony lost on them maybe, but not on a lot of people who’d not been paying attention to that point and are now wondering why it’s okay to demand a “real” birth certificate from Trump but not from the sitting president of the United States.  Masterful move.

AND he’s even got investigators on it, and most importantly, if he does find anything, he will definitely release it.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, who knows something (I’m convinced of this), but for whatever reason chose not to release it (oooh, maybe her camp will leak it to the Donald?). 

BUT is he doing this to deflect TEA Party attention from his donations to socialist progressives in the big big big 2010 midterms? 

7.  Trump will make mincemeat, mincemeat, of the Dolt in Chief in any and every debate.  Trump will destroy him, and in such a way that some of the most die-hard, lunatic lefties will cheer.

6. Trump is a respected businessman who knows both the stock market and the real estate market like the back of his hand (this would come in handy given that our economic crisis is due, in no small part, to both).  He’s savvy and smart as a whip when it comes to Wall Street and the real estate markets.  We’re in an economic mess, and he can fix it or at least put us on the path to success.

5.  Trump has more international experience than BO does–not “did” when he ran in 2008, but does,  today.  Trump understands the global market and globalization through and through (he’s also a proud free-market capitalist). 

4.  Trump understands what is happening with Islamofascism.  He not only vehemently rejected the notion of the Ground Zero victory mosque but put his money where his mouth is and proposed an offer for a share of the land, an offer that was “25% more” than was paid for it.  This was rejected by the shareholder, who’d asked for $18 to $20 million  . . . so maybe it wasn’t a serious offer.  (Well, okay, so that’s the “con” side of this “pro”)

3.  The Donald is fearless.  Fearless.  He will not be cowed by anyone, no one.  He will be bullied or blackmailed by no member of Congress, no foreign leader, no lobby, no union, no nothing.  No one.  No way, no how.  He would spot a thug tactic and respond appropriately and swiftly; he would smell a bribe ten miles away, and smack down the fool who dared try it.

2.  Mr. Trump cannot be and will not be bought.  He will not take bribes nor will he be bullied by powerful interests, foreign or domestic.

1.  Donald Trump loves America.  Loves it. 

There are plenty of people who think he can win. Me?  I’m not so sure that’s the most pertinent question (“can he win?”).  I’m interested in hearing why he made those contributions to those sprogs last year.  Maybe we should be asking “should he win?.”

What say you?




18 thoughts on “Musing About 2012: Donald Trump

  1. I hadn't heard about Trump donating to those progs. Questions need to be asked and answered as to why he would do such a dimwitted thing such as that. I have mixed feelings on his running for president. But, I think overall having him in the race would be positive. I love how he has helped to make the “birther” issue legitimate. His releasing a fake birth certificate or not a long form birth certificate was a beautiful move by the Donald.

  2. @Teresa, until I heard (read, anyway) about the donations to sprogs, I was very much supportive of Trump. I want him to answer to that. It's a real problem for me. But yeah, I'm loving him stirring up the lefties, they're beside themselves trying to figure out to take down Donald Trump (not an unknown, female governor, for example). They're all flipping like crazy through their dog-eared, drool-dried copies of Alinsky.

  3. I know Fuzzy (and Teresa), I know. But who are we going to put up against Obama that will have the balls to call it like it is? Pence and Christie aren't running and the media neutered Palin.

    One more Pro – the Media will have a LOT more difficult attacking Trump than they will other Republican candidates and BECAUSE he's not a politician, he is much like Obama was, no pesky public record to hold against him.

    I'm not saying that TRUMP is the one. I simply suggest that our field is weak.

  4. Fuzzy,

    I would vote for Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy for those too young to remember) before Trump! And I am quite sure Ratso is still dead!

    What we don't need is a know it all self-promoting jerk like “The Donald” spouting off every time some pissant country passes gas and blames the US for all of the world's ills!

    On second thought, maybe he is exactly who we need!

    As Rosanne Rosanna Danna would say, “Never Mind”

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. @LL, my only concern is that he's not being honest about his values and principles. How can you be a conservative and donate to BOTH Reid and Pelosi after the Town Halls, healthcare being forced down our throats, and the general big government agenda they wore so proudly on their sleeves? It just ticks me off that we all worked so hard for November, and all the while, he's funneling money to defeat us. That said, I want to hear what he says about it. I agree with what you say, if he is what he says/appears to be, he's my choice simply because the field is utter crap. (I don't like Christie anymore, either, because of his close and strange ties to Islamofascist organizations and persons affiliated with them. That's a total and forever deal breaker for me.)

    @L, hee! I needed a big laugh tonight. Thanks 🙂

  6. i don't really know what to make of trump running for president. on the one hand, it's donald trump! it just seems so ridiculous, like a publicity stunt taken to the extreme. on the other hand, i, too, am finding the whole birther thing freaking hilarious. i suppose, if it was a choice between obama and trump, i'd go with trump, but at this point almost anybody seems preferable to obama.

  7. @Kerry, yeah, at first, I didn't take it seriously at all. It did seem so ridiculous and just plain weird to think of Donald Trump as president. But he grew on me the more I watched him (and I've been watching Celebrity Apprentice with this whole new consideration of him as president–it's a fascinating exercise, actually). Bottom line, though, if it were Trump and BO, I would vote Trump without hesitation (I cannot say that about Romney).

  8. I caught him talking w/ Limbaugh a couple of weeks ago. Rush asked about some of his more dubious, from a conservative point of view, donations – in this case, it was a donation to Rahm Emanuel's mayorial campaign. Trump's response was that his agent is Rahm's brother and he has met Rahm on a number of occasions, plus he does business in Chicago, so it was a mix of donating to a person he liked and just how business is done. Rush seemed fine w/ The Donald's answer, as was I, but reading this Comment back to myself, I'm not so sure…

  9. He is better than Newt (I can't stand Newt), but that is really the only good thing I see about him. He is shallow and power hungry, we need someone that will give up executive power. He is a globalist who will pursue a reckless free trade policy. His stance on many issues will drive away many independents and conservatives.

    The bottom line He is a shallow ego maniac that creeps me out, we already have that.

  10. Well Fuzzy, I think you and I have had a conversation about both of us liking Christy and Ryan above all others out there. Guess what, our favorites aren't running. So I say this my Fuzzy friend, isn't Trump a combination of the two. He has the business and economic sense of Ryan, and he has the look in your eye and say what is what of Christy. We NEED an outsider!

  11. @Dudge, yeah, I'm not so sure, either. We'll see what he says. He'll have to answer that at some point (he's not BO and won't get a pass from the press on everything, or anything).

    @Trestin, I actually do like Newt; he's smart, experienced, and quick, just not for president. His I only cheated and left my cancer-ridden wife for another wife because I'm so patriotic twaddle pretty much ended any chances he had (and he didn't have much chance to begin with). Definitely not Newt.

    Your point about Trump's egomania is actually quite important. We already see what an egomaniac (though actually BO's more narcissist than egomaniac) is like, but I'm not sure that Donald Trump is the ideologue that BO is. And I definitely believe that he loves America.

    @Odie, Yes, an outsider is looking very good to me, too. Trump, too. I know we'll never have the perfect candidate, there'll always be something we don't like or don't agree with, but I want to know more about his donating to sprogs as late as last fall. It was perfectly obvious by that point what they were doing to our country, after all.

    Ryan's still my number one pick of people who aren't running (heh), and Trump was (and may be again). It'll be easier to work through the pros and cons when they all pitch their hats in the ring. I've pretty much given up on a good, solid choice for 2012, though. We'll get crap and hope that's enough to beat BO. It should be, but it would be nice to have not-crap.

  12. I can't believe he thinks pelosi is the best after her 'we have to pass it to find out what in it [a bill that takes over 1/6th of the US economy].

    The other stuff I can live with if I have to.

    I like how Trump defends himself with the media vampires. One major thing that I know is missing from the republicans and I Think is missing from the Tea Party is that they have Zero marketing skills. The dems are light years ahead in the marketing game, especially with independents, and I guess the blacks, special interest fringes and union people.

    They've got most of those people so cemented, they could go to their grandfather's house, kick him in the groin, and convince them it was for his/their own good.

    Well my dream team is Rubio/West. Not gonna happen in 2012 anyway.

    If we get folks that actually start shutting down some worthless government pigs of departments let alone those that have zero return on investment like the D or Energy, or can turn Education back to the state, I'll get sexually excited – is the best way to put it I guess.

    Heard on Savage, that some of the 'non-essential people' that would be on unpaid leave during a government shutdown would be – get this – 9 Thousand – people that work for the US Geological Service. WHAT?!?!?

    As Savage put it, USGS reassured us Scientists would still be monitoring the sensing equipment.
    And why do we need them looking at dials. When have they ever added value to an Earthquake, Volcano, or Flood event in some proactive fashion.

    I'll bet all 800,000 “non-essential” government workers could be picked up by spaceship and we'd never know the difference.

    Ok Kid, 1,2,3………………… 10 Breathe…. Breathe…

  13. @Kid, lmao, you're funny! But yeah, I think that far more than that could be sucked up by and spaceship and never missed. This government is way way too big, and it's got five people doing what one private sector person could do in half the time x however many duplicate agencies, departments, and blah blah blah there is. Ugh.

    I'll just be glad when we have the field and can stop speculating about primaries. People get too pissy when you don't like their pick (which I don't get at all, what does it matter right now?).

  14. 😉 Yes, unbelievable redundancy in Federal employees.

    And also yes, I'm trying to pay the least amount of attention possible to the primaries. I fact, I'm intentionally trying to adopt the mindset of the ADD 20-something, not doing any research and see if some red team candidate can work their way through my moron filters. If one does, I'd say that'd be the one to put behind door # 1.

    Anwyay, getting critical mass of Tea Party in Congress and the Senate is what it's all about anyway.

  15. There's something about The Donald's decision to take on politics that reminds me of a quote from The Lion in Winter. I'm just trying to decide *which* line it is that is nagging at me.

    I also think that Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are, at this moment, both achieving the same results in American politics: they are building the political self-confidence of ordinary, independent-thinking self-supporting Americans.

    And that is huge.

  16. @Kid, absolutely, keeping the House and getting the Senate is almost more important than getting the WH (almost, but not really given how willing BO is to circumvent both Congress and the Constitution). But they have to be TEA Party, too, as you say, not just more freaking wimpy RINO's. We have to pick up Dem seats AND primary the RINO congresscritters, too.

    @Tina, I agree, the more normal TEA Party patriots who gain self-confidence to and can run for office the better.

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