Fuzzy’s Faux News: Rebelling Against the "Hippie Fossil Culture"

2 April 2011

A recent study of college-age women showed that they are increasingly deciding to have babies born out of wedlock as a means of “rebellion” against something they call a “hippie fossil culture.”  The study shows that some girls and women are even engaging in abstinence as a means of this same rebellion against what they perceive as a “pro-abortion culture,” and that there is even a noticeable spike in the marriage rate among women aged 20-28. 

Many of these young women have reported that society is pressuring them to conform to an “abortion norm,” and that as young women, they reject this and are making a statement about controlling their own bodies that doesn’t comply with the ideas promoted by the “fossils,” as one college junior described progressive feminists in a recent interview.  Apparently, this new cultural trend is growing, as more and more young women are placing their babies up for adoption or surprisingly, getting married and starting families. “We’re just not going to be told what to do, ” stated one interviewee who got married before having her baby. “It’s about time for us to reject the norm and the antiquated expectations of adults who seem to be stuck in the ’60’s and want us all to be hippies and have abortions as a matter of course, like we’re supposed to live their lives for them or something.  That’s not who we are.”

This alarming study has left-leaning NOW and an array of educators and medical professionals shaking their heads and wondering what to do about this deeply disturbing trend. 

[Correction: in the second paragraph we reported that the second interviewee “got married before having her baby,” but she has requested that we clarify that she was not pregnant when she got married.  She claims this is an important part of her generation’s rejection of the so-called “abortion norm” of the “hippie fossil culture.”]

5 April 2011

We received a great deal of feedback in response to our article about the spike in marriage and the rejection of “the abortion norm” that a growing number of young people associate with a “hippie fossil culture.”  In response to this feedback, we followed up on some leads and learned another alarming aspect of this youth movement.  Apparently, young people, both male and female and as young as 14, are rejecting much more of this “hippie fossil culture” than we’d first realized.

Among the commonly-accepted ideas that today’s youth reject are anti-Americanism, Christianophobia, and AGW.  The ironic echoes of the anti-establishment culture of the 1960’s cannot be ignored.  It seems that as the anti-establishment has aged, increasingly occupied positions of power, and replaced the establishment of their youth, that today’s youth–much like those who went before them–are now rejecting the establishment.

In one interview, a 20-year-old college student who attended a lecture by prominent progressive academic Frances Fox Piven, described the experience as “creepy” and Professor Piven (aged 78) as “older than dirt.”  The student, who also said that her parents are “ancient,” said that she and others in the audience completely dismissed Piven because she was “suffering from dementia or something” and “clearly clinging to her glory days.”  The student summed up her feelings by noting that Piven and others of her generation who are trying to influence today’s culture and youth are “out of touch with us because she’s like ten times older than my parents!  Besides, this is the 21st century, not the 18th or whenever she was our age.” 

As disturbing as this trend is, feminists and prominent anti-war, communist, and eco-terrorist organizations report that they have not seen a significant decrease in youth still happy to adhere to socio-cultural norms and learn skills like community organizing that will be key to maintaining the status quo.  They did note, however, that the new movement is beginning to organize, and may well begin to protest the establishment, organize boycotts against cherished institutions like Planned Parenthood, and attending sit-ins for their rights to be free from “hippie fossil culture chains.”  “If they do that,” one prominent member of Code Pink noted, “we’ll have a fight on our hands.  How do you think we got our power and position of authority?”  She asked not to be named or photographed for this story.


18 thoughts on “Fuzzy’s Faux News: Rebelling Against the "Hippie Fossil Culture"

  1. Beautifully written. If only 🙂

    Imagine, women taking on the primary role of child rearing as wives who spend about 15 minutes before hubby gets home freshening up, tossing on some pearls and a seductive evening gown, ready with a kiss at the door, a beverage of choice, and a gourmet dinner ready for the stove, giving hubby time to relax and enjoy his straight A students by reviewing their patriotic and fact filled day of higher learning.

    Maybe I went a little too far there.

  2. @Kerry, thanks! 🙂

    @Born Again American, with blackboards? Cool, I could actually do that, but only if I had his staff of researchers. Hee. But seriously, I think Judge Nap is the best choice for that time slot. I love listening to him, and he's so knowledgeable about the Constitution. Just what needs to be on air right now. My concern is that they'll put someone horrible in there like Juan Williams or even worse Alan Colmes. Ick. Then they can experiment with rock bottom ratings but oooh lots of advertisers.

    @Trestin, me, too, Trestin, me, too.

    @Odie, lol, exactly!

    @Kid, um, yeah, that's going a bit too far (except the last part about patriotic and fact-filled learning). 🙂 Thanks for the vote for my replacing Glenn. That's two whole people now, I bet I get it. Hee!

  3. @Kid, oh, I know you were being funny! I was trying out my dry wit in response. :p Too dry, maybe.

    @Lisa, we can hope, and who knows, maybe there will be a counter-rebellion to the counter-culture that has been mainstreamed (or that seems to have been–I don't buy it).

    @Odie, thank you! I love my new comment window thingy. Now you just have to do one so people can add “email follow-up comments” so that I can keep up with comments I've made on blogs. I hate when blogs don't have that because I read so darned many that I forget where I was or what I wrote and don't go back to check to see if anyone responded to my comments.

    @Teresa, yay! That's what we need: more push back and fight (the nonviolent kind of course).

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