The Last Gasp of the RAAAACISM Accusation?

Am I the only one who is thrilled to hear leftists playing the race card against Donald Trump?  It’s really just too good to be true . . . except it is true.  Yay!

Here’s the deal: For the past five or six years (beginning some time in 2006, when BO first started dipping his dainty tippy toes in the presidential pool), the left has repeatedly, consistently, and irrationally accused anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with or approve of BO of being a racist.  So much so, that it’s now virtually meaningless, an accusation that has been mocked on the internet: you RAAAAACIST! That’s RAAAAACISM!!

Yeah, whatever.

The fact that we disapproved of the same socialist policies under lily white Jimmy Carter is meaningless, the fact that American rejected HillaryCare (she’s white, too, btw) is meaningless, the fact that America has fought and hundreds of thousands of Americans have died fighting communism (what we’re really dealing with here, it’s beyond “simple” socialism at this point, and has serious elements of fascism) is meaningless.  Oh no, the lefties insist, you hate BO because he’s blaaaaaaack!  Admit it.  We know it.  Waaaah!

What the hell ever.

So now . . . now the fun begins in earnest.  They’re whipping out what they still (bizarrely) believe to be a useful accusation against Donald Trump.  He’s RAAAAACIST they scream in an oddly-synchronized chorus.  We hear it from Whoopi and Behar, from Schieffer, from random unknown leftists, and of course, from tax-payer-funded NPR.  They’re all saying it, in unison.  Oooh, they shriek, Trump mentioned basketball in relation to the first black president, and we alllllll know that basketball is associated with black people (we were informed of this a year ago by Norah O’Donnell, who was widely ridiculed for her attempts to make the exact samecoded RAAAACISM” charge on the exact same lack of evidence that is now being trumpeted–sorry, couldn’t resist–as “evidence” of Trump’s RAAAACISM).

This president actually does play a lot of basketball, he’s put a freaking basketball court in at the WH; the reality is that this president likes to play basketball, apparently more than he likes to do his actual job.  But the facts be damned, the synchronized chorus (doesn’t anyone find it . . . interesting that they’re all on the same page?) is singing damning refrains of RAAAAACIST and RAAAACISM!  And it’s . . . funny as hell.  Trump, of whom I do not (and will never) approve as a potential GOP presidential candidate, will destroy them on this issue (for goodness’ sake, he’s actually one of them, after all), and in doing so, will zap what little power remains in that accusation. 

This is much-needed, of course, because once that accusation is rendered utterly useless to everyone with a brain (it’s already totally useless to me and has been for some time), leftists will still use it.  They can’t help themselves.  But no one outside their tiny (and shrinking) echo chamber will listen.  This obviously has a downside in that real racism will “get a pass” as a result, but they, as usual, don’t think about consequences, intended or unintended.  It’s all about now, now, now.  Demands for instant gratification of the naive, immature, and needy are nothing new on the left; indeed, that’s their whole ideology in a nutshell. 

So I’m watching all this with no small measure of glee.  Will this mean, for once and for all, that the insane and baseless accusations of RAAAACISM against detractors of BO’s policies and agenda will be rendered moot?  I rather think so.




15 thoughts on “The Last Gasp of the RAAAACISM Accusation?

  1. @Opus, yes, sad, isn't it? He's spent millions to hide his records, and then wonders why people are questioning him. I've had numerous students who are just like him: fawning regurgitating wannabes completely incapable of independent thought. Such students sometimes do well in certain circles (among Marxists, et al.), but are fundamentally incapable of complex critical thinking. They're a product of a higher education system that dictates what people think and doesn't teach them how to think. He's been posing and pretending and trying to fit in throughout his life, and I think that much is very clear (and actually rather sad in some ways). But it's nothing to do with race, these kinds of students come in all races, all socio-economic classes, and both genders. The fact that he never so much as presented a scholarly paper at any academic conference is evidence of his lack of academic prowess. That he never published an academic paper, yet still managed to become editor of The Harvard Review suggests that this position was not earned in the usual way, according to the usual standards. Until we see his school records, of course, this is all just speculation, but if I were a betting person, I'd wager that he was indeed an average student who earned average grades and only excelled in classes in which his ability to repeat what he is told is rewarded.

  2. Screaming racist is really just a sensational, emotion-laden ad hominem, and ad hominem is the last gasp of someone who has run out of logic and is losing the argument.

    And I'm with you. A racist charge means nothing anymore. Some dimbulb on a lefty blog called me a racist and I just laughed at her.

  3. It's all they have Fuzzy. Isn't that pathetic? Doesn't that guarantee they will lose for the next 30 decades because of the Maximus Patheticalus !?!

    No, and isn't THAT pathetic ?

    Ahhh, but I didn't just show up to poo poo the libs over the most excellent point you make.

    I've heard that Allen West has been saying “He hasn't decided whether he is going to run or not.”

    Wouldn't that be delicious? Two black candidates for the White House ! One with a pathetic track record that while the blacks won't admit it out loud they know(most of them)that ole Barak Hussein has some serious problems, least of which is a Birth Certificate with NO SEAL on it. Imagine that, a document as important as a BC and no seal. For God's Sake, you better have your auto title embossed with the notary seal when you show up at DMV for licensing.. Can you imagine ole Barak losing the black vote in favor of Allen West, who convincingly claims to be a non-compromising anti-pastel conservative. Wowsa. What's a black voter to do?

    Vote for the half black man who has already brought bona fide complaints upon your race? or vote for a 100% black man with real experience, who can speak even more well than barak and doesn't need a teleprompter to do it.

  4. Fuzzy, I will bet $100 that barak never even took the tests, or wrote anything for review at Harvard by himself if at all.
    He was steered into Harvard with an understanding that he was being groomed for a position advantageous to the Communist party and we weren't going to have any of this “barak surviving on his own performance” – because there wasn't a chance in hell he could.

    C'mon, they do it with Football players at any and all major universities. barak never wrote the books with his name as author, and never did anything by his own bootstraps. It's all orchestrated.

    Imagine how many more barak's there are out there who have already been groomed or are being groomed.

  5. Fuzzy My Dear,

    The fact that they are still playing the “Race Card” proves how completely out of touch they are with the rest of these United States! We never have and never will allow the color of one's skin to cloud our judgement.

    Let them scream until their socialist voices falter and fail miserably once again. We all remember the story of the little boy who “Cried Wolf” All we have to do is let it happen!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  6. Fuzzy,

    One more thing. Donald Trump is nothing more than a promoter like Don King. The only difference is that Don King has better looking hair!

  7. In UK cries of 'racist' lost whatever power it once had some years ago along with the similarly overused 'facist'.
    Their favorite hate words are now 'pedophile' and 'denier'; it's amazing how many people that the establishment wish to denigrate turn out to have kiddi-porn on their computers (not that any proof is ever given) and of course 'denier' is used to equate with holocaust denial but that trick does not work anymore either.

  8. @Odie, heh, badge of honor, I like that šŸ™‚

    @TCL, exactly.

    @Kid, it would be far better if we had a black governor who could run for 2012. But I'm really not interested in running someone because (even a teensy bit) they are black. I want experience (both political and executive) this time around, and if he or she were black, too, that'd be awesome. Not that I'll get it (of course), but it's nice to dream. šŸ˜‰ Don't get me wrong, I love both West and Cain, but I have the same concerns about their lack of experience as I do about Ryan and Rubio and everyone else without experience. This was my first problem with BO back in '06 (and with Dan Quayle back in the day).

    @Trestin, “kindergarten logic,” I like that and agree. It's overly simplistic, knee-jerk, and ill-considered. Just like a kindergartener saying “becaaaaause!”

    @L, Yep, the left has cried “Wolf!” on this one so much, that no one (except their own) are going to be running up the hill next time . . . or any time soon. Funny you should mention Don King, I was reading somewhere that's he's a conservative, too.

    @banned, “fascist” is usually not only overused here, but misused. It's annoying.

  9. OMG, I missed you two wonderful patriots, Born Again American and Silverfiddle. Forgive me.

    @Born Again American, lol, a garden variety RAAAAAACIST pervert maybe?

    @Silverfiddle, precisely. I have literally been reduced to tears in the past (like three years ago, seems forever ago) by someone calling me a racist. That's when I didn't understand that they just slather that around like nothing. No way in hell would I even take such a charge even remotely seriously now, let alone be hurt or offended by it. “Racist” doesn't mean, to them, what it means in the real world.

  10. Fuzzy, that's a fair critique of West and Cain.

    fwiw, I like West because to be a Lt Col in the army is no easy feat and I know it builds the discipline of thought required for such a position and his consistently calm explanations of why he does not compromise and his understanding of the muslim threat. He's really one of few that gets that their cultural infiltration here in America is the real threat.

    In a way, his lack of political experience is both problematic and attractive imo.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to convert you or anyone else, just putting my thoughts out.

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