The Leftists’ Conservative "Civil War" Trap

Rotti, over at A Patriotic Rottweiler, has posted an interesting post that she got from Sidney Salgado (no link provided).  I started a comment over there, and as so often happens, found that I had post-length stuff to say.  So I thought I’d just copy it and respond here, first to individual points, then to the bigger picture. 

What is the Republican Party in 2011? Who is in it and what does it represent anymore? Who CLAIM to be Conservatives? I sure as hell don’t know [snip].  This is how it all boils down and why [snip] Obama will win a second term unless YOU PEOPLE get your collective head out of your ass. Please, allow yours truly:

• Bill O’Reilly hates Rush Limbaugh.

O’Reilly is not now nor has he ever claimed to be a conservative.  One of the problems with this list is that it makes assumptions that are simply false and then tries to build a “case.”  This is faulty thinking, and it’s not helpful.  At all.  
• Karl Rove, George H.W. and Barbara Bush hate 2012 President-elect Sarah Palin.
Dude, 41 is a New World Order nutjob, always was (well, now it’s called “global governance” or “open society,” but it’s the same damn thing, just renamed by BO and his puppet masters).  Rove doesn’t “hate” Sarah, he thinks she’s “unserious” and unelectable.  A lot of people think one or both of these things, among them many conservatives. 
• Ann Coulter hates Birthers, most of whom hail from the right.
I’ll take issue here with the term “hates,” this is tossed out throughout this rant, and while it’s a fun word to use, it’s not accurate in many cases.  As here, Coulter doesn’t “hate” birthers, if she can be said to “hate” anything related to birtherism, it’s that it’s an unnecessary distraction from the provable problems with BO and his agenda/policies.  And she’s right. It is.  
• Meghan McCain hates any Republican over fifty who does not support the wanton slaughtering of defenseless babies in the womb. I guess this includes her decidedly progressive father who hates George W. Bush.
No one, not even Meghan McCain herself, thinks she’s a conservative.  The only people who believe that she is are leftists who are so far out in commie land that she looks center-right to them.
• Charles Krauthammer hates Donald Trump and Christine O’Donnell.
Um, yeah,  doesn’t everybody?  Trump’s a leftist (and probably working with Soros to unseat BO), and O’Donnell turned out to be a bit of a lunatic, no? 
• Donald Trump hates Republicans, Conservatives and the Tea Party.
Yep.  He’s also not a conservative by anyone’s standards.
• Bill Krystol hates Glenn Beck. 
A lot of people on the right hate Beck.  That’s not a measure of someone’s conservative credentials.  He’s a clown, and he knows it.  Lots of people don’t like clowns.  
• Mike Huckabee hates Mormons, especially Mitt Romney.
Never heard this one before, but if Huck “hates” Romney, he’s just gone up a notch in my esteem (and not because Romney’s Mormon). 
• Establishment, country club, elitist progressives from the Republican Party hate ALL true Conservative women running for any office.
Take out the word “women,” and I agree.  This implies they are misogynists . . . maybe some are, who knows?  Who cares?  They all need to go.
• Lindsey Graham also hates women, but for an entirely different reason. 
Including Graham here, RINO of the Century winner (two straight centuries), is another false positive.  He’s not a conservative, not even close.
• George H.W. Bush hated Ronaldus Magnus Reaganus [snip].
 See note above re: 41.
• Ron Paul hates RINOs…who doesn’t?

Ron Paul is not a conservative, he’s a libertarian.  There’s a difference.  A big one.
• Colin Powell hates the G.O.P. and will support any candidate who is black, even if it were the Prince of Darkness himself, Satan. Oh wait, he already did in 2008. My bad…carry on.
Powell is a moderate fence-sitter.  He’s the poster child for the political buffet grazer: conservative here, leftist there, no real opinion everywhere.  
• Dana Perrino hates Michele Bachmann and any of those confused hicks representing the Tea Party.
Perrino, like her boss (43), is a “compassionate conservatism” type (i.e. big-government, nanny and welfare state proponent).
• Susan Collins loves Olympia Snowe and BOTH hate Conservatism.
LMAO, seriously?  Neither of these women is conservative, guess they made the list because of the (R).  
• Scott Brown once heard of a Conservative in Massachusetts, but immediately discovered that it was an ancient legend.
• Charlie Christ hates Marco Rubio, who also happens to hate a Conservative solution to illegal aliens.
Dude, read/watch some news.  Crist (not “Christ”) is now an indie, but was always a leftist. 
• The Tea Party hates cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or unemployment compensation. “Cut theirs, not mine.” According to recent polls reacting to Paul Ryan’s proposed budget, this makes the Tea Party a gaggle of hypocrites…if you believe the polls.
Yeah, I’ll grant you this one.  It causes me a lot of frustration, too, and definitely gives the left some actual ammunition (which is rare, they usually work on lies and fantasy, not fact).  
• Laura Ingraham hates Arlen Specter, who jumped ship because “I didn’t leave the Republican Party – the Republican Party left me.” 
Um, who doesn’t “hate” Specter?  If liking him makes someone a bona fide conservative, there’s what, one conservative—you—in the country?  
• Mitt Romney hates the U.S. Constitution, but loves waffles.
Yep, Romney does hate it.  He likes the “living,” open-to-random-interpretation, document of negative liberties Constitution.  You know why?  He’s not a flipping conservative and only became a Republican to win a seat (which he lost).
• Jeb Bush hates American sovereignty and freedom.
I wouldn’t go that far, but yes, Jeb has some issues that are problematic and have become far more so over the course of the past year or two.  
• Mitch McConnell hates anyone taking away his pork barrel projects for his own constituency and will always vote against spending cuts.
McConnell has to go.  Agreed.
• John Boehner hates Paul Ryan’s budget plan.
Not sure about this one.  I’m more concerned with Boehner’s attempts to work with this traitorous administration. 
• Nobody liked Gerald Ford.
True.  What’s your point?
• No Republican today has EVER heard of Calvin Coolidge or how he managed to solve the Even Greater Depression of 1921. They don’t even want to know about it. Get lost.
LOL, this is irrational (and peculiar).  
• Michael Savage hates ’em all. 

Do you see what we’re faced with? You people are all over the damn place with no foundation in principles, values or vision. The way I see it, the ONLY politicians or players out there who represent TRUE Conservative ideals are: 

• 2012 President-elect Sarah Palin

What about Palin’s support for McCain?  Her failure to support Chuck DeVore?  I’m not bashing Palin, but she’s not “pure” in the sense that this post means. 
• Congressman Allen West
He’s good.  So far.  But I’m not jumping all-in on a pol who’s only been a pol for a few months (and who has some worrying views about how much the government can and should restrict liberty in the name of the war on terror.  I might trust him, but I don’t trust future, unknowns who will assume that same degree of power).  
• Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
• Senator Jim DeMint
• Governor Chris Christie
Sure, if you like Islamofascism and ObamaCare (where’s NJ’s lawsuit?), Christie’s your guy.  And you forgot to add that he, too, “hates” Sarah Palin.
• Congressman Mike Pence

Sure, if you like government subsidies for farming and oil, he’s your guy.
• Governor Mitch Daniels
One word:  Ethanol
• Congressman Jason Chaffetz
Agreed, he’s one to watch.
• Congressman Darrell Issa
I like him, but the jury’s still out on how aggressively he’ll pursue the numerous questionable acts of this administration.  So far, he’s just throwing bones at us and hoping that’s going to be enough.  (It’s not)
• Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Irrelevant, he’s not a pol and has a lifetime appointment.

Now, you go back to your gray and meaningless lives and think about whether you’re a Republican or Conservative, because they are NOT the same. And ya better think twice in calling yourself a Conservative if you support a progressive like Jeb Bush, who is decidedly moderate. 

The G.O.P. has become Democrat Light and many are straddling the middle ground. You know the type: “Uh, well, I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.” I HATE THESE PEOPLE or anyone who says this. I prefer what John Adams said: “In politics the middle way is none at all.”

We’ve all heard this line of reasoning before, and it’s dangerous.  In fact, it has exactly the effect the people who hold this view claim to be railing against.  It’s divisive, unrealistic, and endangers our chance to replace BO in 2012.
We all know that the GOP is problematic as it stands, and we all know that it’s going to take time to flush the RINO’s and assorted commies from it.  What we can’t do is start attacking our fellow conservatives for one misstep, one idea, vote, or viewpoint that is not in total lockstep with these self-appointed party purists who have declared themselves the arbiters of conservatism.  According to them, only the purest conservatives can be elected, and only by the purest conservative voters.  Don’t you think that rather limits both the candidate pool and the potential anointed voters?  
There are, as you can see from the list above, only a handful of currently-sitting members of Congress whom we’d all agree are “true conservatives” (among them are Jim DeMint and Michele Bachmann).  All the others have at least one problematic vote or cause that they’ve taken or support.  And among potential candidates for 2012 (congressional and for the top spot), there are going to be the same problems/votes/endorsements, etc.   
I’m getting more than a little tired of conservatives who’ve appointed themselves the guardians of conservatism . . . as narrowly-defined by them.  I’m certainly more than a little weary of conservatives freaking out if another conservative dares to question or challenge their ideas/favorite candidate, etc.  How many times do we get accused of being a “circular firing squad” for pointing out that someone’s pet candidate is a fraud or a hypocrite?  How often do we hear, “shhhh, it’s okay not to like [insert whomever], but don’t say what you really think–if you can’t support him/her, just be quiet”?  Geesh, I’ve been accused of being a “progressive plant” by some lunatic who clearly never read a word I wrote (or didn’t understand it).  What’s the good in making insane accusations like that about each other?  We’re on the same side.  Delusional paranoia and irrationally excluding anyone from the conservative movement or TEA Party movement is . . . delusional and irrational.  
In fact, the “circular firing squad” accusation is nothing more than a leftist tactic adopted on cue from a leftist accusation and purposefully used to divide dim-witted conservatives, disrupt cohesion, and pave the way for sprog gains not just in 2012 but after.  Why would anyone fall for that?  Some useless leftists accuse us of being a “circular firing squad” for questioning a candidate?  For objecting to a candidate’s record?  For daring to voice our opinion?  And conservatives buy it?  Good grief, have we learned nothing?  Leftists have a vested interest in promoting this conservative “civil war,” selling the “chasms” within the conservative resurgence.  Let’s not do them any favors by fulfilling their wishes.  
So here’s an idea, let’s be a little bit less judgmental of other conservatives (not pols, of course, we need to be looking at them closely, but realistically, too).  Instead of railing against someone or acting like a child when someone says something you don’t like (i.e. that isn’t conservative enough . . . for you), how about we allow a little freedom of thought, particularly as we all try to sort out the potential GOP presidential primaries.  If we don’t do due diligence in researching each candidate and take the time to muse about their pros and cons, who will?  Certainly not the LSM.  Certainly not the GOP.   
We are the only ones who can win this, and there is no way to do that if our side is limited to only the purest conservatives or those who pass some kind of invented litmus test.  We need to pull together, not apart, and we need to be more open to conservatives with whom we disagree on one or more topics.  Anyone who believes otherwise has fallen—hook, line, and sinker—for the trap that the left has set for us. 

20 thoughts on “The Leftists’ Conservative "Civil War" Trap

  1. Fuzzy,

    That was absolutely brilliant!

    I still like Ryan, Christie, Bachmann, DeMint, West, and Rubio.

    With that being said, I really don't care who we conservatives elect in 2012. We, as you so eloquently said need to, “get our collective head out of our ass” and get a conservative elected!!!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. Well done. All I want to add is that I hope that whoever remains in the GOP lineup will get together and help the most electable candidate to win the nomination.

  3. I really like Paul Ryan and Rand Paul. We're never going to agree all of the time, well maybe not even most of the time; but I think we can agree that this administration and their policies are destroying what's left of our constitution. Great post Fuzzy.

  4. It is hard to add to your post, and while you actually said it and are the anti-juvenile here, I have to ask folks if they don't think America has gotten exponentially Juvenille over the last 10 years or so. “He said this, she said that, she does this, he does that” has become not only a background DIN of our popular culture, but a Basis for Decision Making in Elections and Policy ! it seems. I would note that supposedly, the vast majority of American's favorite TV is the WWE. (Good Lord) and media like msnbc and CNN are all about Juvenile style 'reporting'.

    @John Carey. I liked Rand Paul until I saw the video of him 'grilling' the lady from the dept of energy'.

    It was good until the end, where it became a situation of her laughing at him and he completely diffusing everything he said by saying something to the effect “well, gee I've always wanted to do this rant” which I translate as 'nevermind'.

    Personally, I'd have asked her that givent he billions of dollars American's have poured into the D of Energy and given their mandate of reducing our need for foreign energy, and how they have made Zero progress on that mandate how can she somehow think it is funny. I would then suggest she go back to her office and start writing a case for why we should keep such an ill-performing department open for business, funded by the tax dollars of hard working Americans. I'll be damned if she'd have been smiling when she left. And I've have asked my fellow members of congress why they support pouring billions after billions into a department that is actually more adept ad having sex parties with Oil Execs.
    Rand Paul scores Zero with me. Nothing personal !

    Anyway Fuzzy, I don't know who that conservative person is. I lean toward Allen West (for his continual defense of why he is Not Compromising and understands the mulsim scourge) and Marco Rubio for his ability to clearly and consistently make the case for conservatism. Short of someone arriving on the scene these are my favs at the moment and have been for a while.

    And not to be a total downer, but all the things the current crop of conservatives talk about: fiscal responsibility, spending cuts, etc, No One is talking about rolling back the Liberal programs and departments which are the real cancer upon this society. If we don't do anything about those, conservative could rule for the next 12 years (about the longest we could hope for) and the Dems (commies) will be back in power and simply pick up where they left off.
    I know I'm a hard case, I don't want 4-8-12 years of doing things that makes sense (tho it would be nice) I want solutions to the communism in America. Mark Steyn said it best when he said Liberals have managed to get their paws on ALL the major levers of American society: Energy policy, Education,
    Media being the main ones but clearly more could be added.

    sigh, I'm not optimistic.
    But take care of your local environment and forget all this if need be is my plan of action. I have my one vote and that is all I have.
    Maybe this should have turned into a post 🙂

  5. Yeah, we spend way too much time screaming at each other saying 'I am more conservative than you'. I once got told I am not a real conservative because I refused to get involved in the name calling after the Tucson shooting. The far left was proving themselves to be idiots all on their own, they didn't need my help.

    I get really tired of the finger pointing sometimes. The only way we are going to turn this around is to stick together, agree to disagree on some issues, and realize we agree on far more than we disagree on.

  6. Your post hits the nail on the head, Fuzzy! We need to have a robust debate on which presidential candidate will be best suited to take on and win against Obama in 2012. That is what the GOP primary is for and I think will make our final candidate who challenges Obama all the better. We have to remember that no person is perfect and no two people are going to agree on every issue. Heck, my hubby and I don't even agree on everything politically.

    Great post, Fuzzy!

  7. A most excellent analysis, as usual.

    There were so many things wrong with that post. He decried conservatives attacking one another, yet he attacks a whole bunch of people.

    I too tire of those who appoint themselves the Praetorian Guard of Conservatism.

    Here is what I posted over there…

    Just think of what the opposite of having all these conflicting thoughts would be…

    Done thinking? My mind keeps conjuring 1984, Soviet Union… Orthodoxy, dogma, doctrines which shall not be questioned. That's the domain of religion, and it rightly belongs there, and only there.

    Progressives make the mistake of turning every belief of the week into religious dogma, and I don't want to see us going down the same road.

    Groupthink is a killer and leads to intellectual sclerosis and ultimately, failure. There is a diversity of thought on the right, with libertarians joining in. It is a free marketplace of ideas and it is a beautiful thing.

    We are not a one-size-fits-all country, which is one of the arguing points against Obamacare. Susan Collins would not get elected in Oklahoma, and Dr. Coburn could never be a senator from Maine. That's just the way it is, and that's the way I like it. We are free to form groups be who we are here in Colorado without worrying what the GOP in Florida thinks of us or if the national party is going to expel us for not toeing the party line

    And this statement is some kind of logical fallacy, although I can't put a name to it. Of course, all those people are not going to agree on everything!

    “Do you see what we're faced with? You people are all over the damn place with no foundation in principles, values or vision”

    You are scolding free-thinking individuals because their ideas clash with others you have lumped them in with. As each candidate announces, we will then measure and test each one's ideas against our principles and the US Constitution. I could give a crap what O'Reilly thinks. I do my own thinking.

    And the “fiscal conservative / social liberal” comment is completely illogical, and the Adams quote used to bolster it is misapplied. Fiscal and social issues are two different things completely. It is fallacious to say that if one is conservative on fiscal matters she must also be conservative in all other parts of her life.

    Are you declaring invalid and out of bounds anyone who is a fiscal conservative but a supporter of marijuana legalization? Are you going to banish all non-Christians from the Republican party?

    Mr. Salgado wrote a nice rant, but it is incoherent. After all of this ranting he mentions Chris Christie as one of his orthodox kosher conservative candidates. Has he examined Christie's record on social issues? Christie is a social moderate at best.

    Just about the only thing I can agree with is the point (barely made) about conservatives trashing one another, which the author himself engages in. I like Mark Levin and I like Michael Savage. They don't like each other. I wish to hell they would simply shut up about each other.

  8. Yes Kid, we have become a juvenile, unserious, shallow culture.
    President Obama is its apotheosis.

    One final thought. The fringe 10% can end up killing us. The problem with hard-core true believers is that they are so damned sure that they close themselves off to further discussion and new information.

    I am not a Palin fan, but if she jumps in, I am giving her the same hearing I give every other candidate.

  9. Silverfiddle, 10/4

    I can change my mind on a dime. People who can't will always be at a disadvantage. Not that I'd vote for obama mind you. 🙂

  10. Being that I have a readership in the tens, I'm pretty much the guardian of the conservatism in my own head and that's about it.

  11. I enjoy your breakdown. It's an excellent way to spotlight ineffective arguments.

    As a libertarian I'm glad you note that there is a difference between conservatism and libertarianism. We may disagree on some (many?) issues, but i repsect that you stand up loud and proud for who you are. It's the people of cloaked identities, like the cuurent chief executive. Give him credit for one thing – he put forward a socialist platform, yet still left many thinking he was a centrist unifier.

  12. • 2012 President-elect Sarah Palin

    What about Palin’s support for McCain? Her failure to support Chuck DeVore? I’m not bashing Palin, but she’s not “pure” in the sense that this post means.

    Sarah Palin is loyal to her friends, especially considering McCain backed her during the 2008 election and since. It doesn't mean she agrees with everything he does or believes.

    As for Chuck DeVore, was he really the only conservative in the Senate primary to take Barbara Boxer's seat?

  13. @L, thanks so muchness! 🙂 I like all them, too (except Christie whose love for Islam gives me the creeps). And yep, we'll all pull together in the end, but making it through to the nom will be a challenge for some who demand more than is realistic.

    @Rotti, thanks 🙂 I think that they will, it's not the GOP I'm worried about in that regard. We can't let them pick our candidate, though.

    @John, thanks. I love Paul Ryan (not a fan of either Paul). But no, we can't all agree all the time, that would be a sure sign that no one is thinking for themselves. And oh boy do we ever agree that this admin/policies are destroying our Constitution, our nation, and our future.

    @Kid, love this commenty posty! I think you're right about the juvenile nature of discourse in this country (on both sides, at times), but we can't control what others say, only how we respond. 😉 Rubio's out for 2012, so unless that changes, I'll hold my tongue on that one (but he's impressive in many ways, don't get me wrong). Good point about the current pols and aspiring ones not talking about rolling back the nanny state. I think that's not so much a lack of will or desire to do it, but more to do with the political reality. As I've noted elsewhere on this blog, the TEA Party is not ready to deal with what needs to be done, and nor is the rest of America. We'll get there, and hopefully before we know real pain.

    @JACG, lmao, yep, I've run into that childish crap mentality far too often. But hopefully, we can all pull together and not be so annoyingly smug about conservative litmus tests (another leftist invention, btw).

    @Trestin, thanks! (no, he's not, lol)

    @Teresa, thanks! And that's a great point, if we can't agree on every single thing with our spouses (or friends, et al), it's uber-absurd to demand that from strangers.

  14. @Silverfiddle, thanks 🙂 “Praetorian Guard of Conservatism” love that! (also reminds me that I haven't logged on to my favorite game in ages). And yes, the monolithic dogma argument is far too reminiscent of leftist ideology (it should be, it comes from them). It's too weird that conservatives and even some libertarians fall for it . . . I mean we're supposed to be the proponents of individualism and free thought, of actual tolerance for diversity (not fascism masked as “tolerance” as practiced by leftists). Go figure, huh? Yeah, that fiscal con/social lib thing is nuts. But you hear that a lot around the conservative blogosphere, sadly.

    @Ted, thanks 🙂 And yes, I keep meaning to post on the differences between conservative and libertarian thought, but just haven't got around to it yet. I'd love to find someone on the libertarian side who would do a post with me, though. My view of libertarianism is obviously going to be filtered through my conservative viewpoint.

    @Morgan, Palin can be loyal to her friends all she likes, but I prefer someone who puts country over everything but God (and family). She didn't do that. And yes, actually, DeVore was the only conservative running against Boxer. Fiorina, whom Sarah endorsed, was not a conservative in many many ways. DeVore was. That's not really debatable (and if you remember caused a huge backlash at the time). That said, I like Sarah a lot, and this illustrates the point of my post. Conservatives can hold differing viewpoints and still be on the same team. Don't you agree?

  15. @kingshamus, I think your readership is bigger than that, no? 🙂 But we all have our own ideas what “conservative” means, that's to be expected (really can't be helped); the trouble comes from trying to impose that on other conservatives or being petty when they don't fit our own ideas about what conservativism is.

  16. @Morgan, Palin can be loyal to her friends all she likes, but I prefer someone who puts country over everything but God (and family). She didn't do that. And yes, actually, DeVore was the only conservative running against Boxer. Fiorina, whom Sarah endorsed, was not a conservative in many many ways. DeVore was. That's not really debatable (and if you remember caused a huge backlash at the time). That said, I like Sarah a lot, and this illustrates the point of my post. Conservatives can hold differing viewpoints and still be on the same team. Don't you agree?

    We'll have to agree to disagree on your statement that Sarah didn't put country above everything but God when she endorsed Fiorina.

    In what ways was Fiorina not a conservative? I do recall the backlash, but it came more from committed supporters of DeVore and perennial critics of Sarah then from anywhere else, if I remember correctly.

    And I agree, conservatives can hold differing viewpoints and be on the same team. I also hold the same opinion towards libertarians.

  17. This is a most excellent essay and it generated thoughtful commentary. I’m grateful to Silver Fiddle for sending me here. I shall add you to my list of blogs that I read and respect.

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