Of Tyrants

I’ve been having that horrified, long, silent scream kind of feeling again.  So much horror, so  many pieces of a truly alarming puzzle, that I’ve been sitting here, quite overwhelmed. 

Of Tyrants

BO has a brand new online propaganda czar whose job description apparently includes “destroying” anyone who dares to write critically of BO’s anti- and unAmerican policies.

Be afraid.

Tyrants cannot tolerate dissent for two reasons: one, they tend to be unstable personalities with little self-esteem and an almost craven desire to have that filled in with adulation from the masses.  It doesn’t matter if the adulation is fake.  It doesn’t matter if the adulation doesn’t even exist.  It’s all about the “appearance” of it:  no dissent = adulation.  Just listen to that plastic freak in Libya burble about how many millions love him.  That’s what tyrants need to believe because they are tiny little men.

By way of contrast, watch Prime Minister Netanyahu respond to a heckler:

Now watch that insecure, thin-skinned man-child in the WH respond to a heckler:

(It was hard to pick only one, for more on BO’s snippy, petulant, smirking, whining nastiness: “everybody can buy a truck,” “they talk about me like a dog,”and “folks waving tea bags around.”)

Note the difference in temperament, how one man is clearly a confident, well-adjusted leader of a great nation and how the other is an insecure, unstable little man attempting to bend a great nation’s people to his will . . . and “destroy” anyone who dares speak out against him.

The other reason tyrants can’t tolerate freedom of speech, of course, is more straightforward, if there is no opposition media there can be no opposition party — this from Obama’s media and “diversity” (where “diversity” means “lockstep adulation for Teh Won”) czar Mark Lloyd (who used to be the Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, a Soros arm of the destroy America now project), and is the true goal of this administration’s attacks on Fox, push for net neutrality, internet kill switch, and now, the monitoring of conservative news and blog sites

Further noteworthy intrusions and police state monitoring include the SMART grid (which will monitor everything you do, including how much trash you create and how often you flush the toilet) and the mandatory cell phone alerts from Dear Leader (these will also pinpoint your exact location at the time of the alert, no opt-out).

Be very afraid.




12 thoughts on “Of Tyrants

  1. The biggest difference: Bibi loves Liberty. BO loves the trappings of power. Bibi does not give the hecklers the response they want. BO invites the heckling by insulting his audience. He is, in fact, the heckler.

  2. Excellent post, will share at the A-C page.
    Yes, it is truly frightening, but I refuse to be afraid, because that's what they WANT us to be. No, I will not be afraid, I am angry, and it is a righteous anger. Frightened people cower, angry people fight. They (the CRAPTASTICs ) are the ones who should be afraid because Americans are reaching their tipping point and when they wake up and join the fight against the totalitarian cretins, it ain't gonna be pretty for the bad guys.

  3. Fuzzy,

    Once again our “dumBO” has embarrassed this Great Nation in front of the Queen of England and all of Europe. One would think the puppet-masters would have trained him better.

    How I wish we had a true leader like “Bibi” to run against this moron!

    You have been sorely missed!

    Lock & Load!!!

  4. Oh yea, Mr Netanyahu has dealt with real life; life and death in fact since he was head of Israel's Special Forces.

    To him, oblabber is a joke. The chick who screamed out is merely a child. Certainly not a threat.

    Oblabber? Never even flipped burgers at McDonalds. No wonder he's so paranoid. No wonder his persona is 99.999999999% Hype. No wonder the communist media jumps at the slightest chance to cast him as a man, instead of what he really is – A leftist, metro-sexual riding a bicycle 5 feet on flat tires with a helmet on for a photo op.
    To oblabber Joe the plumber is a threat. Every dissenting voice, even from a 5 year old is a threat.
    He's pathetic.

    As far as being afraid, I am now finally hearing from people with some visibility that is is time to give up on the hopelessly corrupted Democrats AND Republicans. I believe that. Imagine, it is We and Our Time that require a complete reorganization of political parties in America. It's got my attention.

  5. @LL, yep, only worse.

    @Kerry, nope, me either.

    @Trestin, aye, I hear you, but I'm sick of being silent and complicit in these attacks on my liberty and privacy.

    @Deekaman, exactly!

    @Odie, yep. And they know that very well.

    @Born Again American, heh 🙂

    @Zilla, thanks! I'm angry, too. We're going to win, but we need to be fully aware of what's in store for us. These are ruthless communists (I've come to believe this rather than they are “merely” socialists), and we all know how far such people will go.

    @Silverfiddle, he is a smart-ass punk, perfect!

    @L, aw, thanks 🙂 I wish we had a leader such as Bibi, too. He's truly amazing.

    @Kid, Bibi is a statesman and a leader; BO is a smart-ass punk (as noted by Silverfiddle!). And yes, it's truly pathetic to be so paranoid about dissent. It's also something for us to be worried about / aware of. He's not stable.

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