Let’s Spread Some (Entertainment and Fashion Industry) Wealth Around (repost)

[I don’t usually do reposts, but I was thinking about a new Fuzzy’s Faux News post along these lines when I ran across this old post from October 1, 2009.  So without further ado . . .]

You know how the libs are all gung-ho to let the government run our banking system and auto industry, capping salaries and bonuses, firing whomever the president wants?  And you know how they are so eager to hand over our healthcare system to government?  Well, let’s look at this slippery slope a little more closely for some other areas of our economy that need to be government-run in order to reduce prices and increase “competition”:  the film, sports, television,  music, and fashion industries (I didn’t include news outlets because that would impinge on free speech, and more importantly, as the Constitution isn’t really a factor in government decisions these days, the government already has its own outlets in that industry).

If capitalism is the liberals’ nemesis, the monkey on the back of our society that precludes a Utopian ideal of egalitarian glee, then it only makes sense that we take a good long look at these industries, long-fueled by capitalism, indeed some might argue the pinnacle of capitalist success, greed, and excess (of course those would be people who don’t understand the evils inherent in a free and open market and the rube concept of “supply and demand”).  Let’s look at the money they make, and the financial hardship they put on the government’s ability to run Wall Street, Government Motors, and our proposed national healthcare system.

If any “businesses” (I almost used Candle‘s famous “so-called” there) need to have salary caps in place, they’re in the entertainment and sports industries.  These people make millions of dollars every year, what’s Oprah’s annual haul?  Michael Moore’s?  Tiger Woods’? Kobe Bryant’s? Johnny Depp’s? Beyonce’s? Julia Roberts’? Or whomever the latest rom-com goddess is?  If high salaries are really an affront to liberals, then let’s go where the money is.  In movies (A-list actresses make what? $27 million a picture?  A-list actors make $65 million a picture?  That’s an outrage.  Actually, the whole “A-list” smacks of social inequity to me, and look at the sexism implicit in these numbers for females and males. Women make a paltry $27 million, while men make more than twice that?  Appalling.) and in music, how much money do recording artists make?  And in television (does anyone really need to make over half a million dollars for a one-hour drama series (no matter how damn good it is or how friggin’ fantastic Kiefer is in every conceivable way?)?  And in fashion?  And in sports?  Far too much according to the logic of the ditzy club who want to cap doctor’s salaries at 100K and investment bankers at whatever other low six-figure range simply because “no one needs to earn that much.”

Government intervention would also provide a “real and meaningful” way of going after video and music pirates, too!  Once the government sets up its own film, television, music, fashion, and sports outlets, we can clamp down on the internet and actually oversee every single transaction, upload, and download that occurs.  We could even imposes taxes on the very acts of up and downloading.  It’ll be brilliant!  We can impose fines and jail time for anyone who views or listens to anything for free (unless they’ve filed Form I=0$ with the Federal Bureau of Entertainment Oversight, Regulation, and Taxation). 

If the government would only take over Hollywood, sports, music, and fashion, think of all the wonderful piles of money that BO would have to “spread around” before we even set up oversight bureaucracies.  It’s all right there, in mansions, multiple homes on multiple continents, million dollar wardrobes, and billion dollar jewel, jet, and car collections (think of the enormous reduction in carbon footprints alone!).  Lavish, languishing mounds of dough just waiting to be redistributed.  And it’s not a bad deal for the average citizen who would like to go to the movies without having to save up for a couple months to buy $15 popcorn, $10 sodas, and $7 candy for each member of the family.  That adds up, especially when it’s piled on the crazy cost of movie tickets, music cds, sports tickets, concerts, and designer fashion (including shoes!).

Let’s get some government competition in there, and get those prices lowered.  Let’s cap salaries, put a national price on how much movie theaters and sports arenas can charge for, and how much entertainers can charge for music concerts.  $1k a ticket is silly.  So is $500.  And $200, for that matter.  Let’s make a national cap of . . (oh, I’ll pull this out of my cute little bottom like BO does his economic policies) . . $5 for all entertainment tickets and (umm) $5.50 for all clothing articles, including shoes.  And of course provide subsidies for anyone who can’t afford that.  We’ll have piles of money once we cap entertainers’, designers’, and athletes’ salaries at . . . (another grab into the air for a figure) . . $250k per year.  Hmmm.  Should these people really make more than doctors and teachers?  No.  Let’s drop that to a nice, living wage of $100k (of course most teachers don’t make half that, but it is for the arts, after all).

We can have government film studios, music studios, sports teams, and fashion studios.  It’ll be great, we can all go out and watch the Boston Red Sox beat the BO Ostriches to win another World Series, and we can cheer as the New England Patriots take on the BO Barracudas in the Super Bowl.  We will finally be able to afford American designers’ clothing because the BO Fashion Emperor-ium will be there to ensure competition is strong (and the government will set prices).  Imagine the possibilities. 

That way entertainment is affordable, and that’s good.  Entertainment also has great health benefits, happy people are healthy people, so there’s an added bonus for every  Americans’ health and quality of life.  We’d be doing it for the common good, after all, to ensure that everyone in America has access to free movies, music, sports, and (perhaps most importantly) fashion.

Three cheers for wealth redistribution!!  Let’s hear it for government “competition” and “oversight”!!!

Heh.  My friend Dudge pointed out this vid to me, and it’s so good I had to add it . . .


14 thoughts on “Let’s Spread Some (Entertainment and Fashion Industry) Wealth Around (repost)

  1. Hey, I'm with you. These “so-called” stars 😉 need to have their points clipped. They jet around the world in carbon-spewing airplanes, and lobby to take away OUR freedoms.

    And what about the LAWYERS. They want to take over DOCTOR's businesses. What about nationalizing the LAW. EVERYONE is ENTITLED to FREE legal services, right? Otherwise it's not fair.

  2. OMG I'm famous now! I'm on the so-called front page! No more slinking around the comments section for me – I've made it to the big league. How will I handle my fame? Will I become a recluse? Will I leave all my money to my cat? I'm so excited 🙂
    Joking aside, great article, and it highlights the hypocrisy of liberalism. Today's a WONDERFUL day to spotlight that hypocrisy. Drudge links to a news story about M.Moore saying he hasn't benefited from capitalism. And HotAir.com has a spoof on Will Farrel's healthcare video, making fun of idiot millionaires telling us we should be happy to have our money taken away.

  3. I don't want to pay for anything. I want free clothing and jewelry and shoes, but of course! I want free movie tickets, airplane tickets, theater tickets, Red Sox tickets, Pats tickets, every damn kind of ticket. I want a free house. I want free healthcare. I want free veterinarian care for my cat. And I want those filthy rich “entertainers” to be taxed up their ying yangs to give me every thing that I want for free. Whew! Now I feel better.

  4. hehe, Candle, I love your blog because it's different; there are only so many “headline” blogs one person can read in a day, so yours stands out. Besides, it's intelligent and funny as hell. Satire is a great way to highlight the idiocy of any ideology, and you do it well. 🙂 And yes, all the lefties who've benefited more than anyone from capitalism have no shame, and apparently, no sense of irony.

    LOL, Chick, yes, it did feel rather good to get it all out, didn't it? And damn, I fogot veterinarians as well as lawyers. Thank God for you guys! 🙂

    Get organized, Kerry, start some rallies, get the attention of the fringe media (well, you won't be able to with this because though it does fit their stated ideology, they're not going to back it.). 🙂

  5. Love it… I've started “Recycle Sunday” in which I go back into the BAA archives and repost oldies but goodies… Got the idea from listening to Jimmy Buffett's “You had to be there”…

    You have such a gift and the really cool part is, YOU SHARE IT WITH THE REST OF US!!!

  6. When are the idiots going to get fed up with the hypocrisy ? That's what I want to know.

    Yea man, James Cameron has it All together. Really concerned and working for the environment !

    Hey wait a minute. He lives in a gazillion square foot mansion! Sucking up gazillions of carbon things! Like, what's up with that Dude?

  7. @Born Again America, love the “Recycle Sunday” idea (and may steal it!). I've been posting FFN posts on some Sundays to keep things light, but something like that might be a good alternative for when I don't have one ready to go. And aw, thanks 🙂

    @Kerry, heh

    @Silverfiddle, thanks. And yes, we see it. It's laughable (well, mockable, heh).

    @Kid, they won't. It's not how they think. They seem to believe that capitalism is only bad in certain industries and not in others. It's not capitalism they hate, it's . . . God, who the hell knows. They're all nuts.

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