Madcow on Conservative Media: Why Can’t I Do That?

So I’m flipping through the channels last night, and I land on Madcow’s monologue about the horror of Sarah Palin refusing to engage the LSM (good for Sarah, I say, they’ve been relentless in their attacks on her, their shocking misogyny, and completely unfair and biased coverage of her).  Madcow rambles on and on about how conservative media has made a habit of calling out the LSM on its bias and lack of truthfulness, how the only media you can trust is conservative media (I’m not sure this is true, I like to get more than one viewpoint, but if I had to listen to only one source of news, I’d definitely choose a conservative outlet).  She is horrified that Rush and Fox actually point out that the LSM is attempting to influence events, craft cultural understanding, etc.  And it’s all true, it has.  And the LSM has become increasingly relentless, shrill, and extreme as their desperation grows and their credence with the American people wanes.

And Madcow is sputtering mad about it . . . because, as you will see at about 8:40 or so , the progressives can’t get it work for them!

But when we try it, it never works!  Gee, I wonder why not?  And no, it’s not that conservative media has been at it since the ’60’s (or whatever); it’s because no one believes either the LSM or the progressive media.  Heck, no one but the most koolaid-soaked sad case wants to listen to the latter on a regular basis, or at all (witness the bankruptcy of “Air America” and the horrid ratings of MSNBC itself).

But progressives, always working on a way to manipulate and control everyone and everything, aren’t upset that Fox and Rush have found a formula that works . . . they’re upset that even though they’ve tried the same strategy (that they, themselves, call manipulative, false, unethical, etc.) . . . they just can’t get it to work for them

And that, my friends, is all we really need to know about progressives. 


14 thoughts on “Madcow on Conservative Media: Why Can’t I Do That?

  1. I love how she says it's not a competition thing when she talks about conservative talk radio ratings dropping.

    Of course not! msnbc's share is so infinitesimal they are not even in the competition.

    And the big drop isn't really that big. Conservative radio and tv spiked at the 2010 election, and they are measuring the decline from there. And Madcow has the temerity to talk about trust.

    The only thing that would have made this better is if she had fallen back on the old prop of using her eyeglasses and channeling Walter Kronkite.

  2. Another point I find interesting is how much time lefties spend fixating on rightwing media. I can't believe how long this piece is.

    You don't see the conservative media spending this much time on lefty talk and tv. But I guess it makes sense, why spend time on such a trifling piffle?

  3. Fuzzy, I could only make it through 3:37 minutes. Sorry, but I don't watch this shrill noise anymore, because, quite frankly, I have other outlets as she said.

    Rushes ratings aren't the news. She never having any ratings should be her story. During these hard economic times people are very busy with a bigger hands on approach to their businesses and lives. Their radio listening time suffers.

  4. Fuzzy,

    It is nice to know that after reading and listening to your blog that Ms. Madcow's effective audience has grown by leaps and bounds!

    If they only knew how few people actually are listening to their crap they would all crawl into a hole and rightfully die!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. Good post.

    I occasionally watch MSNBC for purposes of evaluating various personality and mental disorders.

    My favorites are Chris Matthews for the tingle up his leg and drooling, which he deftly removes with his index finger while still speaking.

    I fully expect Lawrence O'Donnell to have a nervous breakdown on the set as it breaks through his manufactured phony facade of calm reserve.

    Then there's my absolutely favorite fool, Special Ed Schultz, who has all the charm of a Mafia hitman without any of that unnecessary intellectual baggage to get in the way of his daily drive by character assassinations.

    Thank you for continuing to shine the critical light of reason on the strange world over at MSNBC.

    I like to think your posts are like vaccinations for the uninformed, that they may better understand the underlying psychological disorders passing for rational thought over at MSNBC. Michael Savage had it right when he said liberalism is a mental illness.

  6. @Silverfiddle, they cannot compete with conservative media simply because there is not a large enough segment of the population in this center-right country who would ever watch it. Even if they got their wildest dreams fulfilled and were the only “news” in town, I'd rather watch paint dry than listen to that drivel on a regular basis. I'm sure I'm not alone. 🙂 I didn't actually realize how long it was because I flipped on to it when it was very close to the point she makes about how upsetting it is that sprogs can't make the formula work for them. But yeah, every time I flip past MSNBC, there's a story about Fox News (or Sarah Palin or the wondermous Paul Ryan). It's sad, really, that all they can think of to do “stories” on are how much they hate . . . everything.

    @Odie, yeah, sorry, my friend. It's super long and horrible, but I couldn't find a shorter version on YouTube when I posted this. I don't blame you for not watching, Madcow is really annoying in manner and tone.

    @Born Again American, yay! I love classic rock, too.

    @L, lol, yeah, and how sad is it that the 6 extra viewers will be an amazing ratings spike to the losers at MSNBC. 😛

    @RJ, heh, Tingles is fun to watch, actually, and I'll sometimes tune in just to watch him sputter and spit. My money's on a full-on BO meltdown before an O'Donnell one, but he may have one coming because he said on his show last night that if Sarah Palin runs for president he'll quit his job. Heck, I want her to run just for that!

  7. A potential bright spot. As the democrat/liberal media spews, the opportunity arises for a positive, soft but firm speaking, smiling conservative to just drown the country in words of encouragement, hope, hope for change, lower gas and food prices, and a new day full of solutions that will work.

    romney is headed in the other direction by bashing oblabber. That won't work, and that's fine with me, because if romney is on the ticket, I'm writing someone in for the Pres spot.

  8. Yes, we swear off the MSM. Why? Because PMSNBC doesn't even try to be fair & balanced. They don't simply report the news. She calls Fox news “far right” media. Fox is as center right news organization. She says it's not about the competition but goes onto focus on that very subject. What a joke! MSNBC is a far Left wing of the Democratic Party. The MSM is a cover up machine for the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. Plus, she (or her guest) claims that Fox gives misinformation when when that is exactly what ALL of the MSM does. These political journalist hacks simply can't handle the truth and don't want the truth to be revealed because it would sway the voters against the Democratic Party. They wouldn't know true journalism if it slapped them right in the face. Yes, Fox leans to the right but it gives the news information as truth, and presents both sides on numerous occasions.

  9. I have dedicated my whole blog to paying homage to the best propaganda outlet in the world. No one can comprete with your power. Take that the entire State of Oklahoma voted not to ever let the socialist Barack Hussein Obama enact Suria law in their state. Keep up the good work, just remember many Americans just think you are fools and that you should never forget this.

  10. @Kid, exactly the right response to raving loons!

    @Teresa, PMSNBC made me laugh. Loudly. 🙂

    @steve, Congratulations! You're the winner of The Most Incoherent Comment of the Week award. The prize for this prestigious award is a helpful overview of the many grammatical and spelling errors in your comment. In order to redeem your prize, simply post another comment here, and if it's as worthy as this one, I'll even throw in a free lesson in proper syntax. It's that easy!

  11. This post and many of the people commenting proved Rachel Maddow’s point: conservative media has been very successful in convincing its followers they are the only sources of news and info that can be trusted. I watch all news media with skepticism. The reason Fox “News” is the target of most of my criticism isn’t because they lean right. I have no problem listening to a pundit with a conservative point of view (Joe Scarborough and David Frum just to name two). My issue with Fox is that they distort, mislead and lie on a regular basis. If anyone here wants to call me out by asking for proof about what I said regarding Fox, I’ll be happy to do it.

    As for your claim that Rachel was “sputtering mad” during this clip… please! That’s a gross mischaracterization. Rachel is simply asking why the conservative media formula is successful; she wasn’t upset that the liberal counterpart can’t get it to work for them. The fact that it’s worked on the conservative side says a lot (none of it good) about the critical thinking skills of many who lean right. Furthermore, Rachel made it a point to say that despite the recent ratings decline of right-wing talk radio, people like Rush Limbaugh continue to enjoy strong numbers.

    I’m always amused when right-wingers talk about the success of Fox as if high ratings = quality and truth. That’s not even remotely true. The truth is, there are many liberals who watch Fox. The difference is we can recognize that much of what they peddle is B.S. Ironically, one of the few people at Fox who plays it straight with the facts (Shep Smith) often gets ripped in the conservative blogosphere.

    Although Fox still comes out on top overall in ratings for cable news, they better hope their recent slide in the 25-54 demo (while CNN and MSNBC have grown) isn’t a continuing trend.

    One thing that can’t be disputed is the brilliance of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes in relation to their success with Fox “News”. Therefore, I am confident they’ll figure out a way to reverse their ratings decline in the 25-54 age bracket. However, the people who believe Fox is the guardian of truth in the cable news game may not like any changes Murdoch and Ailes might make in an effort to grab this demo.

    Several months ago I came across something by accident that I found very interesting. I learned that according to the web marketing research company Alexa, The Huffington Post is the #1 political website. This was news to me because I’ve never heard anyone (including Arianna Huffington herself) brag about the success of Huffington Post. I’m certainly not going to boast about it. Unless one has a vested interest in the success of a news outlet, I think it’s silly to brag about its numbers. The latest rankings show HuffPo still at #1 with almost 4 times the amount of Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors as the #2 ranked site (The Drudge Report).

    Just to be clear, I’m not bragging about HuffPo’s success. I’m merely pointing out the fact that the Internet has an important place in the news/information game. So the next time anybody wants to tout the success of Fox and snicker at the lower ratings of its cable competitors, I hope they keep things in perspective by also considering the popularity of HuffPo.

  12. One thing I forgot to add in regards to HuffPo is that I'm well aware a portion of their readership consists of conservatives. I didn't want anybody to think I was trying to play the spin game. 🙂

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