Grand Rapids Video and the American Spirit

Saw this over at HotAir, and wow.  It’s a video response to Grand Rapids being listed as one of America’s dying cities, and the locals decided to show otherwise.  And boy did they come up with a great video.

Watching that I was struck by, as mentioned by Allahpundit linked above, how American it is.  Not just the American nature of the vignettes in the video but the very reason for it.  Criticize us, rip us apart with partisan political agendas, bash us, do what you will, but nothing defeats the American Spirit.  And that’s the message I took from this video:  it may get worse before it gets better, but at the end of the day, the majority of Americans will do the right thing and defend our greatness, protect our neighbors, and stand together.

It’s what we do.




10 thoughts on “Grand Rapids Video and the American Spirit

  1. Fuzzy,

    You're damn right America will come back and come back with a vengance! “We the People” will not stand by and allow the “Socialist-In-Chief” to bring this Great Nation down!

    Let all of “Spooky Dudes” on the planet try, we will not be defeated! Damn it, “WE ARE AMERICANS”

    Lock & Load!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!

    PS: What a find Fuzzy!

  2. Wow. That made me cry, and I'm not even drunk. I love music, I play some myself, I love that song, and I've sung it quite a bit, often for others.

    That video was awesome, and it was a beautiful slice of America.

    This is the America that is being crushed by overweening nationalization of everything and the inevitable partisan clashes that go with it. National politics infesting every corner of our lives is embittering us and pitting us against one another.

    Local efforts used to take on their own flavor, most often non-partisan, or at least without the screaming anger we see now.

    We've lost it, but we can get it back.

    That is a beautiful video, thank you for sharing it Fuzzy. I think you've just inspired my blog post for tomorrow.

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