Rebutting the BO is a Genius Meme

Okay, I’ve reached the end of my patience on the Sarah is stupid and BO is a genius meme.  Seriously.  Sarah may or may not be a genius, but she’s certainly got more going for her in many areas than BO (not what this post is about, but she actually understands America and loves this country, unlike BO who clearly does neither).

So I’ve decided to compile a handy go-to list of all of BO’s droolingly stupid comments and assertions.  But there are so darned many that I need your help.  Here’s what I have so far (actually just comments that I’ve made here, there, and everywhere):

Remember when Obama so-famously said that the Cambridge police “acted stupidly”?  He said that in response to the Gates incident in Cambridge.  Anyway, that was in the summer of 2009.  When the Massachusetts special election was held to replace Ted Kennedy in January 2010, guess which candidate got the Cambridge police’s endorsement?  Yep, Scott Brown, the republican (well, sort of).  And this despite the fact that his progressive democrat opponent and official poster-child for Obama Koolaid-slurping Martha Coakley has a husband who was retired from that same police department and still a member of that union.  Don’t think those two things are related?  Think again.  And then look at what other insulting and/or thoughtless statements this president has made about other union members / groups.  He’s burning bridges like a pyromaniac on crack, and it’s going to hurt him in 2012.

You’re right to be skeptical about Obama’s belief in the special relationship between the U. S. and Britain.  He doesn’t believe in it.  In fact, he actively undermines it at every turn.  Surely you remember his staffer coming right out and saying that the president sees the UK as just the same as any other country in the world and that it shouldn’t expect special treatment.  To Obama, Britain is as meaningful as [insert any country: for fun, spin a globe, close your eyes, and jab your finger on it].

The countries that he holds up, that he has shown through his actions are important to him are India (first state dinner, denied to the UK even though Brown was actually in Washington earlier), Mexico (another state dinner, speech to Congress about how America should deal with our illegal immigrant problem and borders), “Palestine” (not Israel, America’s actual ally), and on and on.  The man is a disgrace.  Always look at what he does, what he does is very very revealing.

Oh dear, we could do this all day.  Let’s see, off the top of my head:  Not only does Obama think there are 58 states (there are 50), that it’s perpetually 2008 (his best year), that “corps” is pronounced “corpse,” and that “Austrian” is a language, but he also thinks there’s such a thing as a hybrid SUV [correction: he said hybrid van], claimed that an entire town was destroyed and 10,000 people died (12 died, town still standing), said that we need to use our Iraq translators in Afghanistan (um, totally different language, of course), wants to bring “inefficiencies” to our health care system (well, that’s actually correct, but not what he meant), tried to make a case for government-run healthcare by extolling the wonders of UPS and FedEx over the government-run post office (the latter is in the red and “always having problems”), and let’s not forget how he began his speech the day of the Fort Hood terrorist attack by giving “shout outs” to his buddies.  The man’s a complete dolt. 

He also thought that America was founded 20 centuries ago, that Canada has a president, and that America is a democracy. I’d say Sarah Palin will do quite well against someone who doesn’t know the difference between the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence (nor what committee he sat on in the Senate). The man sees dead people, for goodness’ sake (claims he saw “fallen heroes” sitting in the audience at one speech).  As I said, I could do this all day. The man’s a complete idiot.

I know there are more.  What have I missed?


Apparently, I’m not the only one tired of this Sarah is stupid and BO is a genius meme.  Thanks to Kerry for sending me a link to this video (and apologies for the foul language in it; obviously that’s by unhinged leftists suffering severe PSD):



44 thoughts on “Rebutting the BO is a Genius Meme

  1. “The man's a complete dolt.” Couldn't agree more.

    How about when he asked that guy how big his family was after telling an audience we all need to by different cars if we don't like gas prices?

    I personally, love it when he goes sans teleprompter. Shows his true colors every single time.

  2. Is he a member of Mensa?

    Mensa members generally include the fact of their membership as part of their official brief bio's. The bragging rights are the main reason for membership (better access to high IQ social opportunities is the other).

    No way a politician who's eligible wouldn't join “the” high IQ society. And those organizations don't make exceptions for their entry requirements.

  3. Fuzzy,

    How about when he said he had visited all 57 states.

    That is why I frequently refer to him as “dumBO”. Not only is he dumb, but with ears that big he can fly!

    Lock & Load!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!

  4. he kept the oil skimmers out of the Gulf of Mexico for the duration, some think favoring the unions, some thinking just to make the spill worse to play it. Either way.

    Fuzz, I almost wish I'd have kept a list. And I thought about it hard, but about a month into it I realized I'd be spending the better part of my life chronicling oblabbers screw ups because they were happening at more than one a day, and still are.

    If I could have gotten government funding to do it maybe… ?

    Here's a quick guide to all of oblabbers lies. The first one is pretty good. 7 lies in under two minutes. Big ones too.

  5. Ok, couple more. Relative to Kerry's comment – Teleprompters right and left to speak to a 5TH GRADE CLASS !

    One quote I remember – “We can eliminate the need for middle eat oil, if we all just inflate our tires.” Proving beyond doubt libtards are immune to embarrassment.

    Good luck Fuzz. Your effort should end up in a history book, or wikipedia some day. I just don't care enough to do it myself because too many people in this country don't care, wouldn't believe it, wouldn't understand and again wouldn't care.

    Imagine so many people voting for someone with no leadership experience, no managerial experience, no business experience, not even the experience of a McDonald's clerk to be the leader of the worlds' biggest economy, let alone the free world.
    That is the min boggling part and one that forces you to understand that voting for president in America no longer includes searching for someone qualified.

  6. How about the stupidity of his talking through the playing of “God Save The Queen” recently.

    Everyone knows you pay respect to other countries' National Anthem, (although, I must say, this is not just an Obama thing, but one seen at many sports events involving two (or more) countries' representative teams).

  7. @Kerry, particularly so as he was a lecturer at the University of Chicago. You'd think he'd be able to manage talking to 5th graders without a teleprompter. I wonder where his former students are, though, and what stories they'd tell.

    @Vineyard, ooh, good one! He's done the same sort of thing a couple times. Told that guy to buy a new car (a hybrid van), and when he was here in Massachusetts, said of Scott Brown, “anybody can buy a truck.” Well, no “anybody” can't. Thanks in no small part to BO himself.

    @Odie, thanks! And thanks, too, for the heads up on the SUV thing. I tracked down the quote I'd misquoted, and it was a hybrid van. One day I'll have to learn all about “green” cars (um, not). LOL

    @Tina, good point! I don't think I've ever heard him or his staff claim he's a member of Mensa (that would be too easy to fact check), but you're right Mensa members do tend to talk about it. A lot.

    @L, heh, yeah, I loved that 57 states one, but he actually went on to say that he had “only one more to go.” So he thinks there are 58 states. And that he's been to 57 of them. Good grief. Oh, and when you mentioned him flying, that made me think of the fly on his lip. Ick. And the rats. He does seem to attract creatures associated with filth, doesn't he?

    @Kid, yes, his work AGAINST the southern (red) states was appalling. Definitely need to add that. And yeah, I wish I'd kept a list, too, but there are a lot of them. It's good to have some ammo when people start talking about how stooooopid Sarah is. Nothing shuts them up quite so fast as reeling off a list of stupid things BO actually said (most of what they think Sarah said was actually said by Tina Fey, after all).

    Yeah, the inflate your tires thing is ridiculous. He's completely out of touch with . . . well, everything. Oooh, and that 7 lies vid is great, will be adding that, too!

    @Dudge, that was really embarrassing. I think that most people understand that you do not speak during another country's national anthem, but even if that's just wishful thinking on my part, it's one thing for some random football fan not to know and quite another for the president of the United States not to know.

  8. His ill-informed pronouncements are legion.

    I have a standing challenge to any and all on the left to provide one shred of evidence that this supposed genius is actually smarter than the average citizen.

    Two years and counting and it's gone unanswered. The beauty of my question is that “running a successful campaign, writing a book, and being an Ivy League alum” is not an answer, because they also apply to George Bush.

  9. Because national political figures speak in public so often, they are bound to say questionable things. I’m not going to defend President Obama’s mispronunciation of “corpsman”. However, much of these gaffes are likely a matter of him misspeaking, fatigue, etc. One must suffer from an extreme case of Obama Derangement Syndrome if they are using some of these examples as “proof” the president is stupid. Do you Obama haters really believe he doesn’t know there are 50 states, thinks America was founded 20 centuries ago, and doesn’t realize it is not 2008?!

    The same goes for the Palin haters as well. Although she has made comments which are indefensible (more on those later), she gets a pass from me on some of them. For example, when people hammered her for mixing up North and South Korea during an interview with Glenn Beck, I thought they were reaching.

    If you are going to slam President Obama for the gaffes you guys have listed, how can you give a pass to Sarah Palin for such comments as the following?

    “This is Reagan country. Yeah! And perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California's Eureka College would become so woven within and inter-linked to the Golden State.”

    “Who calls a shot like that? Who makes a decision like that? It's a disturbing trend.” –Palin, pushing a conspiracy theory that “In God We Trust” had been moved to the edge of coins by the Obama administration (the change was made by the Bush administration in 2007 and was later reversed by Congress, before Obama took office)

    Mispronouncing the word “nuclear” as “nuculur”

    “I think on a national level your Department of Law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we've been charged with and automatically throw them out.” –Palin, referring to a dept. that doesn’t exist while trying to explain why as president she wouldn't be subjected to the same ethics investigations that compelled her to resign as governor of Alaska.

    to be continued…

  10. As for the “Obama uses a teleprompter too much” slam, I think that’s the weakest criticism against him of all. You guys make it sound as if he is the first to ever use one. I’ve even seen politicians criticize President Obama for relying on a teleprompter while they themselves are reading from one! How silly is that?! Also, I recall a certain instance when President Obama didn’t use a teleprompter: He went to a GOP summit and destroyed his opponents in a debate on health care. Not only did some of the Republicans admit that allowing cameras to film the Q&A was a mistake, even Fox “News” knew it looked bad for the GOP. They switched away from the live coverage when it was clear President Obama was mopping the floor with the Republicans!

    Even if politicians aren’t using a teleprompter to give their speech, they are likely reading theirs from a handwritten copy in front of them. I have no problem with that because memorizing a speech isn’t easy. However, for you Obama haters, how is reading a speech from handwritten notes any better than using a teleprompter?

    Also, the fact that some of you still believe he used a teleprompter to talk to grade school students is sad to say the least. It shows one of two things: Either you aren’t as well-informed as you think you are or you are allergic to the facts because this lie was debunked by several sources shortly after it got started! Even Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard slapped this nonsense down. Hayes’ article includes a link to the White House site which shows a photo of President Obama talking to 6th grade students without any teleprompters.

    Below is a link to video footage of the president’s appearance at the school. Although the clip incorrectly states the president used teleprompters to talk to the students, it actually proves that he didn’t. Now, put your Obama Haterade down for a bit and look closely at the video. The first portion of the clip shows him greeting the grade school students in their classroom. At about the 30 second mark of the clip, there is a cut which switches to a different room in which the president had teleprompters set up to tell the press about the “Race to the Top” program. For one thing, as Hayes stated in his piece, you can see there are no students between President Obama and the press. Also, you can tell these are two different classrooms by looking at the walls. Also, listen to the speech. It’s clear President Obama is addressing the press, not elementary school students.

    Now, does anyone still think President Obama used teleprompters to address these students? If so, can you explain why you still believe this when the evidence overwhelmingly proves he didn’t?

    As for the challenge set forth by “Silverfiddle”, it’s a futile one. I think it’s pointless to play the game of “Who has the higher I.Q.” because intelligence can often be a matter of perception. Although I do think Bush II is the worst U.S. president in my lifetime (if not in history), I’m not going to call him stupid. Since speaking in public was not his strong suit, I think it gave the impression that he wasn’t smart.

  11. @QR, he really knows next to nothing about American history, it's really shocking in a president. “Staggering” is a good word.

    @Silverfiddle, heh, there's plenty of proof that he's just as smart as the average citizen: if we go by things like Jay Leno asking people in the street who the Vice President is or who we fought in the Revolutionary War (to be fair, BO probably knows who the VP is; I have my doubts about his ability to answer the second question, however).

    @Malcolm, thank you for your comments.

  12. @Malcolm. I clicked on your links and the first one is just someone talking.

    The 2nd one clearly shows Obama with teleprompters right and left. As well as a very visible secret service dude standing close enough and looking at people menacingly (yes, you can do that with a smile) that it bothers me.

    I remain unconvinced. Why would Obama even haul that equipment there?

  13. Kid: The 1st link I included was to Stephen Hayes' article (there wasn't any talking). Although Hayes' article didn't include any video footage, it does have a link to a page on the White House site. The page includes the footage of President Obama outlining to the press (using teleprompters) the details of the Race to the Top program. Beneath the video clip is a photo of President Obama speaking to the kids (without any teleprompters). The man you described as a “very visible secret service dude” is actually Arne Duncan (Secretary of Education). Listen to the speech. You can tell the president isn’t addressing the kids. In answer to your question, the reason he brought the equipment there is because the “Race to the Top” program contained a lot of details he wanted to cover when he spoke to the media. Unless one has a photographic memory, I would expect them to either use teleprompters or a handwritten speech when explaining this program. Again, you guys should get off the teleprompter criticism. Some people (including President Obama) are more comfortable using one as opposed to a handwritten speech. I’ll ask again, how is using a handwritten speech any better than utilizing teleprompters?

    The You Tube clip below was put together by someone we can assume is from the anti-Obama camp based on the title of the clip. Ironically, the person who put this together actually helps prove President Obama didn't use teleprompters to talk to the kids. Watch the clip closely because you can tell the footage is from two different rooms. Look at the walls and the blackboards behind the president in the first 30 seconds of the clip. At the 30 second mark, the scene changes to where President Obama addresses the press. At the beginning of this portion of the clip, you can see members of the press (with no kids between them and the president). You can also tell that the room is different from the previous one (look at the walls and the blackboards).

    Finally, if the president did use teleprompters to address the kids, do you think he’d open himself to ridicule by having it filmed?

    Are you still unconvinced?

  14. Malcolm, looks like I made an error with Arne Duncan..

    The 1st link. If there is no video, it is “someone talking” which was my point. I realize he went around the room and shook every kids hand. It certainly appears his address to 'the class' is telepromptered.

    Regardless of anything else – Why is there no video of him standing in front just talking to the class as a whole and/or answering questions? Maybe it's out there but I haven't seen it.

    Yes, I am unconvinced. Totally.

    And Sadly, I regard all communication coming from the White House as a lie or simple BS. Sounds radical tin foil hat-ish doesn't it? I don't care. I regard everything Obama has ever said regards significant subjects as a lie or simple BS.

    In addition, Obama has not said one thing since I've seen him on the national stage that I approve of for America or find acceptable. Again, sounds radical doesn't it? I don't care. Put me in a box, slap on a label and seal me up.

    He is doing untold damage to this country that like jimmy carter, will only be realized to its full extent as time goes on and probably decades from now.

  15. @Kid, heh, this–“Put me in a box, slap on a label and seal me up.”–made me laugh out loud. (It was more of a snort than a laugh, but hey, I was, and still am, smiling.)

  16. Kid: My guess is when you say “someone talking”, you are referring to the fact that Stephen Hayes’ article doesn’t contain any video footage. Since Hayes linked to the White House site which contains the footage, I don’t see why his not including the footage in his article on The Weekly Standard should matter, but whatever. Speaking of Hayes, consider this. Hayes has been no friend of the Obama administration. Why would he go to the trouble of debunking the teleprompter story?

    Clearly, you are letting your personal feelings about President Obama cloud your judgment. Whether or not President Obama has said one thing that you approve of for America or that you find acceptable shouldn’t have anything to do with this. You say it certainly appears his address to the class is telepromptered. Let’s see:

    a. We have a picture of President Obama talking to the kids without any teleprompters. Where are the teleprompters? Since this is just a Q&A, in order to believe he used teleprompters, you would have to jump to the conclusion he knew the questions the kids would ask in advance. That’s a huge reach.

    b. We have video footage of President Obama using teleprompters to explain the details of the Race to the Top program. At the beginning of the footage, you can see the media, but no kids. Where are the kids? It wouldn’t make sense to put them behind the media. Again, listen to the speech. It should be clear the president is addressing the media and not talking to the students.

    c. From watching the 2nd link I included, you can tell the president is in two different rooms: He was in one for the Q&A with the kids and another when he explains to the press the Race to the Top program. There are no teleprompters in the first room; there are in the second one.

    In answer to your question about why there is no video of the Q&A he had with the kids, I don’t know. Although I wished there was footage, it’s because it would have been interesting to hear the questions the kids asked; not because I needed proof he didn’t use teleprompters. The evidence presented is good enough for me.

    Let’s look at the person who inspired this post: Sarah Palin. A long standing conspiracy theory surrounding Sarah is that she isn’t the birth mother of Trig. Just to be clear, although I think Sarah Palin is a habitual liar and is bad for this country, I also believe she is Trig’s birth mother. Just as it did with the “Obama used a teleprompter to talk to grade school students” nonsense, the non-partisan site also debunked the “Palin isn’t the birth mother of Trig” rumor. My question is do you believe Sarah Palin is the birth mother of Trig? If you do believe she is, why? I ask for the following reasons:

    1. Trig’s birth certificate hasn’t been made public nor has there been any DNA testing to prove his parentage. In light of this, how can you be positive Sarah Palin is the birth mother?

    2. Although there have been photos in which Sarah Palin appears to be pregnant, how do you know she’s not wearing padding?

    I’m playing devil’s advocate here because as I said, I think she is the birth mother. However I’m wondering why if you believe she is the birth mother, how come you aren’t willing to give President Obama that same benefit of a doubt in the case of the teleprompter story? It seems to me that not only do you want to believe President Obama used teleprompters to speak to the kids, you need to believe it.

  17. You forgot to post all of the intelligent spewings of your hero GWB. Like “I know how hard it is to put food on your family” and “We call it natural gas because we find it in our neighborhoods” and thousands of others. Why, there are even websites dedicated to the intellectual ramblings of the 'Edumacator in Chief”. You could post a whole page full of nothing but worthless one-liners! Oh wait, you already did…

  18. @Bubba, I think that's actually where the left found the need to exaggerate BO's intellect. The left had taken great glee in every faux pas, slip of the tongue, and yes, on occasion, truly stupid things that President Bush uttered, and they saw BO as the antithesis to that. So much so that they built up such an image of an articulate, charismatic intelligent man that few could really fill those shoes. But in doing so, they opened the door to the same type of criticism they'd leveled at Bush, and then Palin, for years. What's amusing to me is that they don't like it when the table's turned, when there are, in fact, a page (or more) worth of idiocies from the man who claimed that he was about to stop the ocean's rising and heal the planet. I think that it's rather amusing, actually, that the left was so intent on creating something in the moment that they didn't stop and think about consequences. But that's actually their standard MO.

    I really didn't mind the attacks on President Bush's intellect as much as I've come to mind them about Sarah. I knew better, and it's also relevant that he didn't hold himself up as some kind of super hero Messiah genius. BO and his team did. I guess it's rather like the left thinking it's okay to hold republicans to a different moral standard because conservatives tend to be more about morals and values. It's the failure of the man to live up to the narrative that makes the left look moronic when they go on and on BO's massive intellect (that doesn't exist, the man really is at or below average intellect, of that I have no doubt at all), and ignore the many many many truly droolingly stupid things he says . . . but make a front page story of something Sarah (who's not even running for office) says about Paul Revere (or whatever).

    But the tides are turning on that, too, the recent email feeding frenzy has caused harm to leftist, particularly the media. People who absolutely loathe Sarah are starting to question the press in particular and the left in general. It's a good thing.

  19. Malcolm is missing the point a bit, possibly on purpose, but that's OK. After listening to eight years of BDS by the left, and laughing a little at him myself, it's fun to watch “the most intelligent president ever” [arguably] have similar problems with the presidential “speechafying” process. Particularly when he is so unprepared to continue speaking when the presidential teleprompter goes akilter. I always have written notes handy when that happens to me, but I'm a nobody anyway.

    Public speaking is daunting. Not very many do it well. When BHO misspeaks or loses his train of thought it's OK to laugh and have fun with it. If we could laugh at Bush we can laugh at Obama. It's called equal opportunity bashing.

    Kid, otoh, is making a different point. One with which I happen to agree but Malcolm seems to challenge. That's OK, too. But to speak further to one of Malcolms' many points, while not a Palinista myself, I sure see far fewer gaffes in her rhetoric than Obama's. Both by count and content. But that's just my opinion.

  20. @Kerry, good grief

    @Dudge, thanks for the link, I enjoyed your piece on Sarah. That whole things was just ridiculous (like when they jumped on her for being stoooopid when she said don't party like it's 1773 . . . the year of the original Boston Tea Party).

  21. @49erDweet, oh, there's no question that BO's are far more numerous and laughable than Sarah's. And yes, public speaking is somewhat daunting, even for accomplished speakers. Everyone makes mistakes, but the thing here is the rabid attacks on every Sarah mistake, even if there is no mistake at all, and the complete pass BO gets. Personally, I prefer him on teleprompter, I can't stand all those erms, uhhhs, and duhs and the way he stammers around trying to grope for the most simple word. But then, it's when he's off teleprompter that he says the most ridiculous things (and often the most honest–and horrifying).

  22. Malcolm, Part 1
    Yes, unless I see video of Obama talking to the kids I don't believe he didn't use a teleprompter. My problem with the teleprompter is he uses it for everything including all the pre-election interviews which were clearly scripted, and he can hardly put a sentence together without one, It's a constant string of Ums and Ahs with a few words between the stammers. Maybe he stammers. My impression is 1.) he's not much of a quick thinker, or 2.) He is constantly editing his unscripted speech so as not to let his true thoughts come out. I think Joe the Plumber caused Obama to say something he ordinarily wouldn't which is why Joe was attacked for months by the rabid democrat media. All Joe did was ask him a question ! If there is any hate, it would be directed to the media for the unbelievable levels of propaganda and hypocrisy they spew

    I also don't believe the birth certificate displayed on the White House site is real. It has no seal, and no embossed seal like a notary stamp would imprint on paper. I'll bet real money there is no valid birth certificate in existence anywhere that does not contain a seal. A document that important ? No way. By putting that up he is giving his critics the flying finger of fate once again.

    I sure don't Need to dislike Obama. I don't hate Obama. I simply disagree with him profusely and am disappointed so many people have fallen for the Emperor's New Clothes and still are. I'm upset that the 1st President of color (since he is of mixed parentage) is such a hard left radical that will prove to be a negative for other black men running for President. I'd love to see Allen West as president. Maybe with a black president that does America some good, the racial fires will calm to some extent. He sure isn't helping with that score either.

    Again, passing the HC bill without a single repub vote and 70% of the country very vocally against it. And still are. That's the act of a dictator. If I were feeding myself on Obama hate as it were, I'd have more than a few comments to put down anytime these subjects came up. I intentionally do not spend a lot of my time renting free mind space to Obama. I'll simply be happy when he's gone and hopefully we get to the business of righting this ship called America in the spirit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL. I'm afraid the country might be too far gone, but we'll see after the next election cycle. If people choose dependency over personal liberty in 2012, then we're screwed.

  23. Malsolm, Part 2

    He simply hasn't said anything that has been truthful. Lobbyists, Earmarks, Transparency in government, Shovel ready jobs, on and on. and on. He said he and his team were ready and would hit the ground running after they swore him in on inauguration day. Seems like it was about 2 weeks later he was frantically back peddling and saying Bush left him with all these surprises. Took him Months to put a cabinet together – a cabinet full of crooks and incompetents btw. Jobs has been the #1 priority since he took office, but he spent months engrossed in shoving Health Care down our throats while the unemployment rate continues to climb and still is. Like I said, this is just off the top of my head. I'd just as soon forget all of this. I'm sure there are better things that could be occupying that memory space.

    Sarah and Trig? Heck I don't know. My impressions from the whole Sarah Palin subject are that:
    – they sent an army of investigators to Alaska and only came up with a DUI on her husband from before they were married.
    – they just had an army go through her emails and haven't turned up jack

    Why are they still attacking her ?
    Why do such a larger percentage of liberals believe she said things that only Tina Fey said on SNL ?
    Why did the media such as katie couric do such a hatchet jobs on her while shining obama's shoes through the whole campaign interview process ? I don't believe for a second Obama was ever asked a question he didn't know about in advance and rehearse the answer to.

    The contrasts are very strong to me. I don't understand why some other people can't see them. But oh well, it's a free country. I think.

    I'd say there isn't much wrong with Sarah Palin as a person or as a former Governor. Personally, I don't favor her for the White House. My pick for her would be RNC chair, or do what she's doing, or go into the Congress and help us there. Her best trait is she cares about America. I believe she is not smart enough to be in the White House, which is not to say she's stupid either.

    Finally, I'm not comparing him to anyone, I'm evaluating him as President and there is nothing to like here.

  24. @Trestin, yes, he really does, come to think of it. It's funny, but Biden's don't bother me as much. Again, I think it goes back to the koolaid-swilling Obots insisting that BO is some kind of intellectual giant, ignoring his numerous utterly stupid comments/statements/etc., and then piling on Sarah.

    @JACG, hee! Every time I see that I laugh and laugh. Remember, ridicule is the one thing that narcissists can't tolerate. And if anything deserves ridicule, it's that statement.

  25. 49erDweet: I have no issue with anyone taking good natured jabs at President Obama when he misspeaks. I’ve even heard some good teleprompter jokes. However, if you’re suggesting Fuzzy’s post is all in fun, it's you who's missing the point. I do a live radio show every week so I know how it’s not easy. In case you missed it, I said earlier that GWB's verbal gaffes didn't mean he was stupid. It's rather ironic because you guys complain about BDS on the left, yet many of you suffer from ODS. How are you any better?

    Kid: We'll have to agree to disagree on whether or not the president used teleprompters to speak to those students. As for him using one all the time, that's not true. Although there are times when he stammers when giving an answer during an interview, I've also seen him do just fine without a teleprompter. In my first comment here, I pointed out a time he didn't use one: when he took on the GOP by himself in the health care debate and destroyed them. Even members of the GOP admitted it was a mistake to allow cameras at the summit because they realized how foolish he made them look.

    Again, the teleprompter criticism is weak. I'm still waiting for someone here to explain how using a teleprompter when giving speeches is any worse than utilizing a handwritten copy. Although the release of Sarah Palin's emails didn't turn up anything on the level of a major scandal, one of the emails did reveal her heavy reliance on teleprompters. I asked people earlier in the thread and didn't get a response so I'll try again. How can you defend the revelation of Sarah Palin relying heavily on a teleprompter?

    This illustrates what I’ve believed for a long time: she is basically the political version of a Chatty Cathy doll. Pull her string and she spouts right-wing talking points. It also shows how silly she is to criticize President Obama for using one.

    In answer to your questions:

    Why are they still attacking her?

    She is a political figure so this makes her fair game for criticism. Some of it may be below the belt, but I think much of it is valid. Maybe if she didn't feel the need to comment on damn near everything, people would back off a bit.

    Why do such a larger percentage of liberals believe she said things that only Tina Fey said on SNL?

    I doubt it’s a larger percentage of liberals who think the Tina quote was said by Sarah. Anyone who does is misinformed and by the way, it’s not just liberals. One of Palin's zombie followers at one of her book signings said that Alaska was “right across the street from Russia.”

    Why did the media such as Katie Couric do such a hatchet jobs on her while shining obama's shoes through the whole campaign interview process?

    One problem I have with Sarah Palin and her supporters is their seeming inability to admit she makes mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault. If anything, Sarah took a hatchet to herself when she was interviewed by people like Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson. You could tell she was unprepared and that’s all on her. If we are to believe reports, she ignored the advice of the handlers on the McCain campaign and suffered as a result. There is no excuse for not answering a question regarding what magazines/newspapers you read to help keep you informed. Besides, I’ve even seen her miss badly on the softballs she gets tossed during her appearances on Fox!

    I don’t think Sarah Palin is stupid either. After all, she’s latched on to a good money-making formula (criticize the president/the so-called LSM at every turn, toss out tired phrases like “common sense solutions”, wash, rinse, repeat). However, she has shown time and again a severe lack of knowledge on numerous issues that someone in her position should either know or have an interest in learning.

  26. Malcolm: Well, teleprompters is a minor point when discussing the subject of this post of Fuzzy's.

    You know my feelings on Obama, no sense beating a dead horse. Let's see how the history books deal with the years 2009-2013..

  27. It's not only the mistakes, it's the heartless/uncaring statements Obama makes that really shines a light on his character and shows just how out of touch he is. Just the other day, talking about the stimulus, he said, “Well, the shovel-ready jobs weren't really all that shovel-ready.” It got a laugh. But as a taxpayer, I'm not laughing. And you can bet the 41 million Americans looking for a job didn't think it was too funny, either.

  28. Kid: Although Fuzzy didn't mention teleprompters in her post, she did seem fired up to add it to her list when Kerry brought it up in the first comment here. Fuzzy and you then brought up the teleprompters in the classroom story. When I counter that with the revelation Sarah Palin relied heavily on teleprompters, all I heard was crickets.

    One thing on which you and I do agree is that our debate in this thread has been exhausted.

  29. @freedombytheway, so true. He's beyond clueless and tone deaf. He just plain doesn't get it. Sneering at the American people and flippantly telling us we can just inflate our tires or go buy a new car/van/truck is so so out of touch and confused that it's beyond belief.

  30. @Malcolm- it's not the use of the teleprompter that bugs. It is just amazing how different (ahem, ineffective, rude and arrogant, at times) he communicates without it.

    Yes, they all use teleprompters but when you are a complete fumbling idiot without one and never with one, it makes a person like me wonder what else that teleprompter is lying about.

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