How’s That Hopeandchange Working Out For Ya?

h/t Legal Insurrection


11 thoughts on “How’s That Hopeandchange Working Out For Ya?

  1. Well done video, but it seem like it just scratches the surface. Or put another way, it's at the 10,000 foot level. Which is what most people will remember I guess.

    Like Jimmy Carter. And how the things he did have such great negative impact upon us today. Though that would have been hard to put in a video and wouldn't have belonged in this one anyway.

  2. Fuzzy,

    This is exactly what we need to pound home every single day until that S.O.B. is defeated in 2012!

    Lock & Load!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!

  3. Dudge OH said… How about the stupidity of his talking through the playing of “God Save The Queen” recently. Everyone knows you pay respect to other countries' National Anthem, (although, I must say, this is not just an Obama thing, but one seen at many sports events involving two (or more) countries' representative teams).

    Right you are. A few years ago it was a trend in Montreal to boo the American anthem. When the series returned to Boston the fans rose to the occasion in response. One of the greatest mass PWN'ages evah! LOL!

    A collective (God I hate that word) PWN'age!

    For additional LUL's

  4. Did your hear O-loser today in his speech acting like the juvenile that he is?
    That Hopey changey thing is working real well with our latest freshman class of Flash Mobs around the country.
    I guess Michelle is still the only one who is proud of her country for the first time.

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