President Petulant’s "Plan"

So Team BO lays a careful trap for the GOP: offer up another stimulus (calling it something else, of course), urging them to pass it (even before it actually exists), calling on the American people to . . . well, who cares, that part was never going to work with the president’s numbers so low (hint: if you have to beg people to mobilize, you’ve got a serious problem), and backing the GOP into what should have been an impossible corner.  Pass the bill or give BO something to run on next year (the usual: GOP are obstructionists who hate BO because he’s black and probably America and certainly all minorities and definitely grandma).

The hole in the plan (big enough to drive a campaign tour bus through) was lining up speeches in GOP leaders’ states before even releasing said “plan.”  The hope, it seems, was that the GOP would immediately bristle, refuse to pass the (nonexistent) bill, and BO and his puppet masters would be able to gain some ground (note that the states are battleground states, as well as conveniently leadership states) by berating the GOP for not going along with this incredible, urgent plan.  “Look, I tried,” would be the new campaign slogan (a bit less-motivational than “yes, we can,” but all they could hope for, given the change they’ve inflicted upon this nation.).

A couple things wrong with this scheme: 

1.  There was no plan, and even today, there is no complete plan (the pay-fors are apparently being dribbled out next week sometime).  When Speaker Boehner asked for the plan, when even MSNBC was wondering where the plan was, BO looked like a political hack, a poser, and an idiot (“pass this plan” that doesn’t exist? really?).  Those pay-fors? Something along the lines of that healthcare monstrosity not adding one dime to the deficit or debt, of course.  But didn’t BO come back later and scoff at the idea that we could cover X million more people for free? (can’t find that quickly, but if you have the link, let me know, and I’ll add it);

2. The GOP knew the president’s schedule and said they’d be happy to work with him, blah blah blah, thus defusing the intended impact of the prepared speeches, you can almost hear President Petulant skip parts of a prepared speech that talks about how awful Congressional Republicans are for not doing what he demands.  He almost seems sad to admit that yes, the GOP has said it would consider his “plan”;

3.  The American people just aren’t buying it.  They’re asking, quite rightly, what took so long?  The economy, by the administration’s own calculations (and constant whining/finger pointing/buck passing), has been in peril since before the president took office.  That was in January, 2009.  It’s now September, 2011.  This is the fifth (or so) “pivot” to jobs, but now, only now, “the American people can’t wait”?  As usual, this president and his handlers underestimate the American people.  We can do simple math; we’ve seen the failure of the first stimulus, we know from experience that this president doesn’t give a damn about the people or about the economy.

So the GOP is being cagey about the president’s recycled stimulus “plan” because they are not going to give him anything to attack them about on his little campaign stops in their states.  Good move.

So now we learn that it’s all or nothing.  As usual.  There is no room for the House or the Senate to make any amendments to the “plan.”  “Compromise” means doing exactly what this failed president wants them to do.  Sound familiar?  Last time he did that we got that healthcare monstrosity crammed down our throats, and dems lost a Senate seat in Massachusetts (give everyone healthcare Ted Kennedy’s seat, no less) and they were completely “shellacked” in the 2010 midterms. 

I’m more cynical than Republican leaders because I rather like Krauthammer’s suggestion (made last night on Bret Baier’s show, again, no link, but I’ll post it if you find it): pass it, let BO twist on it, and recapture the WH (and the Senate) in 2012.  Cynical, he calls it.  Bret’s shocked, the horror of allowing clearly-flawed policies to pass, despite harm to the economy is just too much for him.  I get that. But the House, alone, cannot do much more than stave off the economic catastrophe this admin seems intent on promoting, and everything they do to try to hold back the horrors this admin is unleashing at record speed is simply dismissed.  So why not let BO have his full-steam go at it?  Let America see exactly what the horror in the WH is?  Sure, okay, it’s not a good idea.  But I still like it in a detached intellectual kind of way.  Maybe that’s what this nation needs to finally wake up?  Let BO do his commie thing, give him the whole shebang.  It will fail.  Of course.  But maybe it’s time for us to get it together in 2012 and vote him into the dustbin of history.  Where he belongs.




5 thoughts on “President Petulant’s "Plan"

  1. Yeah, I am hoping that Krauthammer expends on this at a dinner I am attending on Thursday night. I am looking forward to hearing him speak in person.

    You are correct,in a detached sort of way we are better off letting him go full steam ahead. It will kill the far left chances of getting a national office for a long time to come. Sure, dems will sooner, but another far left nut will have a much harder time.

  2. Just like all the other money, this is nothing more than a giveaway to the union people.
    He did put some tax cuts in there to both:
    -bribe the repubs
    -enrich his position later in saying they won't even work with me with tax cuts!
    Tthe truth is that businesses are not hiring because of:
    1.) oblabbercare
    2.) uncertainty of tax liability far enough into the future 2-5 years out and endless regulations. In short Uncertainty.

    Businesses don't what to hire then fire a year later. It costs money to do that – bennies, unemployment payments etc.
    The CEO's are on record in the news media saying this, I didn't make it up.
    The entire “plan” has already been torn to shreds even by some dem favorable media. “Won't create jobs for at least two years and it is Not paid for”
    The level of pathetic-ness is stunning.

    Stunning. And as kind of a PC to my last comment on your last post, the more oblabber screws up the more the left likes him and supports him. He has done none of his campaign agenda outside of oblabbercare and they still hang with him like pied pipers. This is not a healthy society and it won't end well.

  3. i am amazed that there are still people who think bo is the greatest president EVAR! no matter how far down the crap-hole the economy goes. that kool-ade must really be strong stuff.

  4. Louis Gomert from Long Island–Hannity's district was the (defeated) Congressman. He revealed how the PLAN has a provision creating an Obama staffed Broadband Safety Division to impose FAIRNESS on the internet…scarrry? More bureaucrats…all over this bill.
    Great analysis Fuzzy.

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