"He’s a sot and she’s a shrew": Disfunction in DC Dribbles Down

I’ve been having so much fun with the #attackwatch game on Twitter; maybe there’s something to that whole “truth to power” thing?  Naw, just kidding!  But it’s been fun, and in order to come up with snarky “reports,” I had to revisit a bunch of BO buffoonery and read some progressive troll nonsense.

The few intrepid commies who ventured into the game were mostly the usual progressives (talking points, twisted logic, and ad hominem attacks).  This one guy (or maybe girl, who can tell on Twitter?), and I’m not making this up–heck, you can’t make this stuff up, tweeted something about we TEA Party Hobbits being hillbillies.  So I helpfully sent him (or maybe her, who can tell with lefties?) a link to the demographic study that showed TEA Partiers are better educated, etc. than other demos.  So he (or maybe she) shoots back that we’re all rich and protecting our massive wealth.  Good grief.  You can imagine me giggling in amazement at the failure of logic in that little exchange.

Anyway, one or two of the lefties who were trying to ruin our fun made a couple of points that gave me pause.  There IS something wrong with a tax system that allows GE to make $14.2 billion and pay zero taxes.  Now, sure, the commie who posted the point didn’t use GE, that’s the sacred cow of “greedy, evil corporations” because it’s headed up by one of BO’s buddies (or something, who knows how they think, strange and illogical people).  But we all were ticked off about that.  And what’s wrong with closing “loopholes” that are more like enormous gaping cavernous openings for only corporations and people who are well-connected?  And what’s wrong with ending all these wasteful, useless, and often just plain stupid government subsidies?  What’s wrong with getting rid of deductions and lowering the tax rate, making it more fair to everyone?  Flatten the rate and broaden the base.  We pay less, keep more, and the government still gets its money.  Sounds like a good thing to me.

But I resisted these thoughts.  Simply because “they” were making the statements.  And then I remembered my deep frustration when confronted with the absolute craziness of progressives over at Firedoglake regarding the TSA gate rapes and sexual molestations of children, nuns, cancer survivors, and mentally-challenged people.  They started out just as outraged as we were.  Just as.  Then word seemed to seep over there that we, evil TEA party “terrorists” that we are, felt the same way.  Comments started flying that they wouldn’t say any more, no matter how wrong it was, simply because WE thought it was wrong.  I was seriously aggravated by that.  What about the having morals and taking a stand thing they claim to embrace? Oh, only when it’s against us.  It’s the against us thing that matters, not the base issue, not finding a solution, not seeking to have a wrong righted.  Simply spite.

Coming to that realization, I didn’t want to be that person.  I didn’t want to be like them, so I just let myself agree that yes, there are many things that we do agree with the far left loons about.  We may have different reasons for coming to the same conclusion, but the conclusion, nonetheless, is the same.  What if lefties suddenly, by some inconceivable miracle, started talking about the need to put God back in our schools or started pushing to have Christmas recognized right out in the open, in the public square?  Would we say “No” just because it came from them?  Of course not. 

Earlier tonight, this point was rammed home when I caught the last hour or so of some symposium on CPAN that featured former senators Trent Lott (R-MS) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND).  It was some kind of bipartisan Q & A with a bunch of college kids from all over the country and the world.  Lott was articulate and knowledgeable, and I can see why Dorgan quit (he seems to actually like America and want what’s best for her, so obviously he didn’t fit in with the current admin).  

One of the students asked them what they thought about the political climate in DC and if anything could be achieved (or something, I honestly don’t recall the question).  Lott (who really was given a raw deal, as we all know) said something forgettable, but Dorgan, talking about the rhetoric and inaction on both sides that is harming our nation, quoted an Ogden Nash verse:


He drinks because she scolds, he thinks;
She thinks she scolds because he drinks;
And neither will admit what's true,
That he's a sot and she's a shrew.

Now I’m not sure which party is the drunk and who the shrew in this analogy, but the point is a good one.  Both parties are griping and demagoguing and pointing figures and blaming without taking a good hard look at themselves.  And the sad truth is that this is pretty much exactly what is happening not only in party leadership and rank and file, but right down to the people of this country.

Why the hell are we (well, some of us, not me) defending freaking ethanol subsidies? Or screaming about some corporate jet tax?  Or defending an existing tax system that we all know is not only unfair but downright stupid?  We need tax reform.  Both sides actually agree on this.  I’m sick to death of all the hypocrisy and craziness, of compromising our principles just because some idea we’d otherwise agree with came from “them.”

Think about it.  How outrageous is it that Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver said that if Clinton or anyone but BO were in the White House right now, they’d be marching on it to protest the horrific unemployment rate among black people in this country?  Pretty. Damn. Outrageous.  But indicative of exactly what has happened, sharpened under BO’s “rule”: principles go out the window in favor of politics.  I’m done with being a part of that.  If I agree with something some wackadoo leftie says, then I agree with it.  End of story.  I definitely won’t agree with their twisted “logic” or commie utopian vision, but cutting wasteful, useless subsidies and closing tax loopholes is needed.  They’re right about that.  Just as we are when we say it.

Now, there are some truly offensive and horrific things in BO’s ridiculous bill (not the least of which is attacking charities.  Until the tax code is overhauled and the economy improves, charities are the last things we should be kicking in the teeth), so I’m definitely not saying we need to jump on the crazy train.

I am saying that it would be a good idea if we, the people, stopped letting the drunks and shrews on both sides of the aisle screw up our country. 



8 thoughts on “"He’s a sot and she’s a shrew": Disfunction in DC Dribbles Down

  1. Spot-on. But I think (and I admit I could be wrong here) that the problem is less our side than theirs. The examples you cite are ….as I write this, I begin to think that I am wrong here. In my own experience, I have disagreed with Progs just to disagree…..just so they couldn't “win”.

    Gotta start someplace.

  2. The partisanship is based on two very different views of where the nation should be. On the Left people think government should do more, and hence needs to be bigger. They resist any attempts to cut spending, and as a result want to raise taxes to close the deficit. On the Right people think government is already much too big and intrusive, and they want to cut the size of government and hence spending. To increase taxes seems to them to be undesirable because it would help lock-in spending that they believe is already too high. It is these fundamentally different views of where we should be that make compromise so difficult in Washington. What should be avoided is straw-man arguments–and I think the Left is more guilty here. They rarely seem to acknowledge that a case can be made that the government is too big, so they too often argue that disagreements are due to the malice (racism, sexism, greed, etc.) of those who oppose them.

  3. great post, fuzzy! and i couldn't agree more that with some arguments, it's better if we stop and look at them before disagreeing with the left just to disagree with them. there is way too much crony capitalism and pork barrel spending on both sides of the aisle.

    have you had a chance to read up on the fair tax yet? i still recommend neal boortz's books on that.

  4. You said, “I am saying that it would be a good idea if we, the people, stopped letting the drunks and shrews on both sides of the aisle screw up our country.” Agreed.

    Want to “do something” about it?

    Go here: http://www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.com and http://precinctproject.us.

    Then “do something.” Unite. In a political party. With other conservatives where you live. Don't wait for the Party to find you. They aren't looking for you. They “powers that be” inside the Party don't want you. You'll have to assert yourself.

    Half the precinct-level, voting member slots of the Republican Party are, on average, vacant in every locale.

    For Liberty,
    Cold Warrior

  5. @Deekaman, I think we all have done that, and when I do it, I find myself slipping into the same desperate rhetorical strategies (attack and / or change the subject) that lefties do. We're better than that.

    @nohype, These are the supposed ideological differences, but for many GOP, it's all been talk, what they've done is the opposite. The GOP has been just as culpable in growing government and the nanny state as dems. That hasn't changed, yet, not really. We still have a LOT of congresscritters to vote out over the next few election cycles. I'm not interested in who's more guilty, only in not being reduced to the thing/s that I despise. 😉

    @Kerry, thanks! 🙂 Not yet, but from what I've seen, that's not very likely. There may be major tax reform, but it will be done inefficiently and stupidly (how surprised are you by that? 🙂 ). If we can start getting more fiscal cons in Congress, even in the WH, we may have a shot at something that significant. We can hope.

    @Cold Warrier, we are uniting and working together, that's so important!

    @DS, aw, your mind is a think of snarky beauty! Wish you'd play #attackwatch (I'm running out of new material, so just email me some, and I'll use 'em, or post them here for me?)

    @Trestin, lol, I can't even imagine what they're saying. I haven't been to the site, but if you go there, let me know if they come up with a new hashtag for Twitter. 😉

    @Odie, hear, hear!

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