Fuzzy’s Review: GBTV

Okay, so our good friend and fellow patriot Trestin posted about GBTV.  Watching the vid clips at his place, I was stuck by a weird realization that I miss Beck’s show.  As readers of this blog know, I think that Beck is sometimes waaaay over the top.  What you may not know is that I often wonder if he believes what he says (I’m still not sure); this is based mainly in an episode he did on FEMA camps in which he said something along the lines of “if I believed all this stuff, I’d . . . “. Well, since then, Beck’s sold his house in NY and bought one in Texas.  He’s left Fox (probably due in no small part to Spooky Dude).  He’s gone to Israel to show solidarity with Israel.  He’s set up GBTV.  Maybe he believes this stuff now.  The move to Texas is . . . interesting. 

There is something disconcerting about Beck’s constant “if I were president” musings, something a little off about how he’d be willing, kicking and screaming, to be president . . . if only the people would “force” him to run.  It’s fantasy land stuff, out there in lala land stuff. It smacks of self-promotion (well, okay, it REEKS of it).  And I distrust it.  A great deal.

But–and you knew there’d be a “but,” right?–Beck does have something.  I hate the crying jags, don’t believe them, totally distrust them.  But he’s been right about a lot of things (not the least of which is his insistence that there’d be riots in Europe and Arab Spring-like uprisings in the Middle East; both of which earned him a great deal of scorn and derision . . . but he was right, it happened, it’s happening), and he’s saying things that no one else will say.  He covers not only America’s lost history but the current admin; he points out how radicals and commies are in the WH; he urges viewers to do their own research (I’m a huge fan of that).  He was the one who broke the Van Jones story; without him, we’d not know about Spooky Dude at all (despite it being a main part of David Horowitz’s very important Discover the Networks.).  What Beck’s said has gotten under the skin of the WH and of Spooky Dude, so much so that they’ve actively sought to destroy him, discredit, and silence him (Alinsky anyone?).  That tells me that Beck’s on to something, that what he’s saying must hit a nerve.  And we all know that nerves that don’t exist can’t be hit.

So there’s good and bad to Glenn Beck (just like all of us, I guess).  I’m not sure how sincere he is or even what his agenda is, but I’m willing to listen to him.  Heck, apart from the weird weeping and the “gee, if I were president” stuff, I like him.  There’s something disingenuous about him, sure, but there’s also something to be said for the things he talks about, the things he reveals.  As I type this, I realize that I’m really completely ambivalent about Beck: I don’t believe every word he says, I often think he’s a weird clown showman, but at the same time, he’s doing important work in America, whatever his motivation, he’s uncovering stuff, bringing stuff to light, that we simply wouldn’t know, and he’s bringing Americans together, uniting people across the country around American values.  That’s pretty special and very important.

And GBTV is his new outlet for that.  Before this was The Blaze (not really a top-tier conservative site like Michelle Malkin, Human EventsAmerican Thinker, or the Big sites, but not as crappy as The Daily Caller–no link to crappy site here), and then Beck got pushed off Fox (he claims it was mutual, etc., but it was all too weird and sudden for it to have been his own, or even Fox’s own, idea).  So then the GBTV buzz started.  I wasn’t keen on it.  At all.  It’s a pay subscription site, so that was a huge turn-off, and it wasn’t clear what Beck would be doing.

It turns out that GBTV is actually worth the $4.95/mo (I’m not doing the VIP/special/whatever thing).  His show is still on at 5 p.m. but now it’s two hours.  And it’s Glenn unplugged.  He’s not holding back, and he’s not “beeping” offensive, leftist language. He’s still affable and amusing, and he’s still offering hard-hitting pieces on this admin, making connections to the radicals who are now “running the show” in America to the last time they were relevant in the 1960’s. He reminds us, strongly, that we are Americans, that God matters, that who we are as a people matters.  

Beck’s a nutter, we may say (and/or think), but the fact is that he makes excellent points, and he’s on to this admin and its radical agenda.  It’s not loopy, loony-tune stuff like we once wanted to believe; it’s not tin-foil hat time.  We know this because we know what has happened, we know about Fast & Furious and LightSquared, we know about the various agencies in the executive branch imposing regulations (because laws couldn’t be passed in Congress), we know about the long list of nefarious schemes, pay-to-play, and general thuggery of this admin.  And we know it, not because of Beck, but almost in spite of him.  But he said it all first; he told us that this was happening, but we either didn’t want to know or couldn’t process it.  But he was right.  The facts are what they are.  That’s why he’s important, why his voice matters, and why we should listen.  Not mindlessly absorb, not swill the Beck koolaid, but actually listen, weigh, research, and consider his viewpoint.

There’s a nice news segment on Beck’s program; I like it, the anchor is gorgeous and the news is the stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.  I really don’t have much to say about this aspect of the show, it is what it is.

The show is “underwritten” (“advertise” is not used, probably some legal thing) by a variety of companies or organizations. Tax stuff, Freedomworks, some food thingy.  I’m not an alarmist, but the food thingy makes sense.  Heck, we should have emergency supplies, including food storage, for natural disasters (Tropical storm Irene just hit us, and many in my area were without power for days, some for a week and more, having batteries, food, etc. is just common sense).  He “sells” the underwriters’ products and services in the old-fashioned way that advertisers were once peddled, he personally speaks about them.  It’s kind of nice in a nostalgic kind of way. 

And then there’s this weird Brian Sack person who is trying to be funny.  It’s a segment called “B. S. of A.”  Yep, sounds just like something BO’s bestest rev. for 20 years might say.  Not good.  The guy himself seems . . . well, okay.  There’s something mildly charming about him, but there’s also an unpleasant undercurrent in his “jokes.”  Something that just rubs me the wrong way.  Glenn said that he sees and wants to use this Brian Sack person to not only compete with but “destroy” Jon Stewart.  Um.  No.  This guy won’t do it. 

The one and only conservative who could possibly take on Jon Stewart is Greg Gutfield.  There is no one else I’ve seen, and especially not this Sack person, who is clever, charming, cute, self-effacing, intellectual (and anti-intellectual) enough to hold a candle to Stewart.  Gutfeld has that thing, that comedy gold thing, that “it” factor that Stewart has.  He just has it; you can’t buy it, you can’t force it, you can only have it.  And Gutfeld has it.  If Beck wants to challenge and/or replace Jon Stewart, the only way to go is Greg Gutfeld.  Period.

One of the things that lends credibility to GBTV is not a thing, but a person.  S. E. Cupp has joined the team, and she’s working with college students (conservative, of course) across the country.  This is excellent.  I like and respect S. E., so she does add that certain something to GBTV.

Bottom line: if you watched Beck on Fox and even if you didn’t, GBTV is well worth the five bucks a month.  If you can’t afford the $5, don’t despair, much of the material is covered on the Blaze and will find its way into the conservative blogosphere.




11 thoughts on “Fuzzy’s Review: GBTV

  1. Beck has proven to be most correct in his “predictions”…
    he was preaching gold WAAYYY before gold hit what it is today.
    He preached food storage and sky rocket inflation at the grocery stores- He was right on Van Jones, Sorros, Israel and our current administration, and all that you mentioned.
    I get his humor…his nick names rock! (spooky dude) And I feel the crying is, in fact, sincere. I don't think that he particularly likes that he's that emotional. I know, personally people like that. They don't like that they cant keep that crying emotion under check. Based on the things that make him most emotional, I feel it is sincere.
    The “if I were president” musings are simply in response to the constant “What would YOU do” rhetoric out there. He's telling you, me, them what he would do.
    Beck is the only dude I know of that says, here's the info I have…now go think for yourself; go check it out for yourself.

    There's my more than 2 cents on Beck and his TV.
    Glad you liked his program too.
    Yeah, it's worth the $5.

  2. @Chris, try it out, the show is just as polished as the Fox version. There are some hiccups, but they'll be worked out.

    @Peddling, Beck's record in predicting what is happening, will happen, is pretty much a given. He got it all right. The crying makes me uncomfortable, I don't buy it, but that's a small point, I think. Beck's “if I were president” stuff is pretty clearly linked to his talks about how Washington didn't want the office, but was pressured. Beck does think a great deal of himself, sees himself as sort of a hybrid Washington-MLK-Jesus figure. It's good to note that (and reject it). We can do that and still see the value in Beck's new show. It's definitely worth the five bucks. His import is in what he reveals about this admin, when that stops, I cancel my sub.

  3. We signed up for the 14 day free trial and we are going to keep it. What's really good is that you don't have to tune in at 5PM. You can watch the show on demand when it's convenient for you. There's also a section that has videos of the highlights. I think there will be 30 days worth of past shows available in case you miss a show.
    I've liked Beck all along and have been to a few of his events. There's no denying that he's been right on the money with things. Too bad he has been discounted by the media. They would have been smart if they picked up on his predictions instead of demonizing him.

  4. Thanks for this. I've always considered him … well, a little too much of a drama queen for my taste. The crying, mainly. (I mean, really?!)We have a roku and I'm intrigued. My parents got one *just* to subscribe because they missed the show so much. I was a little shocked. I'm more of a Rush girl. That said, I might try a month now.

  5. I found it hard to watch the last year or so of Beck's show on Fox. It just became too depressing. Not to say that he wasn't right on a lot of things. It just got to be hard to watch. However, he seems to annoy the right people, which is a big plus. I'm really interested in his new venture as I think “Internet TV” is the wave of the future. Getting shows on demand, as opposed to paying a big cable bill for content you don't watch, makes a lot of sense to me. I think Glen's on the cutting edge of this.

  6. @TCL, I forgot to mention that you can watch the shows anytime, but that's definitely a plus. Especially with the new two-hour format running into Bret Baier's show (I love that show, especially when he has CK on).

    @pjmom, yeah, me, too. And there's something sort of cynical about him, too, I don't buy it hook, line, and sinker, but he does uncover important things and make interesting, useful connections.

    @Odie, I hear ya! 🙂

    @DN, yes, I know what you mean. I find it depressing, too, even disheartening. But we have to know what's going on and can't look the other way, no matter how much we want to, how much our basic instinct is to pretend all is well. We know, from history, where that leads. Every single time. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men (and women!) to do nothing. I refuse to do nothing.

    We'll have to see what happens with the FCC. They are intent on controlling internet content and access, deciding what we can and what we can't see. This is straight out of Copp's mouth. If BO wins in 2012, no one on the right will be on the internet, including Beck and likely bloggers right down to nobodies like me. We're looking at a Chinese-style censorship, of that I am convinced.

  7. There are many things that Beck is not honest about, and that I know for a fact. My sources are solid on this, his line that he didn't know the date of the MLK speech for his rally last summer is a flat out lie.

    You are correct to distrust. He also really upset me when he made such a big deal about the congressman not being able to take that all expense paid trip to Israel for his rally. Telling his audience that they were simply a charity is flat out lie. Sadly, many didn't bother to even go on the webpage of that organization, it says that their purpose is to influence government officials. Charity, indeed.

  8. Beck has a record of being right
    His platform in GBTV is the way programs will be delivered in the future.
    That means another nail in the drive-by media coffin
    His Mormon beliefs should be remembered,especially on the subject of Israel
    Definately worth 5 or 10 bucks a month

  9. @JACG, I didn't hear about his supposedly not knowing about the date, but yes, I find it pretty hard to believe he wouldn't know what it was. Heck, I thought that was the point. Didn't see the bit about the just a charity thing, either, but yeah, I wouldn't believe it if I'd heard it. He's obviously got an agenda. I'm still not sure what it is, but he has one.

    @Charles, I'm not sure what you mean about Beck's Mormon beliefs having anything to do with Israel. Clarify?

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