Fuzzy Rant: GOP Debate

“We’re screwed.”  That’s what I kept thinking as I watched tonight’s GOP debate.  We’re screwed. Over and over this repeated in my mind.  And no one’s even kissing us first.

The so-called (I miss Candle!) frontrunners are absolutely loathsome little nasties who are big government, nanny state progressives.  I’m steaming mad about Rick Perry’s “if you don’t want illegal immigrants to go to college on the tax payer’s dime, you have no heart” baloney.  Emotional blackmail is ridiculous and stupid and grasping.  It’s also the leftists’ favorite weapon.  If you think that Perry is a conservative, I’m here to tell you that he’s not.  Ditto Romney.

Romney and Perry are ridiculous caricatures of politicians: the good hair, the smarmy “charm,” the “sincere” smile, the phony affability, the slick and practiced responses . . . they both make me sick.  To my stomach sick, sick for my country sick.  We can rationalize all we want, but they are both cut of the same cloth as BO.  They may not hate America, but they are, at heart and root, convinced that government is the answer to everything.  Every human ill, injustice, and inequity, they believe, as does BO, can be “fixed” by government, particularly by a government “with a heart.”

My butt.

And my but:

The government of the United States of America was never intended to right wrongs, to equalize (and by necessity quash and punish success), to intrude into people’s lives.  That was not the goal, nor the purpose.  Yet all of a sudden here we are in 2011 listening to people who aspire to be the president of this country accusing us of having no heart because we don’t want our tax dollars going to educate criminals.

Sorry, I’ve spent the last three years hearing what a horrible human being I am, how illiterate, stupid, bitter, and unpatriotic I am from the current president.  Do you really think I want to hear that from the next one?   

When we aren’t being insulted, we’re being ignored and belittled.  We don’t and can’t possibly understand social security; we don’t and can’t possibly understand foreign affairs; we don’t and can’t possibly understand the fine intricacies of signing an executive order “for our own good.”  Oh, really?

Sorry, I’ve spent the last three years being lectured to by a half-rate failed lecturer about what is good for me, what I should believe, how I’m not a patriot or good Christian if I don’t gobble up crazed, failed Marxist-fascist-socialist-commie crap.  And about how BO and his traitorous horde know what is best for me.  Do you really think I need some cardboard cutout, faux person dictating the same things to me?  Condescending to me?  Insulting me? 

Presidents aren’t kings, they aren’t anointed, and they damn sure don’t know what I need or want.  The “top tier” of the GOP field is a horror show of mini-BO’s, self-important, over-inflated political hacks who want one thing and one thing only: power.  Their own.  Oh, and lots of money.

I’m just sick of it.  Truly, deeply sick of it.  Obama, Perry, Romney . . . one and the same.  Doubt it?  Listen to them again.  Who has the answers?  What’s best for you?  Don’t worry, the all-knowing “rulers” have the answers, and those answers are, for each of them, in big government.  And that’s not even touching their crony capitalism and disgusting pay-to-play propensities.

The GOP field is absolutely appalling.  If this is all we have, we’re well and truly screwed.

Rant over.


8 thoughts on “Fuzzy Rant: GOP Debate

  1. I was damned near standing on my chair & cheering as I read this post, Fuzz! But I don't think the whole field is appalling, just the so called 'front runners'. I like Rick Santorum, and he did very well. Herman Cain did well, even Newt had me saying “hell yeah” more than once at the TV! But you are 100% right about Romnerry (or Perrmney), they suck, and I have a sick feeling in the pit of my belly that the MSM and RINO machine RNC are going to cram a Romney/Perry GOP ticket down our throats. It remains ti be seen if we're going to let them.

  2. GO FUZZY! I agree completely with you. They're playing to the group of undecided middle of the roaders that have NO ideals. Just once I would like to see a politician think right and stay right.

    If we're not careful, a bunch of jelly filled middle of the roaders are going to pick our candidate like last time. Please not another McCain.

    The American spirit has nothing to do with “Handouts”, let alone “Handouts” for illegals.

  3. You're definitely reading it right.
    We are screwed.

    The independents are the battle ground for debates and campaigns, which I affectionately refer to as the seduction of the idiots.

    With so many of them afraid of 'radicals' such as M Bachmann, or simply believing that this or that person isn't electable because they don't appear to be middle of the road, they sit with their panties in a knot believing that whatever happens “We must elect someone who can beat obama” and they STILL let the media tell them who that is.

    I'd rather have a railroad spike driven in my head than vote for romney even if it is voting against oblabber. But here is the kicker. I'll gladly vote for romney against the hildebeast. There is no way in hell I want that vermin in my face, on the radio, in the 'news' for 4 freakin years.

    Just thought I'd toss that in.

    Back to the pint tho, it is Proven that pastel middle of the road whores like romney Don't win elections. It is why Mclame didn't win. he did not motivate the right to even get off the couch and vote.

    If it's anyone other than Bachmann running against oblabber, I'm writing in Bachmann. If it's anyone running against hilrod, I vote for anyone.

  4. Well, first and foremost we must defeat Obama. I know none of the candidates is perfect, but Romney is electable. Perry completely lost me. I don't think he understands what it takes to run for president. The others unfortunately don't have the stature.

  5. @Zilla, I agree, I was railing against the (supposed, anointed) frontrunners.

    @Odie, I agree. I started out thinking more in 2008 terms of “electability,” but this is the year, if ever there was one, to go with principle over “party.”

    @Kid, my last choice is Romney, he's BO in most ways (excepting the victimhood status the leader of the free world and most powerful nation on earth claims he has). 😉 Bachmann is done, Sweetie, done. If you write anyone in let it be the only true conservative I've seen yet: Jim DeMint.

    @Manny, defeating BO is the only goal. Perry is done, he just won't know it for a bit.

    @Hack, I like Santorum, too, but he's just not going to break. Seems weird, but he's just not hitting “it.”

    @dcb, we have to win in 2012, that said, we need, too, to focus on local and state elections. Therein lies a great deal of power.

  6. You could be right Sweetie! ha

    Michele needs to put a lot more meat in her debate performances or she is not going to be seen as having the metal.

    Jim DeMint is fine by me if I'm writing someone in.

    But I'm serious folks – vote a strong conservative in the primary or I'll do my part to see you end up with obama again. If you're voting for romney because he's got presidential hair and you think the mindless undecided will get behind him, you deserve obama again.

    And in recent news, Christie.. I didn't say it first, but sure agree that I don't want someone who has to be begged tin to the job, and I don't see him as conservative anyway. Speaking of which, what the hell is wrong with Ann Coulter. Practically crying over Christie and romney as 2nd choice.
    I don't find many of the perceived conservative talking heads very helpful lately.

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