If This Is the GOP Field, Herman Cain is My Pick

Okay, so that’s not a ringing endorsement, but it’s the best I can manage right now (yes, I’m still wishing that Paul Ryan would run, what can I say?).  Now, my pick is not the conventional candidate, but aside from a couple of silly comments/poor question-answering (on the Right of Return and on the Second Amendment actually being a states’ rights issue), he’s been really solid and is getting better in every debate, every day.

Cain’s recent landslide in the Florida straw poll shows that there is a real hunger for a conservative candidate in this race (everyone’s saying that, but I think it’s truer, deeper, and far more significant than “everyone” thinks), but more than that, the reaction from both Fox News and the alphabet propagandist media has, frankly, ticked me off.  How dare they–how. dare. they–dismiss not only Mr. Cain but the entire Florida straw poll voter base?  If I hear one more talking head blather on about how this is about Romney or that other total loser Perry, my head will explode.  If it were merely a comment on the big government, status quo phonies, then why Mr. Cain and not Mr. Santorum?  (we know why not Mrs. Bachmann, she’s done)  Santorum is, arguably, a more conventional pol in terms of electability, so why did the Florida straw poll voters overwhelmingly (and it was a huge victory, he got more than twice the votes of the distant second, Rick I’m Doing Everything for the Greater Good Perry, and pathetic third, Mittens I’m a great big progressive phony Romney) select Mr. Cain?

Cain is a business leader, he’s disgusted (as disgusted as we are) with this administration, he’s got ideas for turning the economy around, he will lead the repeal of the ObamaCare monstrosity (don’t believe for a second that an executive order can “repeal” any or all of it, that’s not how laws are made–or unmade), he has a good head on his shoulders, he’s lived the American Dream, and the man loves this country.  No doubt about that, none at all.  None of the above can be said about the which way’s the wind blowing duo who are supposedly “frontrunners.”  Mittens Smarmy Liar McRomney and Rick If You Don’t Agree With Me, I’ll Insult You Perry may love America, but I don’t think, for one second, that they would be capable of putting America first.  They’re about them, their power, their superiority, them and their cronies.  We have that now.

Now, it has to be said that Cain is not the best speaker, and that he sometimes loses his train of thought, but good grief, did you see that horror show “attack” on Mittens I Love Government Mandates Romney by Rick Parents Are Stupid Perry gave?  Shudder.  Have you heard BO’s bizarre, grasping, hate-filled rants of late?  I think the guy’s unhinged and would probably benefit from a nice stay at a quiet “recovery” center for the emotionally- and psychologically-unstable.  Cain, by comparison, is a rhetorical magician.  And he’s getting better, less hesitant (and thank God he doesn’t ramble around and erm, duh for ages or insult and attack the American people), more confident.

As we all know, the only way that BO will win next year is if he convinces enough of the American people that everyone (except them) is a RAAAAAACIST who hates Americans and wants everyone to be poor and oppressed (which is actually his own agenda, anyway).  And his useful idiots are stampeding to his “cynical political ploy” that calls for racial and class division.  The once-lofty, “there are no red states, there are no blue states, only the United States of America” rhetoric is now, whiny-pants desperation:  If you love me, you’ll hate the racists who hate me, you’ll hate the near-majority of Americans who don’t believe in the Goracle’s AGW claims, you’ll hate Americans who succeed in the free market, you’ll hate the Jews, er janitors, and you’ll take off your slippers and stop whining.  Wow.  That’s some shift, huh?  And the numbers show that Americans see it.  And reject it, along with BO’s failed presidency. Personally, I hope he keeps raging around America, screaming about how everyone (except him) sucks, and how he pretty much hates us all.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Mr. Cain’s love for America and the America people, his desire to get us back on the path to prosperity and excellence is a welcome, and I mean really really welcome, change.  Cain will not only appeal strongly to the conservative base, especially the TEA Party, but his American success story, strong religious beliefs, and desire to ensure equality for all will appeal to a lot of minorities who are, understandably, miffed that their ’08 pick has done nothing to help this country and everything to destroy it, including their own circumstances.  If you aren’t too sure about that “999” plan of his, please visit our fellow patriot, the tireless defender of liberty Nice Deb and read up on it, watch the video.

So what will the demoncrats do to undermine Herman Cain?  Well, they’re already doing the “oreo” thing, insisting that he’s some kind of brain-washed, “lawn jockey” puppet of the Koch brothers (no links to lunatic fringe leftists).  Or something.  But the best thing to do is stamp that race card “expired” and ignore it.  We know, as do the dem strategists, that the TEA Party is not racist, and should care less about the mindless minions who blindly believe whatever political ploy they’re fed.  The only other thing they may use is Cain’s obvious understanding of the threat of radical Islam.  Again, best to ignore that crap, too.  All in all, there’s not much they can say.  He’s not got any political experience, but then, neither did BO, at least not to speak of.  No foreign policy experience?  My God, anyone would do better than BO.  In case no one’s noticed, the entire world is on the brink of another world war, and we can thank BO’s utter incompetence and half-baked, naive ideology for that.

Of the people running, I think Herman Cain has the best chance not only of beating BO, our first objective, but of actually doing something to turn this nightmare around.  Slap Marco Rubio in the VP slot, and it’s a done deal. 




22 thoughts on “If This Is the GOP Field, Herman Cain is My Pick

  1. Great post and I couldn't agree more. My first choice also was Paul Ryan. I think he would be absolutely perfect. But Cain has potential, and is the best we've got so far. Your VP choice of Rubio would be a dream come true. If only we could fast forward a year from now…

  2. I started off as a huge Cainiac, (why? His support for the Fair Tax), but as this lead up to actual primaries has dragged on, I've lost some interest in the whole affair, which has lead to a bit of a roving eye towards Paul (libertarian ideals), Gingrich (knows government) and Johnson (libertarian & Fair Tax). However, Cain, as the most electable of the four, hasn't lost my heart and, if I am honest, he's still my #1 guy.

  3. @Hack, thanks! I know, I agree that Paul Ryan would be absolutely perfect in every single way. Alas, he's not running. But Cain not only has potential, he has the “it” that will make the difference.

    @Mark, well, Cain's moved away from a Fair Tax to an incarnation of the Flat Tax. To me, it's all good. We need a major tax reform/overhaul, and whatever we get has to be better than what we have now. I actually agree with Ron Paul on many domestic issues, and I think he's be tons of fun to sit around and have a drink with (his ideas, like most ideologues, are more fun to discuss than actually enact, but he loses me on his foreign “policy” and blame America first crap regarding 9/11. Johnson? Meh. He's icky and whiny and I couldn't listen to him for four years any more than I can stand to listen to icky, whiny BO. Gingrich is ten times smarter and more able, I think, than any of the candidates, but he's never going to get the nomination (he's not actually trying, as I'm sure you know, he's just hustling books and trying to start a conversation this nation needs to have about conservative values and the role of the media, etc.). I'm slow warming to Cain, but it's come to the point that, unless someone else swoops in, he's got my support. (not that it's worth much, but still)

  4. I have to correct you there, Fuzzy. His plan for the 9-9-9 plan, (love that it coincides w/ the number for emergency services in the land of my birth!), is to use it as a stepping stone to the Fair Tax, which he still supports. He just knows that the public needs more educating about it before it has a chance to pass into law. And tbh, though I love the Fair Tax, even his Flat Tax style 9-9-9 is better than 1090! 😉

  5. @Mark, agreed on your last point. As I've said to your most marvelous wife, my concern about the Fair Tax is two-fold: its progressive structure is too like our current structure (and thus open to the same horrors ours has undergone), and by the time it got through both houses of Congress (more than once, probably), it would end up little more than a VAT . . . tacked on to the current nightmare structure. This isn't set in stone, obviously, but it seems to me that these are very real dangers.

  6. despite some misstatements and lack of acknowledgement in previous debates, i am still for cain. he's the only one that makes sense to me. and his lack of political experience seems more like a feature than a flaw, otherwise why not go with romney or perry?

  7. I like Cain but my favorite is Santorum. Cain is weak on foreign policy issues so I fear that will dissuade some people from voting for him.

    But If Mickey Mouse were to go up against Obama I'd vote for Mickey Mouse 🙂

  8. Color me shocked, Fuzzi.

    This is one of the last people I thought you would back.

    I think they all suck. I wanted Mike Pence and he decided to run for Governor.

    I have met Mr. Cain, he seems like a very down to earth man. I have reservations. We will see how it pans out. My primary vote is about half way through the process so I will make decision as that gets closer, but I will say it again.

    They all suck.

  9. I like Ron Paul's ideas a Lot.

    I like Herman Cain more and more every time I hear him talking.

    I'd love to have either one. Marco as VP? I'm mixed on this one. He has a lot of value in the senate and risks going off the radar as VP. I'd sure like him to succeed to President at some point.

  10. PS – I stand by my main point that unless someone gets elected along with a favorable congress that will roll back the liberal cancers, (dept of Ed, Energy, etc) we really haven't accomplished anything.

    The Dems will get back in (if they even get voted out) and will pick up where they left off just like they've been doing since LBJ and Carter, leaving us where we are now.

  11. Cain makes a lot of sense, I do like his 999 plan, but I doubt if he can get it past the general public, let alone get them to undertand it. Much educating needs to be done. He speaks well, he gets it, he's very smart, although a little weak on the foreign stuff. will be interesting to see how far he gets. I will get behind him once i see more support. I am in MI, so our establishment is pushing Romney and my guess is, he may be the nominee at the end. but I've been wrong before 🙂

  12. @Teresa, Santorum's okay, but I honestly don't believe he's up to the myriad challenges we face at this juncture in our nation's history. I hear you on Cain's weakness on foreign policy, but honestly, when was the last time we had a president who took office strong on foreign policy? Not even Reagan was, but he learned fast. President Bush surrounded himself with foreign policy experts and listened to them (well, mostly). There is no need for a president to be an expert at everything; indeed, when they seem to be an expert at everything we end up with . . . BO.

    @JACG, lol, I thought you were a big Cain supporter, what happened? Your reservations (if I've guessed correctly) are a main reason that I like Cain 😉

    @Kid, I think that Ron Paul understands better than any of them what the exact nature of SOME of our problems are; however, he's got a very significant blind spot.

    I could care less if Rubio goes off the radar as VP. My pick is completely logistic, and his future aspirations of being president mean nothing to me. My country means everything right now.

    I hear you on the skepticism and largely agree; however, we are not going to see immediate roll-backs of everything. Anymore than the commies got what they wanted in one term. We've got 100 years of damage to repair, and it's going to take a real commitment on our part . . . for many election cycles.

    @Rotti, I'm not sure about his not getting the 999 plan off the ground; it's easy to understand, and I think that people will get it. Don't wait for the support to get behind Cain (or anyone); that's all backwards and is why we've always been stuck with GOP establishment candidates. We can't do that this time. Romney and Perry are disasters for this country (and don't be surprised if Romney is picked if he puts Perry on the ticket. Think about it).

    @Odie, anyone but Obama. I'm on board with that . . . to a degree. 😉

  13. Fuzz, Agreed. I'll just add that I don't see a VP as having any affect on anything. So I see it as Marco's value going to waste for 4 years.

    Yes, it will take election cycles, and a total rebuild of our education system which would certainly make liberal or any other political indoctrination illegal. Teach the history, it speaks for itself.

    Have a super duper weekend!

  14. I too have returned to Herman Cain, after liking him and eventually rejecting him for the reasons you cited.

    I like his 999, but it's just an idea, and few presidents are able to enact the ideas they hatch on the campaign trail.

    Wisdom, judgement, picking good advisers and knowing how to process their advice, leadership and management skills are important, and he has demonstrated all of those qualities.

  15. The bottom line for me with Cain: He is an unrepentant former member of KC Federal Reserve Board. The last thing we need right now is to replace a guy who is bought and paid for by the central banks, with a man who actually a part of the central banks.

    I can understand why people like him. If we are going just by rhetoric he is the best of the bunch. We have to remember he is a politician and will say what we want to hear. We need to look at his past record and his funding.

  16. @Kid, VP does matter (look what they did to Palin). Granted, if he takes VP his chances of being prez are significantly decreased (arguably to zero), but what better way to judge a man than to ask him to make that choice: personal ambition or country? It's going to take decades, Kid, and our kids and grandkids must learn to never forget America. We've let that go. http://youtu.be/WiSyGi7IQvk

    @Silverfiddle, he's not perfect, but he's far less imperfect than everyone else currently running 😉

    @Trestin, well, he's not really a politician, given that he's never held office, but I hear what you are saying. I wish Ron Paul weren't such a nut about some things, he's got domestic policy right.

  17. Ok, Truce Baby. 🙂 Thanks for the link.

    On the return to patriotism, it sounds like Ronald Reagan saw that that was going to be a bigger problem as time went on here.

    And as he says between the lines – to me anyway – we became a majority of Americans because most Americans were involved in WWII in one way or the other. Family and friends in theater or here working the machinery. Today, you've got 1% of the population directly involved in the military, and wars that are not very clearly defined.

    Or they came here from hellholes and knew America's value and never forgot it. We're missing that I think in a major way. I think the kids are going to need to feel some pain before things will clear up for them. Hope I'm wrong.

  18. @Kid, yes, I love that clip, too. *sigh* Hard to believe how far we've slipped in just twenty or so years. 😦 It's heart-breaking, and we must work to rebuild that America, put things right.

    I see what you're saying about his talking about WWII, but I think that was just an example. We were patriots before WWII, too, after all. And our wars don't define us, not really. But we can never forget all those who've fought and died for our freedom . . . and against the very forces that threaten us now. We cannot let them to have died in vain.

  19. I would really love to vote for Cain. He has said a lot of things I like. What I don't like is lately he has been drawing too much attention to race [the Perry and his rock incident], and seems to be pandering to the black vote. As I read someone else saying today, “I don't want a black President. I want a President.”

    I want a President who is going to do a good job for everyone, not just concentrate on a select few.

  20. @intangiblesoul, you make an excellent point, and I, too, would be far more comfortable if Cain wouldn't do these things regarding race. It's cheap, it's dishonest, and frankly, it's not conservative. That said, we do have to deal with the century of leftist damage done to black people (not just economically but in spinning their lies and distorting everything from their own agenda to the truth of America), and something has to be done to unite us.

    What Cain's doing, particularly slapping the race card down on Perry (without the actual facts, no less), is wrong. If he continues in this vein, I will retract my support. We don't need those cheap, leftist gimmicks to make the case, and if Cain does, then I have to rethink his case (it can't be that strong if the “answer” is in the leftist Alinsky-ite toolbox.

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