Useful Idiots Mindlessly Repeat Cornell West’s Words . . . Including His Closing Thanks

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous. Watch the whole clip or just skip to 8:45 and watch the truly astonishing leftist robots repeating West’s closing words of thanks.

More on this growing threat to our country:

New York Transit Workers Union & Teamsters Agree to Support Commie Wall Street Protesters

Van Jones Warns Of A Progressive “October Offensive” Against Tea Party 

Occupy Wall Street Spreads to Boston

Occupy Wall Street Spreads to San Francisco

You get the idea. The last thing the TEA Party needs to do is get involved in this “revolution”; stay away, stay safe. And for God’s sake, no matter what happens, do not turn to the government to “save” us. That way leads to tyranny.


8 thoughts on “Useful Idiots Mindlessly Repeat Cornell West’s Words . . . Including His Closing Thanks

  1. Thank you for posting this! Very important for people to realize exactly what is happening. I hope this gets many, many, many viewers. The end of the video is actually “sad.”

    BTW, why hasn't Princeton gotten rid of this obnoxious person? So much for higher education at Princeton.

  2. he is so right at the end. they are all about projection. it's why no one on the right should get upset about names they're called by leftists, because really, all they are doing is identifying themselves.

  3. Van Hones ids from Obama's inner circle. This is all coming form the White House carefully orchestrated by the Community Organizer himself,only he's centrally organizing the country.

    The Tea Party will not be duped by these crazies . Tyranny is exactly what dictators like.

    I can't believe how many people are not aware of what is being done on our country.

  4. I admit, I just skipped to the end to witness the ridiculous parroting and for about five minutes I kept opening and closing the Comment window, not knowing just what to say… *smh*

  5. @Mrs. AL (love that name :)) Yes, I'm watching with some alarm as it starts to spread to even more cities. As to West, he has tenure (and he's says exactly the right things as far as academe is concerned).

    @Kerry, yeah, I think that was a good point, too, and it's true.

    @Lisa, it does seem to be orchestrated, that's for sure, but it's growing now without much orchestration (it seems). What's weird is that if it is orchestrated, the groups are all actually natural enemies, so even if they got their way, they'd all end up fighting each other. Seems like a dumb “plan” to me.

    @Mark, I know. I was stunned when I first saw it. What morons.

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