Greed, Revolution, and Stuff

So I wasn’t intending to write about that rabble down on that street (mainly because I didn’t want to add to it, even by opposing it–I remember how much strength we in the TEA Party got from leftist opposition).  But here I am, having watched the videos and read the news coverage, writing about it in sort of random thoughts/observations mode; I don’t feel they deserve the time and effort a “real” post would require (those of you reading this do, and for that I can only say I’ll come up with a “real” post on something else one of these days).  In the meantime:


Okay, let’s think about this.  There’s no doubt, none at all, that there are greedy bankers, greedy people in big oil, and the Fed (this last a nod to the Ron Paul followers who’ve blindly joined the useful idiots, more on them later).  There’s no doubt that capitalism, by its very nature, can–and does–succumb to greed.  But here’s the rub:  what is more greedy than seeing someone with something you want and demanding it just because . . . they have it and you don’t? Or they “stole” it ? Not really “stolen,” right?  They did what the law allowed, and what the law didn’t allow, they should be prosecuted for under the law.  The laws we don’t like can be changed using the system for changing laws in this country.  It’s slow, but it works. 

“Gimme!” is pretty much the echoing rallying cry of those losers.  Yeah, that’s swell, and they’re calling bankers “greedy”?  Seriously?

Useful Idiots

We’ve already seen the mindless repetition of whatever is said to them (there was more of this when the Grand Dame of “Revolution,” Frances Fox Piven doddered down there this week), but what really struck me was their post on some site (I don’t follow their drivel, but people I read do, so I’ve picked up enough to “get” it.).  Jim over at Gateway Pundit has the piece, but in essence, the loons who released the “demands” (omg, are those hilarious! And scary) scolded those who did so for making them all look like extremist nutjobs and brain-dead morons (okay, I added that last part).

And here’s where it gets amusing.  And revealing.  And validating.  This organizer person told the flock of willfully ignorant sheep to stop posting demands, to delete demands, and to . . . wait for it . .. wait for the organizers (yet to be revealed) and lawyers to tell them what they are supposed to want, and, it follows, what to think.  Good grief. 

TEA Party

Needless to say, you can stop any TEA Party patriot or other patriot involved in the conservative ascendency and ask what they stand for and why, and what do you know? Each and every one will be able to tell you.  There may be minor variations or differing emphases, but because we are united in defense of one thing–our constitutional republic, America the Beautiful, we don’t need “organizers and lawyers” to tell us what our message is or what to say, think, or be.  The very idea is absurd to us (that’s why we’ll win, by the way).  

Anyway, so I was flipping through channels the other night (honestly looking for something to take my mind off the horrors, maybe Spongebob or Project Runway), and I heard the words “TEA Party,” so I stopped flipping to hear what was being said.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear but an MSNBC loon actually praising the TEA Party and claiming “solidarity” with us.  This from a man who said–waaaaay back in the distant, dusty past, all but lost now in the mists of the intervening . . . year–that the TEA Party wants to “kill blacks and Jews.”

Now, if that doesn’t let you know, flat out and in your face, that this “movement” is not for us, nothing will.  Being co-opted not only by unions/the WH but now, too, by MSNBC–MSNBC!–, and this in addition to former “green” czar still hate-filled “revolutionary” Van Jones, is not exactly my cup of tea.

Libertarians beware

You may be hearing the siren call of these people, but don’t succumb to it.  Those aren’t just rocks that you’re being summoned to crash upon but something much more dangerous.  This movement is not unplanned and spontaneous (they have their own newspaper, for goodness’ sake! It’s got Coffee Party, No-Labels Party astroturf written all over it.  Written all over the the “movement,” not the newspaper. heh).  This “movement” is not about anything close to the kind of paradise total freedom islands of self-reliance and personal responsibility that sweeten your soul.  This is about, and unless we are very very careful will become, totalitarianism.

It’s the shape of that totalitarianism we don’t know; the goal itself is rather clear given its leaders, sponsors, and the assorted radicals who are being drawn like moths to a flame.   That flame will spark, just as it did in the ’60’s, and people will die, just as they did in the ’60’s.  Don’t go there.


There are not a few revolutionaries down there (exclusive of the useful idiots who are truly clueless about this soon-to-turn-(more)violent mess).  There’s a whole stew of them: La Raza, radical Islamofascists, and leftist socialists, anarchists, and communists.  I haven’t seen any reports of the NBPP down there, but if they’re not yet, they will be.  Stoking these revolutionaries are the likes of Cornell West and Piven (both linked above), and I’m sure it won’t be long before Bill Ayers and his lovely lunatic wife, Bernadine Dohrn, can no longer contain their nostalgic reflections on the violence of their terrorist group the Weather Underground to go join–and stir up–the mindless minions of their much-longed for “revolution.”  

Possible Outcomes

I think we can all see quite clearly at this point that more violence than we’ve already seen will definitely occur.  Personally, I feel bad for the police who have to deal with these unruly but organized mobs, but it seems pretty clear that they’ll continue to be provoked, to be pushed, and it will all likely explode into violence, looting, property damage.  And probably pretty soon.  If (When?) that happens . . . well, any number of things can happen.  Certainly, the National Guard will be called in, maybe even military units (this was done in a couple of the worst-hit cities in the 60’s).

I’m not interested, now, in wondering about that set of “what ifs” but instead about the set that involves these “frenemies” who are all using each other to forward their own, selfish, cause.  Because the problem is that their end goals are all different.  The Fox Piven “revolutionaries” want some kind of socialist utopia, the Bill Ayers/Dohrn group wants some kind of “peaceful communism” (an oxymoron if ever there was one considering part of the plan involved the slaughter of 25 million Americans who couldn’t be “reeducated”), the Van Jones “revolutionaries” want something that would look very like communism but would have added elements of black supremacy, unions want . . . well, who the hell knows if they can think beyond this moment, and the Islamofascists, of course, want their very own caliphate-thingy.  And that’s not even taking into account Soros’ “open society” dream of global dominance and tyranny (we know he’s got a hand in this because of the WH and BO connections to the “protests.”).  BO probably just wants to win another term, so he can continue a more “controlled decline“; I’m sure he sees all this as a means to an end and thinks it will end upon his reelection next November (if elections are held, anyway).  All in all, not really compatible goals.

Some of the conflicts are already playing out.  The 60’s radicals hate, despise, hate, loathe, and hate the “fascist” police.  This, of course, is a throw back to when the police were the armed arm of “the man.”  While these aging radicals are now “the man,” they’ve clung to this notion, making them not only more ridiculous than ever, but clearly incapable of critical thinking.  Anyway, so they’re out provoking “the fascist pigs” into all sorts of unfortunate behaviors (some do seem over the top, but good grief, imagine being stuck in that writhing morass of stinky humanity and listening to their screams, taunts, threats, and mindless droning.), and “the pigs” are responding, some of them poorly.  But here’s the (other) rub: the police in NYC and many cities and towns across the nation are unionized.  Unions are part of the craziness.  How all this plays out, who knows, but there are a lot of internal conflicts amongst these nuts.

So let’s pretend they get their way, and they manage to somehow (and I don’t think it at all likely) topple the United States, invalidate/burn/whatever the Constitution, and prepare to build on the smoldering wreckage.  How’s that going to work?  Are they going to fight amongst themselves, killing off the weaker groups?  Or will they stay united until everyone has been brought in line?  *Shrug*  Then again, I guess we don’t have to worry about it because if it gets to that point, we’ll all be either dead or organizing our own response to the last group standing.

Then again

This may be just what it appears: a group of economically- (and intellectually-) challenged misfits camping in NYC with an inchoate message and unclear “demands” that mysteriously inspired like-minded (!?) groups to magically manifest across the country.  Then they spontaneously published their own newspaper somehow, somehow got a PR firm involved (along with a bunch of lawyers), coincidentally spoke to the hearts of everyone from union leaders to ’60’s radicals to Islamofascists to Congressional Democrats.  All without any clear message or governing principle or reason for being.  Yeah, that’s probably all it is.  Nothing to see here.  



11 thoughts on “Greed, Revolution, and Stuff

  1. God and Nature will deal with them shortly. We are in early October. These Bozos are camping out? In the Northeast? With winter coming? HA! It would be much worse if this had started in springtime. As it is, we have only to sit in our comfortable homes, pop popcorn and watch.

    On the upside, the left would not try this ploy if they were not, indeed, so desperate. The success of the Tea Party has led them to attempt to imitate us, which they now do in their crass astroturfy way. And by being outside, exposed, and interviewed for all the world to hear their idiocy, they only turn off more good Americans from their so-called cause. Their movement is shrinking, not growing. They know it. They are desperate. And their actions are not helping.

  2. A compelling piece, Fuzzy.

    It is an odd-ball conglomeration, but it is not to easily laughed off.

    I wholeheartedly echo your advice:

    Tea partiers and free-market libertarians, Do Not Be Sucked In! Stay Away! You have nothing in common with these liberty-hating totalitarians.

  3. “Are they going to fight amongst themselves, killing off the weaker groups?”

    History offers no shortage of precedents. For one, take a look at the behavior of Mao and his Red Guard. When Mao got enough power, almost the first to be killed off were fellow revolutionaries who were members of his own party, whom his young thugs first dragged through the streets for public humiliation. Video here.

  4. @Deekaman, no underestimating here. πŸ™‚

    @Opus, oh, good point, they're not going to be sitting in that park in a blizzard, that's for sure. I wonder what the plan is to keep the hate alive over the winter and get it ready to spark up again in the spring? I feel pretty sure that's the goal, but time will tell.

    And true, I think that they are in panic mode, that they didn't expect the TEA Party in 2009 (and I know damn well they don't see us coming next year; they think our relative silence means we've given up). They're definitely desperate. But desperate radicals are nothing to sneeze at; they're even more dangerous in some ways.

    @Silverfiddle, thanks πŸ™‚ No one's laughing it off (was the post too subtle somehow? ugh). Yeah, it's weird to see libertarians jumping on this, but I'm not sure it's surprising. There's a rather radical thread to many libertarians if you think about it.

    @Odie, too right!

    @Mrs. AL, aw, sorry. I hadn't really planned to write on that mob so I guess I had too many thoughts all bottled up. Heh.

    @QR, oh yes, I was rather curious what the plan is, if that comes before or after they “deal” with us.

  5. First, it occurs to me the unions have gotten behind this in a big way thinking it may help draw attention away form oblabbers next 450 billion union giveaway bill.

    Secondly, I agree with their complaints on the bailouts, but they're about 2 years too late on that one. Shocker.

    Most of them are probably there looking for love.

  6. I agree with your post a hundred percent.

    Just had to tell you that while I was reading your blog I thought of something.
    Do you think the first lady would have taken the trip to Africa if she and her husband had to pay the trip themselves?

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