The Irrelevancy of the Far Left

I’ve been thinking about this and meant to write something before someone smarter me and someone smarter than he, his words, did it first (and second).  While they’ve come to interesting, and I think largely logical, conclusions, I’m not as sure that the outcome for the GOP president and party post-2012-election is quite as grim.  Their point is largely that should the GOP win the White House next year (it’s theirs to lose), they can expect even more horrors from the left than President Bush experienced.  That part, I agree with.  They conclude, however, that this will weaken the GOP.  I’m not so sure.

Here’s why.

The far left has lost all, and I mean all, credibility.  During the Bush years, they were against war, they hated the Patriot Act, they despised Gitmo and rendition, they railed against civil rights violations, they supported Latinos fiercely, they defended the status quo with regards to MediCare, they complained about One Child Left Behind and the subscription drug benefit, they whined and moaned about everything and anything that President Bush did.  Including things he didn’t do (“Bush lied, people died”–of course, he didn’t lie, and all, including Hillary Clinton, but one Democrat voted for the war in Iraq because every intelligence agency in the free world agreed that there were wmd’s in Iraq.  And as it turns out, there were.).

The left is now suddenly loving war, not only the two President Bush started, but also the third that BO started in Libya.  The Patriot Act was not only extended but new civil-rights-violating powers were granted to the president; crickets from the left.  They don’t like that Gitmo is still open, but when was the last protest you saw?  When was the last time you saw the alphabet propagandists do a daily death toll of U. S. soldiers? They love rendition now, or at least don’t seem to bother too much about it.  At first they were upset about the TSA, but they quickly quieted down about that.  They have nothing at all to say about the hundreds of Mexicans killed by the U. S. government who are now breaking international treaties and using taxpayer money to run guns to Mexican drug cartels.  Not a peep about this.  Dead Mexicans?  So what, I guess.  They didn’t notice or care that the healthcare monstrosity cut half a billion dollars from MediCare, and they just love “race to the top,” an idiot education act that makes NCLB look like a good idea.  They still complain that the MediCare subscription drug benefit wasn’t funded, but they don’t want it repealed and don’t care that nothing BO passes is funded. 

In short, we know now, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that leftists are partisan frauds.  They don’t have principled reactions to anything; it’s all about who’s sitting in the Oval and what letter follows his (or her) name.  No one takes them seriously, no one thinks for one instant that anything they say has merit.  And that won’t change when the GOP takes the WH in 2013.

They like to ask us where we were when President Bush was spending like a drunken progressive sailor.  The implication being that we were cheering him on . . . just as they cheer on BO when he does things they don’t like (until it’s BO, anyway).  But this is just the usual progressive projection.  We hated what Bush did with “compassionate conservativism” (i.e. progressivism).  Hated it.  Granted we didn’t chain ourselves to the WH gates or stage sit-ins, but we did what conservatives do: we let his numbers sink into the 20s, and we let dems win Congress in 2006 (in hindsight, not our smartest move evah, but hey, that was before the world changed in January 2009).

But nowhere is the hypocrisy of the far left more clear than in this “revolution” that’s being staged in NYC and across the nation.  And nowhere is their credibility more diminished.  As I mentioned in my last post, Soros wants to co-opt the TEA Party for this embarrassing and disgusting “revolution”; he thinks, as all lunatic progressives do, that everyone is just like him.  That because we are unhappy, suffering economically, that we, like commies the world over, will revolt. That we will, like the assorted misfit nutjobs stinking up Wall Street, stick out greedy, resentful, hate-filled little hands and scream “GIMME!”.

Marx, before he denounced his own theories, insisted that such a “workers’ revolution” was inevitable, that it would happen organically in response to economic conditions. That this didn’t, wouldn’t, and won’t happen without massive organization on the left (and even then/now, is likely to fail miserably) doesn’t seem to cause them a moment of self-reflection, a second to consider that because they have to manufacture a “revolution,” it’s entirely possible that Marx and all of his mindless followers are wrong (as indeed, Marx himself admitted late in life). 

To that end, the far left is contorting itself, contradicting itself, to try to suck the TEA Party into their lunacy; they’re convinced that because we want change, see the injustices and inequities, the lawlessness and fraud, we’ll “rise up” in revolt with them.  We’re their comrades, they insist.  We’re their “brothers and sisters.”  They’re in “solidarity” with us.  Uh huh.  Don’t expect that to last.  Heck, they’re already catching on that we reject their crude, disgusting, lawless, shameful “message” (whatever that is).  That we work within the law and the Constitution, that we reject greedy, mindless, goal-less “revolution.”

And they’re turning on us.  Again.  Well, that’s not entirely correct, they were never “for” us; they hoped to make us useful idiots.  And so far, only some Ron Paul acolytes have fallen for it.  So now we’re starting to hear, again *yawn*, that the TEA Party was astroturfed, funded by the Koch brothers (and seriously, who even really knows who they even are? Or cares?).  Whatever.  It’s all progressive projection again.  This “protest” is clearly organized and funded by the SEIU, ACORN, Spooky Dude, and assorted crazies.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past three years it’s that progressives/commies accuse others of that which they are guilty.  Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy”?  Reflective of the alarmingly intricate “conspiracy” against America that is playing out before our eyes.

And the occupy nuts are complaining that they don’t want to be categorized and damned by the “one or two” (er, more like majority) who have crazy messages, they don’t want to be seen as fringe freaks but want their voice to matter, to count, to be seen as representing “99%,” blah blah blah.  When you point out, politely, that the TEA Party was condemned based on one or two people, or that we were ridiculed and pigeon-holed based on (literally) one or two signs, they have nothing to say.  It’s different, somehow.  I guess.  The trouble, though, is not even the hypocrisy of that; it’s that the “fringe” consists of just about their entire faux “movement.”  You’d be hard-pressed to find one sane-sounding person down at the occupy protests, and the one you do find will, after a few sentences, sink into nutsiness.

In short, the well Bush did it crowd has nothing else to say.  Sure, BO, they implicitly admit, is doing just about everything wrong, but so did Bush.  What they don’t seem to get is that we didn’t like it when Bush did “it,” either.  The fastest way to get a commie progressive to sputter into silence is to say, “yep, and Bush was wrong, too.”  Gaaaah, their eyes glaze over, buttttttt, they stammer.  And it’s done.  No one cares what Bush did, except the far left, and even they, as we now know, don’t really hate anything that he did.  They just hated the (R) after his name.

That realization is seeping into every thinking American’s consciousness, particularly into that of indies whose fence-sitting, lack of an ideological compass sometimes infuriates and almost always confuses and frustrates both conservatives and commies (let’s not pretend that the Democrat party is, now, anything but the Communist Party of America).  That is why, no matter which GOP candidate wins the WH in 2012, whatever screeching, wailing, whining we hear from the far left will fall on deaf ears.  Further, the more this unhygienic mob carries on, and especially when it turns violent, the less anyone will be willing to listen to them.

We don’t have to do anything.  They are undermining their own credibility more and more with each passing day.  Every time they contort themselves in defense of BO and stay silent about something they claimed to despise under President Bush they cement their own irrelevancy come 2013.

I’m okay with that.




9 thoughts on “The Irrelevancy of the Far Left

  1. Awesome. I see this is on your blog as well. The only problem I see is the propaganda machine. Far too many still watch the alphabet networks as well as read fishwrap like NYT and WaPo (my in-laws). Too many believe HuffPo is a legit news source.

    There are still too many who think BO is doing a good job and too many young people LOVE the whole OWT thing.

    You are correct that the protests, propaganda and violence will become much worse when the Democrats take another beating next fall. It may even happen before. At what point does the current White House proclaim martial law?

  2. You've marshaled quite a case against the left. I still can't believe they let Obama get by with the $500 billion medicare cut. Ideology has blinded them to reason.

    I hope your conclusion is correct, but we should never underestimate the power of the press and the popular culture, “The gargoyles on the parapets” as Jonah Goldberg likes to call them.

    People are hurting, millions, and they are particularly susceptible to redistributionist propaganda.

    We'll see. I pray you are right.

  3. Obama seems to have put all of his eggs in the class warfare basket. The freaks on Wall Street are not his most important foot soldiers. Van Johnson and the unions are just getting started. The SEIU in particular are scared out of their wits about what will happen if the the republicans get control of all three branches; so they will be out in force. If it's true that we are entering another recession, many people will be vulnerable to the class warfare argument.

  4. I don't know how old you are Fuzzy, but the far left first lost credibility during the Clinton years. Clinton tried to be a far left kind of guy in his first two years and was politically decimated in his mid term, with Hillery's socialist health care system not even coming up for a vote. Then the Clintons turned moderate Republican in order to survive and it worked. That's really the root of it. Obama got elected not on any mandate for his far left agenda but because people were tired of the war.

  5. You strike the point home as usual Fuzzy. As I said…we should just sit back and give them enough of their own rope…but they will never go away. A CAUSE will always be born again under another guise. The Lame stream media will pick it up and run with it.

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