"All He Has To Do . . . "

If this doesn’t scare you, nothing will.  From Politico’s Bill Daley interview:

And all President Obama has to do to achieve this [times “better” than the past three years] is make a startling end run around not just the Republicans but also the Democrats, in Congress.

All he has to do, Daley says, is operate in domestic affairs with the same speed, power and independence that he possesses in foreign and military affairs.

That’s all.

“On the domestic side, both Democrats and Republicans have really made it very difficult for the president to be anything like a chief executive,” Daley says. “This has led to a kind of frustration.”

The president’s solution? “Let’s figure out what we can do [without Congress] and push the envelope on some of these things,” Daley says.

Yeah, that’s “all.”

There have been calls for BO to pretend he’s a dictator, a king, an emperor; heck, he had it loaded up in his teleprompter and read that he wants to “just do it himself.”  That it was so well-considered, so prepared (written in advance and loaded in the teleprompter!) is chilling enough, but Daley’s casual dismissal of a co-equal branch of government–and of our Constitution–comes from BO’s chief of staff, a man many said was more “centrist” than his radical, egomaniacal boss.  It matters.

Daley is expecting dramatic, unpredictable events between now and Election Day.

“There is a lot going to happen in the next 13 months. A lot. I would like to say it’s all going to be good, but nobody knows,” Daley says. “I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that we have a stronger attitude around the economy. I’m not saying we’re going to be down to 6 percent unemployment, but just the beginning of a psychological change. Right now, that is the biggest thing. What are the factors that [will create] that? Who knows?”

All that he knows is that it’s going to be a wild ride.

“You can just feel this electorate is very volatile,” Daley says. “So strap yourself in.”

He’s not joking.  They are desperate to stay in power, and they will stop at nothing to do so.  Nothing, including class and race riots, suspending elections, chaos, violence, injuries, and deaths–things that would create “psychological change” in Americans.  I’ve been convinced of this for quite some time but never more so than as I read this and my blood ran cold.

Does anyone really still believe that the Occupy movement is benign? 


16 thoughts on “"All He Has To Do . . . "

  1. i've heard people dismiss fears about there being no elections next year or about obama bypassing congress by saying, “its unconstitutional and congress won't let him,” etc., etc. that people are poo-pooing it out of hand says to me that they are not paying attention. obama has shown pretty clearly that he holds the constitution in distain and there are quite a few of his cronies in congress that agree with him.

  2. From your post, Fuzzy Slippers: “All that he knows is that it’s going to be a wild ride. “You can just feel this electorate is very volatile,” Daley says. “So strap yourself in.” “

    These pine cones leave to door wide open so anything that happens can be positioned to their advantage. You would think people would catch onto this linguistic trick by now.

    Gotta' go along with Trestin on this deal … will there be elections?

  3. The people that say we wear tin foil hats when we speak out as you have, are in denial. They don't want to believe that US President could be capable of the things we accuse him of planning. All we can do is continue to identify the dots, connect them and, report what we see. We can't make people believe us.

  4. I don't know what's going to happen, but the next 13 months will be beyond stunning, there is no doubt about that.

    I'm shock-proof. It's been 3 years. And I still say 'Unbelievable' way too often.

    As I currently understand it, college is now free. Watch that whole process be degraded beyond description. Also, even if some college kid is Anti-obama, will they vote to have their student loan re-instated ? How many votes can be bought.

    We are officially a banana country now.

  5. Not only with the “Occupy” gang get more “demonstrative” in their protest, the MSM will begin to report “positive news” on the economy, even if it's not reality. They'll spin it, and the people who aren't engaged will believe everything they say. Not to mention “ACORN”, or whatever they're called now, will be pulling the same voter fraud they did in 2008.

  6. WHAT SCARES ME … The American voter is uninterested, apathetic, watches NBC or ABC or CBS for their news, uninformed, gets a handout from Washington (by design), educated in our schools in the last 30 years, smell up Wall Street … besides that I feel great about the next election.

  7. Did Daley commit a Freudian Slip?

    Daley is expecting dramatic, unpredictable events between now and Election Day.

    My mind went to the same place yours did. Unfortunately, I think he is correct, and they will be the ones authoring the unpredictable drama. They are playing with fire.

  8. What is the most scary thing shown in that Glen Beck segment that you linked to is the moment when Obama says that some people encouraged him to change laws without Congress, the audience cheers him on and chants: “Yes, you can!” How many people are like that audience, wherever it was? Don't they understand where that would lead? If, G-d forbid, Obama wins the 2nd term and the Democrats regain majority, we may see our own Enabling Act (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enabling_Act_of_1933).

  9. @Kerry, it's just sad that people can't see the writing on the wall. I can see why some (okay, most, heh) people rejected my warnings about BO possibly suspending elections two years ago, but how can anyone see what's happening and think it's not on the table? Unreal.

    @Trestin, that's probably because every day it becomes less and less likely?

    @Mrs. AL, that quote, to my mind, simply affirms that this administration is not only open to, but hoping for, widespread civil unrest. I personally believe they are fomenting it.

    @Opus, me, either. I wonder if there will be trials after, for treason? Beck says there will be, and I'd like to see it. Trouble is this is so widespread, who the hell would we try? The entire LSM? SEIU and other unions? A former president of the United States? Ugh. But justice (the actual, equal kind) must be served for America to recover from this. We can't just pretend it's not or didn't happen and with what clear intent.

    @conservativesonfire I used to worry a bit about being called a mad tin-foil hatter, but not any more. If we look back at every case like this in history, much of it could have been avoided if people just stood up and spoke out. I see it as my patriotic duty to do so. People can't deny the obvious forever, at least not most people, and the ones who do are, to my mind, just as complicit as those perpetrating these crimes against my country.

    @TCL, It's weird because they need the economy to bottom out to foment the kind of widespread unrest they want/need, but you're right, the true state of the economy is being sugar-coated right now. It won't last; look for much more dire (and honest) reporting early next year. They have to get the people “fired up.”

  10. @Odie, first, THANK YOU for your post on using the pop-up window for comments. It makes it so much easier to post and respond to comments. YAY!

    I agree that all you note is worrying, but it's all reversible. We can take back our schools, our courts, our media, and our government, but it takes time. Time, unfortunately, seems to be running out.

    @Silverfiddle, yep, that's the money line. And yes, it's unnerving that he seems to be admitting the unpredictability of the forces they've set in motion and doesn't care. Violence, riots, deaths . .. it's all just another day in the life of a communist revolutionary. It makes me sick to my stomach that this is in our WH. But yes, the most worrying thing is that they are playing with fire, this is America (still), not 1930's Germany, and I fear that if they push the envelope too far, the results will not be what they expect/hope for/need.

    @Eric, hi!! Welcome 🙂 It's funny you should mention the Enabling Act, I've been waiting for something like that, as well. But no, the Obots don't know what it would lead to and likely wouldn't care if they did know. Most are just ignorant (in no small part because our education system is teaching about gay penguins and how to be a radical and not history or civics), some are actively advocating for a tyrannical dictator (they think that somehow–by magic–they'll not be affected by that), and a few just want America destroyed at any and all cost. Leftists cannot look beyond the moment; they never have, that's why their policies and agendas are always so deeply flawed and disastrous.

  11. Hi Fuzz i dont know much about American politics..hell I dont know much about Australian politics (not sure who I am kidding..I know very little of politics at all) but I do enjoy reading your posts…I miss our 360 days…drop by my blog some day and say hi…I miss our old chats xx Ali xxxx

  12. I am really falling behind…I just posted this on something called echo…what the heck is that? WTF,I am REALLY getting old and decrepid?

    Now here is my comment….
    Here's a 'crazy' thought?…..could BO be another Nixon? and be reelected? That's a shivery thought. I pray we can be a smart enough country to recognize the vile and viciousness that's coming is from the left. Who is the strongest 'man' we can put in as our president?

  13. Supergranny, imo, it's not a matter of intelligence, it is a matter of dependency.

    Added to the mix this election is how many college kids who would otherwise Not have voted for oblabber will now do so to avoid having to pay back their student loans.

    Add in the usual suspects like blacks(yea, right), Union people, private, local, state and federal, and then add in all the election fraud, SEIU, Acron, etc
    Then add in people like me who will write someone in if the republican nominee is you standard issue politician, let alone the sock puppet romney, (because if that's who they put up, they deserve obama for another 4 years.)

    – and oblabber getting elected again is a very real possibility.

  14. @Ali, I miss those days, too! I've been thinking for ages about starting a non-politcal blog (for those times when I just can't stand it anymore, heh). Heck, maybe I will.

    @Supergranny, yes, he can be reelected. Let's just work to make sure he isn't.

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