Dude, "Predatory Black Sexuality." Seriously?

Okay, so I’ve been watching the Herman Cain saga unfold (and have commented over at Legal Insurrection, NiceDeb‘s, Adrienne’s Corner, and Potluck if anyone is interested), and then I watched the debate tonight.  Can I just say, “America, you ROCK!”  Well, okay, American conservatives rock.  Did you catch the smackdown the audience gave the unhinged leftist moderators?  It was a show stopper (transcript):

Did you see the faces of the mods?  Omg, totally priceless.  The very last thing they expected was to be booed by a conservative audience when confronting Cain about the allegations.  The left has so bought into their own crazed “RAAAAACISM” theories that they are shocked, shocked!, that conservatives don’t see Herman Cain as a black man first.  Or even second.  Maybe not even third.  To us, he’s a conservative businessman running for president.  Period. 

But this is how we’re supposed to respond:

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a>
We’re supposed to be offended that Herman Cain, a BLACK MAN (in case you didn’t know), is accused of making sexually-aggressive moves on a BLONDE WHITE WOMAN.  We’re supposed to find those facts insulting, infuriating; to the exclusion of any other consideration (personally, if the charges are true, if anything about them upset me or hit me the wrong way, it’s that he was married at the time–still is, of course).

From that Hannity clip, some crazed leftist notes:  “Those people [that would be us] do not want to hear from a black man who is aggressive, assertive, angry; they want to hear from a man who is assimilated, calm, measured.” 

Cue Harry Reid on how great BO is because he’s “light-skinned, with no Negro dialect unless he wants to” (BO getting his “Negro dialect” on is amusin’, though.).

As one of “those people,” I find this hugely amusing.  “Assimilated”?  Really?  As in “acting white”?  Being able to “pass” (if not in the original meaning of the word then at least) in terms of being “light-skinned” and being able to don a phony “Negro dialect” on cue?  Like BO?

Oh!  Did you catch the part about how we conservatives are supposed to like Cain “because he’s a black man who knows his place”?  Seriously?  What “place” is that?  The Oval Office?  That’s where I’d like to see him.

It really does beg the question who it is, exactly, who fears “predatory black sexuality” and is offended by black men with white women?  Certainly not me.  And certainly not anyone I’ve ever spoken with or even read on rightwing blogs.  Nope, you only hear that drivel from the race peddlers, the leftists who are invested in keeping black people in those ridiculous, obsolete boxes . . . so they keep voting (D).

If black people aren’t victims, don’t buy into the narrative that they aren’t equal, dare believe that they can succeed on their own, without handouts or affirmative action, and have the (yes, I’m saying it) audacity to see themselves as people first, Americans, then they are brutalized with the most disgusting, vile, and demeaning racist attacks.  

I look at Herman Cain and see a conservative presidential candidate.  The left looks at him and sees a “sell-out,” “an Uncle Tom,” and an “angry black man.”





12 thoughts on “Dude, "Predatory Black Sexuality." Seriously?

  1. The Left has made it a long-standing tradition to tell Blacks to know their place. Questioning the racial authenticity of conservative Blacks is a standard and rather by-the-numbers strategy to keep Blacks holding to the Left's expectations. They shame Black Americans to keep them politically in line, and then offer all sorts of excuses (mostly a nebulous form of overt racism that seems based in the 1930s) as to why their policies have proved to be total failures.

    Look at the way MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell took it upon himself to school Cain on how his father should have behaved during segregation. It was disgraceful. Nothing like watching a wealthy white man from NY telling everyone how a “authentic” Black man in the South should have behaved fifty or sixty years ago. I mean, he would know… Right?

  2. Yay! Yukio! I've missed you, my friend. πŸ™‚

    Questioning the racial authenticity of someone based on their political ideology and/or worldview is not really questioning their racial authenticity (as you note); it's bashing the hell out of a black person–they do this to black conservative women, too, with dashes of their fabulous femisogyny–because they don't fit racist stereotypes. What? You don't want handouts and a welfare state that keep black people (and other minorities) “in their place”? Then you aren't “black.” Ridiculous. I'm pretty sure Cain is black. In fact, as I tried to point out, he's “more black” than their pet “light-skinned” pol who can don a “Negro dialect” when the mood (and audience) suits him. The incredible irony being, of course, that leftists, themselves, are not comfortable with a black man who doesn't fit their idea of a “successful black man.” The irony, absurdity, and hypocrisy are mind-boggling.

    Yeah, I caught that O'Donnell interview when it aired (watch that crap every once in a while); I was really stunned at his self-satisfied condescension. It was appalling, but typical. No one knows black people like white leftists; after all, they wrote the meme, the stereotype, and they perpetuate in every possible way to ensure that black people keep buying what they're selling (despite mountains of data that prove that dems are destroying black families and literally keeping them in dependent poverty as much and as often as they can). Makes me sick.

  3. Niger Innis schooled Jon Scott yesterday on Fox. Scott looked like an idiot. Innis brought up what I think he called the “Mandingo Charge” or something like that. That the Left believes Conservative whites would be more appalled by a black man with a white woman (read that as “white males would be threatened by”) than a white man with a white woman. So the charge of Cain assaulting a white woman would do the trick better than just charges of “harassment”.

    Except 1) it's 2011,we see interracial couples all the time and don't care and 2) we know BS when we see it.

    Anyway,Innis totally hammered Scott.

  4. The left wallows in old stereotypes and shibboleths, and I love seeing the shock and horror on their faces when someone breaks through the fantasy bubble, if just for one moment.

    The right is not immune. Race has nothing whatsoever to do with this, and I was sorry to see it injected by Cain's people with the “high tech lynching” comments.

  5. @ Fuzzy

    Thanks Fuzzy. I'm not really back yet, just wandering about again.

    There's a really nasty trap that Black Americans fell into/built selves. John McWorter has written about this pretty well. I don't agree with everything he writes of course. Still, he manages to state what is relatively common knowledge and common sense very, very succinctly and then draws the lines together brilliantly.

    I haven't been paying much attention to politics recently and I don't have a strong opinion of Cain one way or the other– though I have to say that the presidency isn't the best place for on the job training, as Obama has proven repeatedly. But Cain's treatment by the Left and the media is typical of any person who moves away from the Left's definition of “privileged minority.” Palin's not a woman, Cain's not really Black. *gag*

    Sure, a “privileged minority” can't think think for him/herself– but you DO get to talk FIRST at Occupy Whatever's “progressive stacks.” Just don't say the wrong thing.

    Geez. It's starting to get like Soviet propaganda films now, isn't it?

  6. Nice to see people are ON TO the Democrat media.

    Good answer from romney in the vid, even though I don't support him.

    Fantastic answer from Herman Cain. I don't see Herman as the ideal candidate but I could vote from him if it happened today.

    You know, it's obvious these accuser women are full of it. And the theatrics from the Lawyer alfred. Hands on the shoulders of a women who – 14 years ago? – had her Leg Touched ! GASP by a MAN.
    Unbelievable what they're trying to float.

    I don't know what happened or didn't, but there are a couple of strong giveaways.

    – The only women coming forward are from the 2-3 years he was with the Restaurant gig. A man who is like they are accusing him of being is like that all the time. Not just 2-3 years.
    – He offered a lie detector test. If I were him, I'd only offer if they took one under the exact same supervised circumstances.
    – The Dems have more than sufficiently illustrated that Nothing is out of bounds for them. They will do or say anything to achieve their agenda.

  7. We must ignore this blather. Why do we care what this man did or didn't do? Did the lefties care about Clintons REAL PROVEN escapades?

    So many more things are going on. Why is OB poking his finger in Chinas face? Very disturbing. Moving equipment and 2500 troops to northern Australia. What are we expecting that we don't know about?

  8. I do so love reading your posts Fuzz, I get to learn so much more here than I do watching the news at home!! Herman seems like a good bet from this first viewing I have of him xx love n light xx Ali (Teyet66)

  9. @Deekaman, I missed that completely, but I have to agree that it's the left who are appalled by interracial couples, not the right.

    @Silverfiddle, beg to differ, race had everything to do with this. BO did not want to run against a black conservative, and Cain's destruction sealed the black vote for BO. The day I want to see is when black people vote as Americans first (even only), but I fear that day will never come.

    @Kerry, projection. Exactly.

    @Yukio, interesting. The trap was built, I believe, by whites (like Johnson who wanted to give black people something but “not enough to make a difference”–and it hasn't, by design), but bought into and perpetrated to this day by black race peddlers. The idea that only democrats and leftists are “authentic” women, blacks, Latinos, etc. is a leftist–both black and white, male and female, gringo and Latino–invention. One that scores with those unable to think critically or well. It's sad, really.

    @Odie, well said!

    @conservativesonfire, and we will. πŸ˜‰

    @Kid, I'm too late here, all moot now since Cain dropped out, but good points.

    @Supergranny, the entire world has changed in three short years. We can see it. If we'll only look.

    @Teyet66, miss ya, Ali! So lovely to see you πŸ™‚

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