Fuzzy Shorts: Newt, BO, Unicorns, Income Inequality, and Other Stuff

As anyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows, I’m more than a little concerned about the direction our country is heading (so much so that I’ve pulled up stakes in progland Massachusetts and headed for the sunshine state), and I’m also susceptible–when considering the direness of our nation’s situation–to moments (okay, weeks, even months) that can best be summed up by Munch’s The Scream. It’s at those times that I get sort of deer-in-headlights about this blog (so much to say that I can’t figure out even where to begin or how it can possibly matter/help), but I do have other interests and have long-considered setting up another, non-political blog, for those silent scream moments (okay, weeks, even months) when I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around what we are facing.  But then I wonder if anyone really cares about my thoughts on my cute new shoes, my macro shots of random flowers and bugs, my musings about reality television, my latest victories in any of a number of games that I play (oooh, I hear you gasp, did you really just earn 1,000 badges in that game or master soybeans in that other one?  Somehow I think not.).  So Fuzzy Logic sits.  And sits.  And sits.

Sigh.  Enough of that.

So anyway.  Some stuff’s been happening, right? 


Oh good grief.  He’s certainly a progressive, and like all progressives, his totalitarian vision is best for us all, whether we like it or not.  He knows best.  But like all progressives he won’t tell us what his version of “best” is . . . because he, like all progressives, is a coward.  One day, these totalitarian freaks may be in a position to rip the masks off:  America down, Americans beaten into total submission to a fascist (or possibly simply communist) state.  But not today.  And not tomorrow.  And–I hope and pray–not next year.

BO and his Naughty Dissenters Christmas list

Hohoho, it’s off to the gulag we go! 


So this drone miraculously falls into Iran’s hands.  The same hands that BO has steadily fed time to build a nuclear weapon.  Um, okay.

Of unicorns

Harry Reid claims that millionaires who create jobs are like unicorns, “they don’t exist.”  Oh, good grief.  Really?  Oprah is an illusion, Bill Gates a dream, Donald Trump a myth?  Look at Forbes’ 400, according to Reid these men (and women) don’t exist except in the imaginations of Republicans.

So true.  The Waltons don’t create jobs (um, Wal-mart, anyone?); the Koch brothers don’t have a staff or employ massive numbers of people?  (Gee, what about that pet progressive claim that they are funding every conservative in the country?  Paying for millions of bloggers, commenters, lobbyists, and untold numbers of conspiratorial endeavors against BO)?  Facebook, Dell, Microsoft, Mars candy, Google . . . all run by one greedy millionaire billionaire sitting in his (no “hers” there) basement?

Uh huh.

The only unicorns that don’t exist are the utopian skittle-pooping ones that the leftist’s Messiah promised.  You know the ones, the ones who were going to ensure that everyone is “equal” (except him and his cronies, of course), that the oceans would recede, the planet heal, everyone would get a combustible Volt . . . that one.

BO masquerading as . . . 

So, let’s see BO is such an empty, useless POS that he can’t stand on his own . . . not his own two feet, not his own record, not his own policies, not even his own speeches.  He has to pretend to be every president (including Carter and Nixon, though he’s not advertising these).  The latest in the long line of presidents BO has pretended to be (Lincoln, Reagan, Truman, JFK, FDR) is Teddy Roosevelt.  This one is actually a pretty good match given Teddy’s insane progressive views of the role of government (totalitarianism, anyone?).

On inequality

BO’s latest “populist” stance is that inequality is bad.  That’s not quite how I see it.  Of course.  Waaah, whine the occupy loons, you have more than me, GIMME!!!  BO blathers about the horrors of self reliance and lies (blatantly, shamelessly) about the “failure” of the free market and capitalism

Yes, inherent in capitalism is the fact that there will be some people who do not succeed, who do not prosper, who either fall through or jump into the cracks.  No matter what our progressive loon “friends” want to say, this is a feature not a flaw.  There are two things we can readily understand by looking at both the history of our country and that of non-capitalist economies, particularly those that are socialist and communist: one, capitalism actually takes care of the poor via charities, churches, and individuals/companies; two, socialism and communism does not–it simply destroys the means of aiding the poor, while ensuring that everyone (except the political ruling class) lives in mind- and soul-crushing poverty.  There are variations, degrees, etc., but the basics are plain as day:  equal opportunity outweighs equal outcome by a huge margin, and the more we move toward socialism (and, with BO, toward fascism), the less successful capitalism is (because it isn’t really capitalism anymore).  Watered down, hands-tied capitalism is just as crippling as socialism and nearly as soul-destroying as communism.

But not crippling and soul-destroying enough for the Commie in Chief and his traitorous horde.  Oh no! He wants you to hate success, strive for poverty, and turn to the government for all things.  That, to his mind, is utopia.  Everyone is “equal” (as in equally poor, equally shackled to the government, equally blocked from any hope or dream of wealth.  Wealth is bad–except his own, of course, which is growing by leaps and bounds. Of course.).  Well, almost everyone.  There are prominent exceptions, of course, just as there are in every communist / fascist “utopia,” and just as they are in every such failed and/or failing state, these are the cronies and donors to Dear Leader.  Everyone else, though, is “equal.”  Equally shut out from even the basic dignity, freedom, and opportunity that we’ve too-long taken for granted.

Income inequality coupled with American freedoms and protections and with American capitalism is not something to disparage but something to celebrate.  To cherish.  To protect.  The “income inequality” serves as impetus for many to take advantage of opportunities afforded, to climb out of the poverty classes and into the middle class, to aspire to and achieve more.  In America, at least once upon a time, anyone could do anything.  We don’t have a caste system, we don’t have royalty, we don’t have a set class structure (barring the tiny segment of “elite” who, thankfully, stick to their own “kind” and sneer at the “new rich” or the grubby entrepreneur who accidentally stumbles upon their inbred lairs of refinement).  That’s the beauty of America, we can move–in one generation–from uneducated schlub to multimillionaire.  A “nobody” can rise up from our ghettos and become anything he or she wants to be. 

But if BO and his ilk get their way, everyone will be denied these opportunities.  Everyone except their own kind, their own class, their own.  We will have, in effect, a new class of citizen, that which–as in every other dictatorship in the history of the world–is guaranteed a place at the tables of power and wealth, and we will have a new class of citizen to complement them, that which–like every other oppressed people in the history of the world–survives, works, dies to maintain that unequal, ingrained, status quo.  All without a chance, ever, of scrambling higher, of making it out of that second-class, slave status.  That is not America. 

Income inequality, it seems to me, is a small price to pay for opportunity.  For freedom.  For our souls.




14 thoughts on “Fuzzy Shorts: Newt, BO, Unicorns, Income Inequality, and Other Stuff

  1. @Odie, hehe

    @Silverfiddle, wiser words were never spoken. And let no American go sheepishly, herded like defeated beasts, to slaughter. Let Americans stand and fight and make the effort not worth the while. When they come for someone, anyone, let us not say, but that is not me. For it soon will be.

  2. Florida? I had just made plans to visit you in MA. Guess I'll cancel those and see the kids in TX.

    It is already in progress. News reports say that 1 in 2 Americans are poor or low-income. THAT is the “feature, not a bug”. It is intentional that this crisis persist. It divides us more and gives government the opportunity to impose even more draconian circumstances upon us.

    Torches and pitchforks.

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