Fuzzy’s Fab Five of 2011

It’s that time again, so without further ado, here are the top Fuzzy Logic posts from 2011 (aka Fuzzy’s Fab Five of 2011):

5.  Our Civic Responsibility: “Eternal Vigilance By the People”

Unless we completely reset our understanding of our role as responsible citizens, as guardians of our republic and of our freedom, we will lose both.  “They” are not the problem unless we allow it, and we’ve allowed it for far too long.

4.  The Leftists’ Conservative “Civil War” Trap

In fact, the “circular firing squad” accusation is nothing more than a leftist tactic adopted on cue from a leftist accusation and purposefully used to divide dim-witted conservatives, disrupt cohesion, and pave the way for sprog gains not just in 2012 but after.  Why would anyone fall for that?  Some useless leftists accuse us of being a “circular firing squad” for questioning a candidate?  For objecting to a candidate’s record?  For daring to voice our opinion?  And conservatives buy it?  Good grief, have we learned nothing?  Leftists have a vested interest in promoting this conservative “civil war,” selling the “chasms” within the conservative resurgence.  Let’s not do them any favors by fulfilling their wishes.  

3.  Okay, So We Don’t Touch Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security . . .

Look at it this way, even if we cut everything, including the military and defense, from the budget–all of it, every dime, except the Medi programs and Social Security–we’d still go broke.  It wouldn’t be by 2052 because we’d extend the life of the programs by not spending so much as a penny on anything else, but just think about that.  No military.  No national defense.  No nothing.  And we’d still go broke.

2.  Open Letter To #OWS “Revolutionaries”

But then we get back to your basic premise, as I understand it.  Government is the answer.  The destruction of the free market is the answer.  Taking from the rich to give to the poor is the answer.  Except that never works.  Once the rich are bled dry, then what?  Where will the money come from then?  Are you going to make it?  Are you going to work hard and excel for a pittance of your “fair share” as determined by the government based on the needs of the many?  Are you going to work 80, 90, or 100 hours a week so that you can get a subsistence living, one that will drag down the standard of living for every American?

1.  Fuzzy Rant:  Dear TEA Party Trump Chumps, Dump Trump!

Look, I get it.  I was warming to Trump.  Big.  I even told Adrienne that he was the top of my list of potentials.  But then I started watching him more closely, listening more closely, and doing a fair bit of googling (it’s amazing what pops up when you search “Soros Trump”).  The thing that first garnered my attention and suspicion was the donations to democrat candidates, including (horrifyingly) Harry Reid.  Against Sharron Angle, who was up in the polls.  Not in some distant past, but last November.  OUR November.  “Remember November” November.

Honorable mentions:

Everything Old is New Again

In 1933, F. A. Hayek wrote of the then-fledgling anti-capitalist National Socialist movement in Germany:

 One of the main reasons why the socialist character of National Socialism has been quite generally unrecognized, is, no doubt, its alliance with the nationalist groups which represent the great industries and the great landowners. But this merely proves that these groups too, as they have since learnt to their bitter disappointment, have, at least partly, been mistaken as to the nature of the movement. But only partly because, and this is the most characteristic feature of modern Germany, many capitalists are themselves strongly influenced by socialistic ideas, and have not sufficient belief in capitalism to defend it with a clear conscience.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

But the dominant feature [of the National Socialists] is a fierce hatred of anything capitalistic-individualistic profit seeking, large scale enterprise, banks, joint-stock companies, department stores, “international finance and loan capital,” the system of “interest slavery” in general; the abolition of these is described as the “basis of the programme, around which everything else turns.” It was to this programme that the masses of the German people, who were already completely under the influence of collectivist ideas, responded so enthusiastically.

That this violent anti-capitalistic attack is genuine, and not a mere piece of propaganda, becomes as clear from the personal history of the intellectual leaders of the movement as from the general milieu from which it springs. It is not even denied that many of the young men who today play a prominent part in it have previously been communists or socialists.

Hayek might just as well be writing about 2011 America, no?

Judgment Passed on the Tea Party:  Guilty as Charged (Crime TBA)

In all, I think this is the saddest statement about the current political climate in this country, a statement that will not be answered by (one-sided) “civility” nor by mixing up the seating at the SOTU.  Their minds are made up, and nothing will change that because socialist progressives have already passed their judgment, drawn their conclusions, and pronounced the Tea Party guilty as charged.  All they are doing now is waiting for someone, anyone, to commit the crime of which we’ve all already been convicted.




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