Defenders of the U. S. Constitution on the BO Admin’s "Anti-Terrorist" Radar

Remember that DHS memo from April ’09?  The one that “warned” the nation’s police to be alert to the potential dangers of grannies who are pro-life, Americans who support the 10th Amendment and/or oppose illegal immigration, and our nation’s veterans?  Chilling, wasn’t it?  That was a day at the beach compared to the new warnings being issued by the FBI.

Guess what will now get you on this anti-American administration’s “potential terrorist”  short-list?  For what?  Tinfoil hat Fuzzy wonders if it’s to be shipped off to those cozy new FEMA camps / gulags (that hold, at the max, 2,000 people–you really have to wonder how these would be effective in the case of legitimate disaster relief, don’t you?  Know too many areas where there are only 2,000 people?  Heck, even in the small Florida town in which I now reside there are, easily, tens of thousands of people.  But that’s a musing for another day.  Back to the “new and improved” federal guidelines for spotting the ever-pesky “potential domestic terrorist”):

— “defenders of the U. S. Constitution” (this expands beyond the earlier warning about those supporting the 10th Amendment)

— those citizens supporting a libertarian or conservative candidate

— those citizens who have the “wrong” bumper sticker on their car

— people who are “preppers” (including buying storable food–maybe we’re supposed to hope we’re among the “lucky” 2,000 who can stay in the wonderful FEMA “disaster relief” camps?)

Do note that the FBI notifications do include qualifiers that none of these nefarious activities is indicative of guilt.


I’d hate to think that the U. S. can round up and indefinitely detain (or simply eliminate?) citizens on American soil–without cause or due process. 




6 thoughts on “Defenders of the U. S. Constitution on the BO Admin’s "Anti-Terrorist" Radar

  1. @deekaman, lol, I'll be the nearly-middle-aged fat white chick 🙂

    @kerry, yes, they do, but we aren't Soviet peasants getting shot for digging up a potato. That is not, and will never be, us. Stand firm.

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