Let Me Count the Ways

One of my favorite Twitter buddies (@TalkSouthRadio) asked me how I’m liking Florida compared to “up North” (aka Massachusetts, from which I recently fled moved).  Being long-winded, I had rather more of a response than the 140 characters Twitter permits, so I thought this would make fodder for a blog post (heh, feel free to stop reading now).

So let’s hit the let me count the ways that Florida is better than Massachusetts things I’ve noted:


For the first time in many (many) years, I heard people in stores wishing me a “Merry Christmas” before I wished them one.  This was a rare and noteworthy occurrence in MA, but one that I encountered in Florida time and again leading up to Christmas.  It made me smile inside and out.

One thing I really loved about this was the near-defiant spirit with which some said “Merry Christmas!”.  Take that BO and you leftist loons! seemed to be the subtext in some of the wishes.  Now, that may not be in the spirit of Christmas, but it sure meets my understanding of the spirit of America. 

There are whole neighborhoods that decorate–many quite extravagantly–for Christmas (it’s not “the holidays” here, nor–thank God and all that is holy–a “festival of lights” or “winterfest” or whatever crazed claptrap the leftists dreamed up).  Whole streets and blocks festooned with lights and yard decorations.  Imagine!  It was beautiful, and I insisted on driving around at a snail’s pace to take it all in (much to my mother’s boredom and chagrin, but hey! I hadn’t seen anything like it in oh-so-long).

Anyone But Obama

It’s not just a conservative bloggers’ mantra but that of (almost) everyone I’ve encountered in the Sunshine State.  The mere mention of the Fascist in Chief’s name evokes eye-rolls, lip curls, head-shaking, full-body shudders, and in one case, an involuntary shoulder twitch thing that was rather worrying until I realized that the poor girl couldn’t express her utter disdain and contempt for BO with only an (actually rather impressive) eye-roll-lip curl-shudder combo. 

Note that I am not (by design) in or near any of the myriad Floridian leftist strongholds, so I can’t comment on what they’re doing/saying/thinking.

In all fairness, I often met people in Massachusetts who loathed BO, but there were many many more who defended him and/or proudly announced that they would be voting for him again.  In Florida, however, I’ve yet to meet one person who defended him (let alone said they’d vote for him).

Leftist Television

Okay, this isn’t really about FL vs. MA, but one thing that’s come to my attention as I languish on my mom’s or dad’s couch and watch the television programs they watch is the unrelenting, heavy-handed leftist messaging in certain television shows.  One, in particular, makes my blood boil.  Let’s call it Awe and Lorder.

Remember that old “the butler did it” thing?  Well, apparently, on Awe and Lorder, the white guy did it.  Always.  And if his (or her) motive wasn’t RAAAAACISM it was some invented Christian “cult” thing.  In one, and I’m not making this up, they’d apparently run out of “other” groups who inspired unhinged hatred from white supremacist types that they actually used “gypsies” as the persecuted minority of the week.  Gypsies.  I kid you not.  In another one, they used Santeria as the preferred religion, while bashing Christianity (of course).  Bizarre.

(If I have to watch even one more episode of this idiocy, my head may explode.)

My Cross

So I wear this cross on a thin gold chain around my neck.  I’m a Christian.  It’s a thing.  Anyway, I would get the most horrendous looks in MA–everything from bugged to narrowed eyes at the audacity of my daring to wear such a thing in public.  So far, I’ve received only knowing smiles of fellowship and a couple of “I like your necklace” comments.  It’s yet to evoke anger or to “offend” anyone, and that’s all (pleasantly) new to me. 

Bitter Clingers

Did you know that you don’t need a gun permit to own a gun in Florida?  Neither did I.  But Floridians know.  And they have guns.  And ammo.  Lots of both. 

There are also a lot, and I mean a LOT, of churches in Florida, and they seem to be built in bunches.  You’ll be driving along and all of a sudden hit a section of town that is peppered with all sorts of churches, all denominations (some of which I’d never even heard of).  The signs on the church sign thingies are telling, as well.  A couple of which made me smile:

The only change we believe in comes from Jesus Christ.

Our hope lies in Heaven not DC.

You don’t elect the Messiah.  He IS.

Sarah Palin and My Dead Cat

True story: so I’m sitting at this person’s Christmas party a few days before Christmas, and as conversations tend to go when I’m around, the conversation turned to BO and the 2012 election.  There seemed to be near-consensus that Sarah was the one who should be running, who should get the nomination.  I found this a bit surprising because I was so used to hearing that people disliked her (to say the least and for no concrete reason other than the journolist-coordinated effort against her).

Sarah is a star here, but she’s not running.  So at one point, I said that my dead cat would make a better president than BO, and one of the older women turned to me, and with the perfect amount of deadpan sarcasm asked, “What’s his name, Dear? He has my vote.”




8 thoughts on “Let Me Count the Ways

  1. @Kerry, thank you!

    @DS, I haven't been over there in soooo long, but you do remind me that I didn't mention Southern hospitality in my post! Thanks 😀

    @Odie, yes, no state income tax (thank God). And you can get beer and wine in convenience stores, drug stores, and gas stations here, too!

  2. I spent some time in Broward County, Florida in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I liked it there, but I had never met anyone who was an original Floridian there! All were transplants, mostly from NY and MA but from other states also. Florida, in its own way, is a crossroads of America, it is a great place to go to get away from the rest of the country. 🙂
    The only problem is that you can't get decent bagels, pizza or hot dogs there.

  3. @Zilla, Broward is definitely one of those leftist strongholds I intentionally avoided when moving. Poodle-head DWS's district includes parts of Broward, so that tells you something. As long as I can get good coffee, I'm good to go. I'm also a sucker for Krystal's hamburgers so am glad to have those handy now.

  4. That is hilarious about the woman and your cat.

    I noticed the same thing here in AZ with people telling me “Merry Christmas” before I could say it. I loved it!

  5. Long time Arizonan, born in MA, living on the Space Coast for the last 7 years. The one and only thing I don't like about this place is that Taco Bell is the best Mexican restaurant in FL.

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