Fuzzy Rant: It’s Politics, Get It?

So I’m doing my daily reading of recent posts by fabulous conservative bloggers, and I come across this one at Legal Insurrection.  Apparently, Don Surber, in his enthusiastic support of Romney or Bain or capitalism itself (really, how nuts are conservatives right now? Capitalism under attack from our side?), decided that Professor Jacobson doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he’s currently a professor at Cornell Law School.  Or something. 

Okay, this is all getting just plain silly.  So many conservatives seem to be doing it, buying into that stale, old leftist Conservative “Civil War” trap.  Let’s not.

It’s pretty amazing to me that so many people tend to forget that the second the nominee is named, it’s going to be all chuckles, cheers, and back slapping, with all these “frenemies” vying for the VP slot and staunchly, publicly defending the very positions they are now savaging.

It’s politics. 

We see it every four years, but still people forget that at the end of the day, the party will–as it always does–turn the circular firing squad into circled wagons around the ultimate nominee.  He (for it’s not to be a “she” this time around) will get the slathering enthusiastic support of every single GOP presidential wannabe (with the likely possible exception of Ron Paul).  Let’s not forget that simple fact in our own–genuine–concern regarding this primary process and its ultimate nominee; let’s not do the left a favor and come apart at our own seams, burn real bridges, turn on our own in real terms.  We fancy ourselves political bloggers, but that hasn’t seemed to include an understanding (one the left has long had) that we’re not just blogging about politics, but that blogging itself is political (in the many meanings of that word). 

Most of us agree that whomever the eventual nominee we’ll support that person in November.  I know I will.  Even if it’s (shudder) Romney or (gag) Newt.  We’re not getting a conservative, that much is clear, so let’s not burn bridges and shun our fellow political bloggers and citizen constitutional conservative allies by making personal something that the candidates themselves don’t take personally (except maybe Ron Paul and quite likely thin-skinned Newt). 

It’s politics, get it?

Let’s not forget what is truly at stake in this election, and that every single one of us has a vital role to play in salvaging what’s left of our republic.  Let us not forget that we, the people, must stand together, united, in order to win.  The left knows this and are positively giddy with the insanity currently taking place in conservative ranks, including throughout the conservative blogosphere.  Let them enjoy their fun, but when the dust settles and the nominee named, let us not carry on, divided and weak, carrying grudges and ill-placed animosities.  Let us instead pull together, put aside the political wrangling (that is, after all, just the same as every other primary–dem or republican), and stand together to defeat the worst president this country has ever had the misfortune to suffer.




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