Newt Has Some Scary News for Francophobes (i.e. You. And Me)

Newt’s new ad about Romney accuses him of (and I’m not making this up) speaking French.  Seriously.

Newt’s said and done some crazy things, desperate things, but this is downright insulting.  Hey, you bitter clinger, paranoid xenophobes, wait until you hear this about Romney . . . he speaks . . . wait for it . . . French!  Don’t you just feel the bile bubbling up in your tiny little selves, your pathetic hate-filled souls?  That’s right.  Romney speaks FRENCH.  So vote for me.  I speak American, just like you.

Good grief.  It’s ridiculously pathetic and grasping, of course, but it says a great deal more about his opinion of Americans, particularly–given this is a GOP primary–his opinion of conservatives, than it does about Romney (especially when you consider this).


6 thoughts on “Newt Has Some Scary News for Francophobes (i.e. You. And Me)

  1. Oh dear. Struggling to attach Romney to Kerry and Huntsman (speechifying in Mandarin). There are so many better ways to do that!

    The editor in me thinks this ad should have read: “Romney will say anything to win–even if he has to say it in French.” 😉

  2. @QR, I didn't get the connection to Huntsman from that, but you're right, the goal appears to be to evoke Kerry. But come on, that's pretty weak. He's just like Kerry because he speaks French? That's absurd. Our presidents and pols have often learned foreign languages, sometimes expressly to speak to foreign peoples (Kennedy come readily to mind, of course, as a positive example, but Jeb Bush often speaks in Spanish to Latino audiences, too. Nothing wrong with that.). There are plenty of similarities between Kerry and Romney, plenty. This was just stupid and smacks of desperation and craziness.

    @The Watcher, omg! I wish I'd thought of that! Hee!

    @Odie, lol, actually this is all I came away with because I've personally written a couple of blog posts that directly address (or parenthetically comment on) every other issue in that clip. The only “new” thing was the French connection, as it were. The structure of narrative and the way people remember things dictate that we put important points (those we want to have an impact) first and/or last. This was the last thing here, intended to make an impact (unless the people who created this video are utterly incompetent at what they do).

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