BO’s Subterfuge of the Union Address

Another SOTU, another pack of lies, distortions, lofty fascist promises, horrifying power grabs, brand new bureaucracies, crazy additions to an already insane tax code, and almost laughable catch phrases. I didn’t tweet it, but I took copious notes for this, my third, post-SOTU rant.  My notes, however, are littered with things like “asshat” (once all in caps and underscored twice for emphasis), so I’ll try–after a good night’s sleep–to organize this post around my key impressions and leave out the expletives.  You know, mostly. 

Ready to be a citizen “soldier” in BO’s military-style collective utopia?

Yeah, me, either, but I swear that’s what I heard last night.  Granted, he’s probably just trying to make his commie utopian dream appeal to conservatives (we, after all, love and respect the military), but when the–well, when this–president begins babbling about how we need to function, as a society, just like the military, every alarm bell in my head, heart, body, and soul goes off.

So he starts the evening, quite rightly, honoring the military and their accomplishments (well, he was sort of patting himself on the back, but he made some noises like he was honoring the military, too).  Coming from this president, that was shocking enough, but who knows, maybe he was just trying to sound like an American president for a change?  The key words this early on were “Imagine what we could accomplish if we followed their example.”  Say what?  Did he really just say that he, the Commander in Chief, thinks that Americans, civilians, should be like the military?  Naw, that’s not it; after all, he was talking about the military not being “consumed by personal ambition” (silly statement, actually), not “obsessing over their differences,” and their focusing on and working together to achieve a common mission.  Okay, innocuous enough.  I shook it off.

Until we came to the end of that hot mess of a speech, and he did it again. Compared American society to the military.  Again, seemingly innocuous, but . . . let’s just say, I’m adding that to my growing list of alarming “dots” to connect regarding this administration’s thirst for totalitarian power (what was that this admin admires about Mao? Oh, yeah, political power comes from the barrel of a gun. What was that about a civilian “security” force that’s just as well-trained, just as well-funded as the United States military? And on and on.).

This last expression of his desire that we act just like the military was after he touted his new affirmative-action style job thingy for veterans: the Veteran Jobs Corps (which he managed, by some miracle, to pronounce correctly).  I’m not a fan of the leftists’ strategy of picking out certain groups for special favor, separating them from the rest of society and anointing them with privileges (that almost always turn out to be yet another means of growing government and getting votes, while simultaneously holding people down).  And yes, that extends to the military.

We already have a GI Bill and who knows how many laws and regulations (that have the full weight of laws) to ensure parity in hiring (I’m actually not a fan of those laws and regulations, either, come to think of it), so why do we need a whole new way to help vets find jobs?  Or more to my point, why does the federal government have to ensure that veterans get jobs in the private sector (tax credits for hiring a vet? Seriously?)?  And why is the government “securing” pledges from private businesses to hire vets?  Fascism, anyone? 

That Old College Try

So remember in my post about the first SOTU when I said to watch what BO was doing with higher education?  That he was determined to take it over, make it “free” to everyone just like K-12?  Well, since then, of course, he’s taken over the entire student loan industry (that was in that ObamaCare monstrosity), and last night, we heard still more.

This time it was all wrapped up in another attack on the 10th Amendment.

We also know that when students aren’t allowed to walk away from their education, more of them walk the stage to get their diploma.  So tonight, I call on every State to require that all students stay in high school until they graduate or turn eighteen.


Of course, it’s not enough for us to increase student aid.  We can’t just keep subsidizing skyrocketing tuition; we’ll run out of money.  States also need to do their part, by making higher education a higher priority in their budgets.  And colleges and universities have to do their part by working to keep costs down.  Recently, I spoke with a group of college presidents who’ve done just that.  Some schools re-design courses to help students finish more quickly.  Some use better technology.  The point is, it’s possible.  So let me put colleges and universities on notice:  If you can’t stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down.  Higher education can’t be a luxury – it’s an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford. (source)

Excuse me?  When did it become the federal government’s place to tell states what laws to pass and how to prioritize their budgets?  And when did the executive branch start dictating where tax payer money should go? (Actually, don’t answer that, it’ll make my head explode) And why is the president blackmailing universities and colleges to do his bidding? Well, he answers that in the last line quoted above:  because “higher education can’t be a luxury.”

I’m telling you, he wants to take over higher education and have it funded, run, and controlled by the federal government.  To him, college is a right, something that should be provided “free” to every citizen whether they want it or not or are suited to it or not.  And if you want to know where that leads, then just look at the sad, sorry state of K-12 education in this country.  Dumbed down beyond belief, teaching about gay penguins, masturbation, and radical behaviors from making protest signs to actually participating in (actually dangerous) radical leftist protests. 

Of Power Grabs and (Even) Bigger Government

Did he really just tell America that he’s asking Congress for (still) more power?  Yep, he did.  And they better not comply.  Again.

Let’s see, what new and exciting agencies and giant new bureaucracies did he promise us (more accurately: threaten us with) now?  Apart from the vet jobs corp (discussed above), he also promised a new “job training” department or agency or who the hell knows what.  Yep, just like it says in the Constitution, the federal government will provide for the common defense and train all workers for just the right job, as determined by the feds (in this case, apparently, in cyber security, “green” boondoggling, and the tech industries).  Let’s not forget the shiny new “Trade Enforcement Unit,” the “Financial Crimes Unit” (totally useless with the existing laws, btw), and the marvelous private-public partnership (again, fascism, anyone?) between colleges and businesses and the government to work on job training and placement.  I lost count of all his proposed tax “incentives” and deductions . . . nothing like adding to an already overly-complex, useless tax code rather than simplifying it. 

In short, his solutions to the myriad problems facing America are the same as ever: grow government, centralize more control, spend more money incompetently, and simultaneously pander to various “groups” of voters.  Typical.

The Divider in Chief Whines About Division

Again, laughable.  This country has never been more divided (well, okay, the Civil War and maybe the ’60’s), and we owe that to this communist, class and race warfare nut.  But he wants the “temperature” in Washington lowered.  Really?  Did he want that when he refused to meet with GOP leaders until after the 2010 “shellacking”?  When he was pompously saying things like “elections have consequences” (so deal with it, GOP and the American people) and “I won”?  Nope, thought not.  What about when he was babbling about how racist we are, how we cling to our guns and religion, how we’re stupid and lazy?  Nope, thought not.  What about when he supports the GIMME! rapists, commies, Islamofascists, and assorted loons of the Day of Rage (telling name, huh?) / “Occupy” movement while mocking the TEA Party for “waving tea bags around” and actually, on at least one public occasion, using the vile, sexual term “teabaggers”?  Oh, right, thought not.

Those Laughable Catch Phrases

Same old, same old re: “fair share,” “fair shot,” and “same rules.”  As to the first two, as always, “fair” is not a substitute for “equal” (see above re: vet job corps); it means “determined by the government to be ‘fair’.”  It means central planning.

Um, no, thanks.  I’ll stick with equal opportunity (and yes, that means no special treatment or protections for any pet group.  Equal means equal.).

As to the “same rules,” I literally laughed out loud at that one.  Coming from this crony socialist that was a complete joke.

Era of Recklessness.” Of course he neglected to mention his own role and that of his commie, big government pals in the foreclosure crisis.

America is back.”  Coming from this president, one who hates America and works against her at every turn, that got my blood boiling. 

Tyranny is no match for liberty.”  He got that right, as he will find out in November.  

Rays of Light





8 thoughts on “BO’s Subterfuge of the Union Address

  1. Great post…I'll get back to it in the morning…maybe cross-post it or something…stayed up 'til 3 A.M. yesterday and don't want to get caught in the same trap today…its past midnight here (CST)…hope to check back… 'nite

  2. Great read here, Fuzzy Slippers. You got much further than I in analyzing the “address.” I attempted a full semiotic analysis of the transcript of the speech. Didn't get very far. (Here's the link if you would like to take a look: )

    I only made it as far as the sentence you qouted above, “Imagine what we could accomplish if we followed their example.”

    Finally, I really like the bumper sticker at the end! Have not seen this. Just may go online to see where I can get one.

  3. As a vet just entering the private sector, I have no desire to be apart of any special programs (including the VA). I want to get as far away from our government as I possibly can. Even if I wanted to get some networking certifications, I will not use the GI bill. I would rather pay out of pocket than jump through anymore hoops and paperwork.

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