Fuzzy Shorts: More on BO’s Tyranny, UI’s, and the GOP "Establishment"

More on BO’s military-style utopia

Well, it seems that I wasn’t the only one alarmed by BO’s SOTU call for us to be citizen “soldiers” in his military-style utopia (read the links there, too. Very interesting.).

More on BO’s power to kill Americans he says are “terrorists”

This is lighting up the leftist blogosphere, but as usual, the right is lagging behind in some kind of “the word ‘terrorist’ only means one thing to us, and it doesn’t matter that it means something totally different to BO” stupor.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: no American president should have the power–sole or otherwise–to decide which American citizen he doesn’t like and should be killed.  Period. So when Leon Panetta tells 60 Minutes that he’s totally fine with BO having the authority to decide who is a terrorist and that their murder without arrest, representation, due process is “a go,” I am beyond horrified.  But hey, don’t worry! BO himself, with no help at all (look Ma! No hands!), “reviews these cases” and “reviews the legal justification.”  Awesome!

(Wait.  “These cases“?  How many are there?  Exactly?  Oh, wait, we can’t know.  It’s double super duper tippy-top secret.)

Even if you weren’t considered a “terrorist” by BO (and you mostly likely are if you are reading this), this should still give you pause.  The Constitution explicitly states that no person can be “deprived of life, liberty, or property” without due process.  No person.  Period.  Not just “most” people or people guilty of X crime.  There are no exceptions, nor should there be when it comes to American citizens.  Making exceptions is what dictators do, fascists do, tyrants do . . . what every scumbag government has always done to “deal with” their enemies, perceived or otherwise.  It is not what America does.  Until now.

It seems to me that we are either Constitutional conservatives or not.  We can’t cherry pick which parts of the Constitution we like and which we don’t (um, isn’t that exactly what BO and his traitorous horde do?).

May 1, Useful Idiots, and a Cross-Country March (sure, go ahead, say it)

According to Big Government, there is a big “cross-country” march of Occupy goons, thugs, rapists, murderers, thieves, and assorted scum planned for this May Day.  Yep, we know, as the organizers know (if not the mindless minions who can’t even bother to find a toilet or de-louse themselves), that May 1st is a big day for commies the world over. The Occutard quoted in the Big Government piece states, “I don’t know why that day, I really don’t, but a lot is happening that day.”  Good grief.  He gives new meaning to the term “useful idiot.”

And it makes me wonder what else this shameful (bowel) “movement” has planned for May 1st.

Pelosi’s Plan to Regain Speakership

The TEA Party needs to wake the hell up.  Dems cannot take the House this fall.  They cannot hold the Senate.  Our only hope to retain and eventually rebuild this republic is to ADD to our limited gains in November 2010; too many so-called patriots are already griping that the entire country wasn’t turned around in one mid-term election or that the GOP-led House (making up one half of one third of government, btw) isn’t performing miracles all by themselves.  They simply can’t do much more than slow things down until WE, the people, send reinforcements in November, still more in 2014, and still more in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

GOP “establishment” / RINOs as Place-Holders

We need to be targeting “establishment” GOP pols at every level and in every one of those elections (and later ones, if any are still around mucking up the works) and electing Constitutional conservatives in their place.  That’s a no-brainer.  Or it should be.

But we also need to understand that the House cannot be lost to Dems again.  It simply cannot be (and no matter who is president, that cannot be allowed to happen).  Better to have some GOP big government RINOs in there as place holders until we can send enough actual conservatives, no? 

Yeah, I sound a bit (okay a lot) pissy right now, but it all kind of came home to me yesterday.  I was at some store, and I overheard someone behind me talking about whom they voted for in the Florida primary.  My ears, of course, perked up (she’d voted for Mittens McRomneyCare, but her clearly very smart mother had voted for Rick Santorum. Anyway,), my ear-perking got the attention of the sales clerk, another useful idiot as it turns out, just of a different variety.  She muttered that they “never discuss that stuff in her house” and then she added (much to my outrage and annoyance) “we never vote.”  I raised an eyebrow in what I hoped wasn’t too judgmental or condemning (I’m sure it was both), and she hurried on by assuring me that her household’s vote doesn’t matter because she’s long-been disgusted by both parties.

And then . . . then she whispered in obvious revulsion that she “sure [doesn’t] understand how that man got elected president.”





8 thoughts on “Fuzzy Shorts: More on BO’s Tyranny, UI’s, and the GOP "Establishment"

  1. I'll only comment on one portion of your post — You wrote regarding the House, “They simply can't do much more than slow things down until WE, the people, send reinforcements in November, still more in 2014, and still more in 2016 and 2020.”

    100% on target, IMO. We didn't get in this mess overnight and it will take more than one election, even one generation to get things back on track.

    Great post as always Fuzzy Slippers!

  2. Agree with you and Mrs AL.

    That last paragraph represents way too many people though. Frankly, I'd have told her that part of the problem is that there are too many people like her who don't vote.

    In her defense; once again we're likely to have an election where it doesn't matter much who you choose. Not the them anyway. And not so much to me, though there is some comfort in having someone who appears to be patriotic anyway.

  3. @Mrs. AL, thanks 🙂 It will take time, but I worry that people are too impatient and disgusted by where we are to actually work on where we need to go. 😦

    @Kid, agreed, she and her ilk are part of the problem. She doesn't know how BO got elected? I wonder how many people just like her sat out the last election and plan on sitting this one out . . . only to bitch that they don't like who won? Grrr

    @Odie, precisely.

  4. I agree with you and Mrs. AL. Unfortunately people nowadays want instant gratification. Our culture has promoted that, sadly. Many don't understand how long it took for us to get into this mess. It will take some time to repair the damage that the big government philosophy has caused.

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