Allen West

I so *heart* Colonel West.

Part 1 of his speech on “The Republicans Proud History of Standing Up for African-Americans”

Part 2

His full speech from CPAC:

As you may have heard, there were nefarious plans put in motion in Florida (by state-level RINO’s) to redistrict him out of office this November.  That didn’t go over very well, and he’s still running.

This is not just “an” election year, it’s THE election year of our lifetimes.  We need to keep every Constitutional conservative we can and replace RINOs (and dems, of course) with still more Constitutional conservatives.  Until we have enough of them to secure needed majorities in both Houses of Congress, nothing will change.  In that sense, we all have work to do to save our republic . . . until we’ve done our part, we can’t really sit back and moan that 2010 didn’t change anything (besides, it slowed this monstrous, traitorous admin down, and that’s definitely something).

One place to start is to defeat the state-level reps who did this, and to support West (and other real Constitutional conservatives).  Check out Allen West’s website, his voting record, read his stance on issues, and donate to or help this great American’s campaign if you can.   



8 thoughts on “Allen West

  1. Oh my God. Are you people stupid!? West is a Constitutional traitor. Period. End of story! Just take a look at his voting record. We'd be screwed if he went on the ticket as VP. And wake the hell up and realize Ron Paul is the only candidate that will actually help the U.S. Does anyone else have a balanced budget plan ready to be put in place? NO! The national debt being at 16 TRILLION dollars is kind of a big freaking deal. Elect someone who has stood by the constitution an has a voting record to prove it. By the way, I would pick anyone over that idiot Santorum. SUCH a fake conservative! Yea, he may be socially a conservative but when it comes to the fiscal part of it, you might as well be voting for Obama. Uniformed Americans piss me off to no end. Ron Paul 2012!!

  2. @aaron, omg, thank you! That's the funniest comment I've had in a long time. Yeppers, this “uniformed” American can't stand Ron Paul, and I must say that his supporters do him no service in that regard. Almost all of them (with a few exceptions whom I adore) are raving lunatics like you . . . and just like him. But hey, at least you made me laugh. I haven't in days, so thank you.

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