Fuzzy Quiz: Are You A Victim of Secular Social Engineering?

I’ve. had. enough. of. the. crazy.

People, and I’m talking conservatives here, are acting like foaming at the mouth, head-spinning all the way around, pea-soup spitting socialist progressives because Rick Santorum has announced, unashamed, that he is a Catholic who believes in God and Satan. Unreal. The only thing I can imagine is that we’ve been so indoctrinated, so thoroughly divested of our Judeo-Christian heritage that we literally can’t appreciate, much less accept, someone else’s viewpoint . . . even if it’s one we claim to share. You know. In private. Off the radar. Out of sight of any who might be “offended” by our belief in God. Tucked away in some quiet place where no one will find out.

Since when, please, has it become shameful to believe in God? In the Bible? In Satan?

Oh, I know, it’s been a long long time coming. God’s been pushed and bullied from the public sphere for many years. We know this. We claim to be against it. So why are so many conservatives–who claim to be Christians–joining in on that destruction of sincere Judeo-Christian faith?

Secular social engineering is the only thing that I can think of, and God knows it’s been rampant for decades.

So let’s see if we can determine who is (and is not) a victim of leftists’ secular social engineering:

1. Do you believe that Nativity scenes and Christmas trees should be banned from public property (town squares, etc.)?

2. Do you believe that the word “God” is offensive, be it sung in song, mentioned in prayer, or said at a graduation ceremony?

3. Do you believe that the Judeo-Christian God should be removed from the public sphere (no 10 Commandments in court houses, no crosses in military cemeteries)?

4. If you answered “yes,” to any of the above, stop now. You’re hopelessly ensnared by secular social engineering. If you answered “no,” to all of the above, do you then believe that there is no place for God in our socio-cultural construct?

5. Do you believe that a moral society is a better society? (flipside: Do you believe that an amoral society can be functional and positive?)

6. Do you believe that there should be laws and that said laws should address murder, robbery, etc.?

7. Does a belief in the Bible (and therefore in God and Satan) negate a person’s viability for public office? (and if “yes,” wouldn’t that mean that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, JFK, Ronald Reagan, et al. should never have held public office, much less the presidency?)

8. Are you offended or otherwise made uncomfortable by the words “God bless America”?

9. Did you silently cheer when BO stated that “America is not a Christian nation”? (related: do you silently cringe when BO babbles about the Bible and our Christian “duty” to embrace higher taxes? And not for the higher taxes, but for the fact an American president is mentioning God?)

10. Do you believe in God?

11. Do you believe in Satan? (if “no,” and you answered “yes” to #10, how do you reconcile a “no” here and a “yes” above?)

12. Do you believe that Christians have a right to believe in the Bible, and therefore in God and Satan?

13. Where do you think the Founders stood on the role of God and the Bible in public life? (hint: they said it was foundational and that without it, we’d perish as a republic)

14. If you’re raging against Rick Santorum for his comments about God and Satan, have you asked yourself why? Where that comes from?


9 thoughts on “Fuzzy Quiz: Are You A Victim of Secular Social Engineering?

  1. I've heard his comments over and over again, today and continue to ask myself what is the big deal. I can't find anything wrong with his comments, even from an objective standpoint.
    Yet, Obama can quote and misinterpret scripture as he sees fit, and as ridiculous or hypocritical as it may sound, the news media uses it to his advantage every single time!
    It's mind blowing, what is going on. Completely mind blowing!

  2. i'm not a very religious person, but i don't really understand the foaming-at-the-mouth that is happening on the right in regards to santorum. i can only imagine that maybe when people hear him say something in regards to his religion, they filter it through some uncomfortable/bad/whatever memory of someone else that was religious or supposedly religious. that's all i can figure.

    everybody likes to think they're objective, but it can be hard to be so about every conceivable subject. that's just my two cents.

  3. It's never “left-wing extremists”. Ever. “They are considered (by the sock-puppet media anyway) as “The Great Middle”. It is important that they destroy faith in God, otherwise the government can never become all powerful.

    God has not been pushed and bullied. We have been pushed and bullied into hiding our light under a bushel.

    Off topic (a little): Speaking of pushed and bullied, here in Wisconsin, we just had School Board primary elections (yes, there's a primary for that). It is, at its core, a fight between Walker supporters and Walker haters. So much so that I am told businesses which are displaying signs for the pro-Walker candidates are being bullied into submission by threat of boycott. Here in Wisconsin, we are loading up on popcorn. It's going to be an entertaining election year.

  4. Public Service ALERT



  5. It's become stylish to go against Christian teachings. Thoughts of gray are considered proper rather than a right and a wrong, good and evil, or just and unjust.

    Gray is the color of PC. Keep it out of your life.

  6. @Mrs. AL, thanks! It was fun to do and I may try to come up with more here and there. And yes, do send people to take it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Pedaling, I know what you mean, it boggles the mind (and frustrates me, I admit).

    @Kerry, I'm not either, Kerry, as you know. But this is driving me bat poop crazy. And frankly, making me do a bit of soul-searching on my own end. I think you may have a point about some of the reactions being based in personal experience, but the nuts are saying stuff about Santorum wanting to force women to wear burkas, FGS! And that's on the RIGHT. The reactionary lunacy is beyond my comprehension, particularly as many of these are the same people who object to much of the secularization that I mention in this post. It's confusing. And annoying.

    @Deekaman, okay, that made me stop and think hard. You're right about the light under a bushel thing; that's exactly what we've been forced to do (and complied with far too readily, so are actually complicit). Horrible.

    Those tactics have to be countered. We just aren't organized or as well-financed as the left. But a lot of conservatives are organizing counter-BUYcotts to leftist censorship and bullying tactics. I'd like to be able to find some research about how much money is actually lost when a leftist loon org screams for a boycott. They do it every day, I can't imagine that it makes that much difference except in the rare instances where it goes viral. We need to find ways to counter these horrible tactics, though.

    @Kid, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Odie, you know, you are quite the philosopher sometimes, my dear friend. I think you are right when you so eloquently and poetically state that “Gray is the color of PC.” It is.

    @JACG, [quote]I don't think you need to even believe in God to see evil in the world. [/quote]

    Very true.

    @lady Di, honestly, I think this is okay with me right now. Let him learn how to deal with this fire, with valid points being made about his (big government) record, and let him get his answers down. Then he'll be ready to meet the rest of America when he faces BO in November. ๐Ÿ™‚

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