Heartbreak: RIP Andrew Breitbart

Shocked, stunned, heartbroken . . . I have no words. 

Speech at CPAC (2012)

Occupy Unmasked Panel (CPAC, 2012):

Tribute by Thad McCotter on floor of House: 
Patriot. Hero. Beloved. Courageous. Fearless. Truth Warrior.
He will be sorely missed; may God bless and keep him.



7 thoughts on “Heartbreak: RIP Andrew Breitbart

  1. I find it very suspicious….not long after announcing that he has information about Obama's past that he will reveal at some point during the national campaign, A.B. drops dead of “natural causes”? How do they know that, when they don't even know how he died yet? Call me crazy, but this stinks like a fish. So so sad.

  2. Why do the good ones go so soon?

    Peace and Comfort for his family and friends. I hope they are the kind of folks who will more celebrate his life than grieve, as he has done more in 43 years than most do in 100.

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