Vetting BO, Conspiracy to End Capitalism, and War has relaunched, and with two incredible stories that need to be told far and wide.

As he stated at CPAC, Andrew Breitbart will be vetting BO this year.  Oh yes, he sure will.  He may be irreplaceable, but his legacy lives on at his Big sites and in every single one of us (and in others who’ve not yet joined the fight, but soon will).

So what nasty little secrets did the leftist hack media bury in 2008?  To start with, just how absolutely, completely and totally radical BO is.  We’ve seen it since, may even be somewhat desensitized to it, but there are a lot of people still sleeping, still in denial, still muttering to themselves that BO is just like any other pol, or that he’s just a puppet (like that even matters, he’s the one in the position of power to implement the plans–and there are plans, this is not incompetence or stupidity.  They need him, or it all falls apart).

These people, some of them conservatives, are out there saying crazy things like “Romney wouldn’t be any worse than BO” or “I’m not voting because maybe this country deserves BO” or some other thing that reveals that they don’t understand what is happening in America and why it matters, why it’s imperative that we get our act together this year.  To them, I say, wake the hel. . . um, just wake up, already.  No one, and I mean no one, is as much a clear and present danger to this country as BO.  Let’s vet him this time.  Because the propagandist hacks who work for him will work overtime to ensure that the truth is hidden, it’s up to us to let America know.   

What’s their plan?  Well, right up there on the commie traitor “to do” list is destroying capitalism.  Yes, we’ve heard that before, but for some reason, people don’t seem to understand–to really, truly get–that this isn’t a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory or something that is so far out there that it can’t be done.  Isn’t being done.  Right now.

What do you think will happen if these serious-minded (if totally evil and wrong-headed) people are successful?  Do you think you will ever see freedom again in your lifetime?  In your children’s lifetimes?  Because you won’t.  They won’t.

It’s up to us.  There is no one else.  We’re it.

It’s up to us.  To fight, to win.





7 thoughts on “Vetting BO, Conspiracy to End Capitalism, and War

  1. As long as we stay focused on his record over the last three years we win. When the left steers us off in another direction, we lose. As emotional as it is in making BO a one term President, we must stay cool and calm and attack him with his own record and his own words. This is the key!

  2. The word “war” needs to be used sparingly, IMO. It's been overused and abused to the point that many people don't even pay attention to the word or the issue(s) behind it.

    You use the word correctly here, FuzzySlippers. Well done.

    And John Carey makes an excellent point in that we need to get off the emotional roller coaster and focus focus focus.

  3. Right on point Fuzz.

    I talk to young people all the time. Servers at restaurants, etc. Their attention span isn't real good and they just do not want to dive into the details, so I put it to them like this:
    “The Democrats are full blown implementing socialism. If you think socialism is going to make your life better go for it, but I won't be joining you because I know socialism has never made anyone's life better. I therefore will Always vote against democrats any chance I get. No issues, no runs, no hits, no errors, no BS, no debates, No he said/she said. It's simple. Vote against democrats.”

    You might enjoy this write-up The War on Capitalism from another perspective.

  4. This is war. We must win in November to save this country from tyranny. Obama thinks he is a king who can give out and take away rights. Heck no! This is America, not some socialist state. We need to show the voters just how radical Obama and progressives are and how the progressive way is detrimental to America and Americans.

    Great video!

  5. @Kerry, my sentiments exactly.

    @Hack, we will if we can get our crap together.

    @John Carey, agreed, but focus seems to be a problem for the GOP. Argh.

    @Mrs. AL, thanks and agreed. 🙂

    @Kid, that's awesome! I hope you join the campaign in the leftist trenches (on progressive websites). You're just the voice we need there!

    @Teresa, you make great points!

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