Terry the Primary

It was with a certain amount of unChristian glee that I noted that Randall Terry (D) had won an Oklahoma delegate against BO for the Democratic presidential nomination.  One delegate, you sneer, what are you thinking, Fuzzy?  Well, I’m glad you asked, because I’m thinking, it’s time to Terry the Primary.  “What’s that?”, you ask.  Well, remember the ’08 campaign that too many of us (myself included here) weren’t paying close attention to?  One of the BO camp’s strategies (up there with labeling Hillary everything from a RAAAACIST to a fascist) was a little-known something called “McCain the Campaign.”  All the cool commie kids were doing it.

But we can’t possibly push Mr. Terry to the democrat (actually, as we all know by now, communist) nomination, you protest.  Nope, we can’t, I concede.  But you know what we can do, we can make BO (whom I’ve begun to think of 0) work harder for a second term.  Harder, I mean, than throwing out clear red herrings for the conservative moronica to hoover up like fevered dogs stumbling upon a heaping helping of distracto kibble (#slutgate).

Just think.  Randall Terry, pro-life and anti-gay marriage, and who knows, maybe even not totally insane (but who cares if he is?) will take 0 to task on his record.  His record.  Imagine!  And he’ll do what no Republican (not even Newt) can do:  take him to task right in the light of day.  The propagandist LSM will have no choice but to cover it (and we’ll help with that, won’t we?), and it’ll be a dem against a dem.  Their most feared scenario (think Carter vs. Kennedy circa 1980. Sure, Mr Terry is no Ted Kennedy, but . . . ).

I kind of love it.

Oh, sure, you might be holding back, wondering if we can possibly use the same “dirty” tactics the dems/progs/commies use.  To that I say, grow a Breitbart-sized (aka Big) pair, why don’t you?  This isn’t tea at granny’s, this is the fight of our lives, of and for our nation.  

So what are you still doing here?  Stop reading, go Terry the Primary.  Do it. 




5 thoughts on “Terry the Primary

  1. Heh, thanks, Kerry. I kind of love it, too. It's past time for us to take the fight to them, on their terms, using their strategies (within reason, of course, but what's wrong with supporting this guy and letting him do what no GOP candidate can ever do?).

  2. Anything that disrupts democrats.

    Abstractly, it makes me think of some things they did in WWII. Pretty much Everything! Rubber tanks, spies, misdirection, anything and everything.

    The dems have gotten real good at this and the repubs play it like a busload of prudish schoolgirls. (no offense Ladies)

    “America” will have to be wrestled back from the communists at this point. High road isn't going to do it.

  3. @Mrs. AL, ha, I wasn't trying to be admonishing, in my head it was more like the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but hey, whatever works 🙂

    @Kid, yep. Appeasement hasn't worked for us, so time to grow a pair. Past time.

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