Guns, Race (Other "Groups"), and (Scripted) Violence

There’s a whole “thing” going on about the Florida shooting of a 17-year-old.  Two things stand out about this particular case: one, George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin, is–much to the horror of the leftist hacks and propagandist alarmists who jumped on this story–HispanicNot white as was originally–and joyfully–reported.

Now this causes some serious problems for leftist loons.  On the one hand, if the guy was white, it would be a “told ya so” moment (those damned whites do nothing but shoot black people, after all), but now that we know the man is Hispanic . . . ooops, gee, maybe we shouldn’t have jumped so (ahem) fast and furious on that one.

The other thing is clear in the calls for more strict gun laws: this is, indeed, another “crisis” the anti-Second Amendment freaks want to use to call for stricter gun laws.  Uh huh, good luck with that.

Which all, of course, brings us to the shameful excuse for an American (and human being) who is the current Attorney General, Eric Holder.  There are not words to convey how despicable and evil this man is, so let’s let him and his actions speak for themselves:

On “my people“:

Committing perjury:

On “brainwashing” Americans against their Second Amendment rights:

That’s not all, of course, we know that there is an “informalDOJ policy against prosecuting blacks for crimes against whites and that he goes out of his way to attack legitimate actions by states

Holder is so old-school, so rooted in an ideology of hate, resentment, and vengeance that he just can’t understand that America needs to move forward as the only means of “righting wrongs.”  Looking back, seeking retribution, spouting hate, nursing old wounds, and condoning violence will do nothing but make him and his ilk exactly what they claim to hate: racist oppressors and murderers with no conscience, no humanity, and no morals.

He’s not the only one, either.  Remember when Michelle “first time in my adult life I’ve been proud of my country” Obama said the following?:

But don’t expect any insight, self-reflection, or clarity from these crazed ideologues.  Ever. They really do mean what they say.

So what do we take from this?  Only one thing, sadly.  This administration is taking advantage of decades of pitting one “group” against another.  Everyone is in their assigned boxes, spouting their assigned script, and ready to do violence in the name of their assigned “greater good.”


We have the religious against the non-religious, blacks against whites, Hispanics against whites (and blacks), Muslims against Jews (and Christians), the poor against the rich, the straight against the gay, the unions against non-unions, the right against the left, . . . and it won’t end well.  How can it?  It’s not designed to end well, not for those of us in the trenches, anyway.  We’re expendable.  All of us: black, white, straight, gay, Jew, Christian, conservative, leftist . . . we’re all just pawns in a great big, global game with the highest imaginable stakes. 

They have their ducks in a row.  Do we?



8 thoughts on “Guns, Race (Other "Groups"), and (Scripted) Violence

  1. Hate to be brief sometimes but all I can say about holder is he is a serious POS. And stupid.

    That aside, as information continues to come out about the zimmerman situation, I believe he is guiltier than sin and should be arrested immediately and charged with murder.

  2. @Hack, yes, he is; he is also “the feds.”

    @RoseB, 0 is a complete disaster, and he's only getting started.

    @Kid, Couldn't agree more about Zimmerman, from what I've read, he was way out of bounds and should be arrested. But that's pretty obvious, I guess. I'm more interested in what the leftists are doing with regards to race and trying to pass stricter gun laws (perhaps they'll suddenly rush to his defense now? who knows with those nutters).

    I really don't think they are in the least bit incompetent, actually. They only appear so because they are exact opposite of American.

    @Odie, agreed.

  3. Fuzz, the think that bothers me most about the zimmerman thing is No One has ever even suggested he identified himself as being in a position of authority and that he was armed.

    Here he is following this kid. The kid is pretty nervous about it as he states on his cell phone conversation, and if it's true he got physical with zimmerman, who is to say the kid didn't believe he was defending HIS life.

    That's a big problem with this story.

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