VP Musings: A Girl Can Dream

Our very own, most fabulous JACG (aka Just a Conservative Girl) has written a thoughtful post about the potential VP picks for a Mittens McRomneyCare ticket, and I thought it would be fun to consider picks for the others, as well.

By the way, here’s what I commented about potential Mittens’ picks:

Romney needs two things: foreign policy cred and TEA Party support. Make that three things, actually, because he needs to reach out to minorities, too.

For these reasons, the short list for the Romney campaign probably includes Rubio, Jindal, and West. No way in hell is either Palin or Bachmann on it, but they may be stupid enough to consider Christie or Rand Paul. I doubt he’s thinking Ryan as Ryan’s strength is the economy and budget (the same as Romney’s purported strengths). Ryan would add to a Santorum ticket, not Romney’s. I’d love to see him pick Herman Cain, but seriously doubt it’s even a distant thought. My pick is Colonel West.

There is a chance that he’ll go with Nicki Haley, a smart choice for the women’s/minority vote, but I wouldn’t put money on that one.

To expand a bit on this (as I am wont to do):  Romney is a crap RINO, big government nightmare, so the last thing he’s going to do is consider (even for his political fortunes) either Sarah or Bachmann, it just won’t happen.  They are everything that his tiny little soul loathes (i.e. strong proponents of American principles, small government, and we bitter clingers).

The “stupid enough to consider Christie” thing is based in the fact that Christie is a moderate at best, a RINO at worst, but if the establishment/RINO GOPs are anything to go by, they won’t care about that.  Christie would add nothing to a Romney ticket that isn’t already there (except a stark contrast in personality).  Rand Paul . . . okay, I’ll admit it, my feelings about his lunatic father influence the way that I think of him.  He’s not really been bad (or nuts), so that’s probably not fair, but . . . it’s there.

I love, love, love Paul Ryan.  Just love him.  But he’s not going to add anything to a Romney ticket, alas.

Hermann Cain I also like, but his big claim to fame is his 9/9/9 plan, so that’s not a help to Romney.

That leaves Nicki Haley and Allen West.  I doubt that Haley would be picked, but she’d be a good choice (despite having only been governor since 2010; Romney picks up the experience slack), so I go with Allen West for a good Romney match.  He’ll bring TEA Party support, and he’s got the foreign policy experience and deep understanding that Romney utterly and totally lacks.

So what if it’s Santorum and not Romney (a girl can still dream)?  Santorum would do himself no favors selecting someone like Sarah or Bachmann, and he’d be making a mistake to select Cain; these are all “controversial” figures, and he’s got that market cornered (alas).  Santorum’s strengths are foreign policy and Constitutional grounding, so he doesn’t need that from someone like Colonel West.  What Santorum lacks are economic credibility and secular appeal.  That’s where someone like Paul Ryan can be a boon (who am I kidding, there is no one like Paul Ryan. So Ryan it is).

And what about Newt I love FDR Gingrich?  [insert heavy eye-rolling]  He’s great as a sort of attack dog against the media and BO, but he’s still a big government is the answer guy, so he needs to look at someone who’s not.  He’s also unstable and strange, so he needs to balance that out with stability and normalcy.  His best pick would be someone like . . . you know I’m going to say it . . . Paul Ryan.  Would Ryan agree to run with Newt?  Yikes, I’m just not sure.  Bob McDonnell might be a good choice (see JACG’s reasoning).  But maybe Newt could do something that would shake up the entire process, select a moderate Democrat (i.e. a real, old-fashioned America-loving Dem, not a commie) like Evan Bayh or Joe Manchin.

Newt’s got the . . . um, brass to do it, and it would certainly make things . . . interesting.  Heck, I’d support that ticket even though it would save the Democrat Party, or maybe because it would save it.  Conservative Democrats are a dying breed, pushed out by progressives (aka communists), so it’s in our best interest, as a nation, to restore the Democrat Party to its former, pro-American ideals.

Yeah, yeah, I’m dreaming.  But a girl can dream.




6 thoughts on “VP Musings: A Girl Can Dream

  1. @Hack, they're both great!

    @Teresa, hmmm, I'm not Newt's biggest fan, so I should probably not comment. Heh.

    @JACG, the home state only matters if the state is a swing state (i.e. adding a VP from a swing state strengthens the ticket). So West makes sense as FL looks to be a bit iffy (if leaning R) this year. With that as a main consideration, I suppose McDonnell makes sense since VA is also iffy and “sorta” South (a region in which Romney struggles–to put it mildly), but that's really all the more reason to go with a Southerner that other Southerners see as Southern (like West or Haley).

    @DS, I love her, too. And am biting my tongue because I wuv you on that Palin comment. 😛

    @Odie, ha! Good point, my friend. I'd vote for any of them with an old shoe as a running mate.

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