Duped Dupes Being Duped

While immensely enjoying myself playing the latest BO-sponsored hashtag game on Twitter, I noted that there are a lot of liberals and leftists who just don’t see how they’re being played.  As one of them would manage to tweet something supportive of the 0Care monstrosity to the hijacked-by-conservatives hashtag, I’d shake my head, snort with laughter, or roll my eyes.  It’s really unbelievable how these people think (yes, I’m being generous here; it’s not really thinking so much as mindlessly repeating the lies they’ve been told).

We Are Not A Christian Nation . . . Unless It’s In BO’s Political Interests To Say We Are

A couple of stoic lefties braved the conservative onslaught with little tidbits about how they can’t believe that anyone can call themselves a Christian and not support 0Care.  This one makes me giggle every time.  It’s not only illogical and insane (but, yes, Virginia, the Bible really does say that God wants the government to save your soul.  Um, sure.), but it’s classic BO (I really do think of him as “zero” or “0” these days).

When he’s not attacking and lying about America’s Judeo-Christian foundations (remember “We are not a Christian nation“?), he’s mocking Christianity and trampling on the religious freedoms of Catholics (and soon everyone else’s religious freedoms as well, make no mistake).  Not only did he sit, for 20 years, and listen to Reverend Wright shriek “G-damn America!” and spew bile after 9/11 about “America’s chickens coming home to roost,” but he’s made it clear that the unfettered free rein his administration gives to the occupy loons does not extend to Christian pastors praying outside the White House (he has them arrested).

The attack on freedom of religious conscience has nothing, of course, to do with either contraception or gay marriage, these are merely vehicles for his “fundamental transformation” and for his desire, as his wife stated in 2009, to “change our conversation, … our traditions, our history.” But it does show us, quite clearly, why he (repeatedly) leaves out the “endowed by their Creator” part of The Declaration of Independence. Like all communists and wannabe dictators, BO believes that the government is the source of all rights, so it makes sense that he would omit that pesky business about our Creator endowing us with certain inalienable rights.  If God grants them, he can’t take them away.

So he has a history of ridiculing we “bitter clingers” (who cling out of bitterness to our Bibles/religion or guns, according to that horror show in the White House), our God, our religion, our fundamental rights.

Except when it seems convenient to use his twisted understanding of Christianity to his own ends.  Remember in 2009 when this administration “reached out” to religious leaders in an effort to get them to support that 0Care nightmare . . . in the pulpit (it’s okay to propagandize from the pulpit, of course, but it’s not okay to say anything negative about this regime)?  Remember all that “being neighborly,” “who we are as a people” (according to him, not a people of Judeo-Christian values, though), and “the right thing to do” stuff?  (How can you not, the same speech was recycled constantly throughout ’09 and into 2010 to combat the “messaging problem” the WH stupidly thinks is responsible for the majority of Americans wanting 0Care repealed.)

My very favorite BO quoting the Bible happened in 2009, as well, when he said that anyone who didn’t like 0Care was, and I’m not kidding here, “bearing false witness.”  Not enough to get religious leaders to sermonize on the wonders of 0Care to these nonbeliever heathens? Nope, so his administration organized a “prayer vigil” for 0Care outside the Supreme Court (you can’t make this stuff up); obviously these prayers are acceptable to Teh Won, so these religious leaders won’t be arrested (it starts today and lasts–you guessed it–three days).

So to sum up, according to BO, America is not a Christian nation, the Bible is just as flawed as the Constitution, and the government, not God, gives us our rights.  At the same exact time, America is a Christian nation that must be appealed to on Biblical principles of “being our brother’s keeper.”  Insane?  Cynical?  Downright blasphemous?  You bet.  And how do the duped dupes on the far left rationalize all this contradiction?  Simple.  They don’t.  They don’t think about it.  At all, apparently.

Corporations Aren’t People, But Big Government Is

One of the favorite leftist memes is that “corporations aren’t people.”  Okay, that point may be arguable, but the strange thing is that they actually believe the massive government we have is, somehow, “people.”  I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around that one, and I really can’t come up with anything that makes sense.  Corporations are greedy, evil, and they lack compassion and good will.  How a not-people can have and/or lack these human characteristics, I have no idea, but that’s what they think.

But then, they look at big government as some sort of benevolent nanny who just needs more power, more of our money, more control to be truly compassionate.  That this has never turned out well in the history of tyrannical totalitarian governments seems to escape them.  It’s bizarre, but the fact that you are a statistic, a nameless, faceless, numbered subject of the government is somehow preferable to being a free citizen in a free market.  Go figure.

Race Isn’t About Race, It’s About Privilege . . . Unless You’re Black and Leftist.  Or Something.

Hispanic is the new white thanks to the box the far left painted itself into when attacking George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin as a “racist” act.  This was when they’d initially jumped to the conclusion that he was white.  He’s not.  Ooops.

But hey, that’s okay, the crazies who brought us “man-made disasters” (terrorist attacks) and “overseas contingency operations” (war) have now come up with a plan: race isn’t actually race, race is really privilege.  Except when it’s not.  With this little gem of illogic, they can cover all their pet bases: if you disagree with BO, it’s because you’re racist; if you disagree with BO and happen to also be black or another minority, you’re a racist, too!  In this (actually quite hilarious circular lunacy) BO is not, despite being exceedingly privileged, now “white”–he’s still black.  If you are in the middle or working classes (having a job is “privilege”) or say, an Hispanic the left thought was white, then you are actually white, even if you’re not (disagreeing with or in any way blowing the leftist narrative automatically makes you “racist” and now “white” via the “privilege” idiocy).

Bizarre squared.

The Word “Hate” (Also) Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

We saw the venom spewed when Andrew Breitbart died, every time Dick Cheney has a health scare (or heart transplant), and every time something violent happens (such as the Arizona shooting and the more recent Florida shooting): leftists are filled to the very brim with the most putrid hatred imaginable.  They curse, they swear, they blame, they agitate violence, they make rape and death threats, they put bounties on people’s heads (including making Wanted Dead or Alive posters that were initially used to mock President Bush but now seem like a great idea. Somehow), they call for the murder of policemen . . . you name it, if it’s repellent and evil, the far left says and does it.  Publicly and with absolutely no self-reflection, filtering, or chagrin.  They’re proud to be irredeemably reprehensible and tell themselves it’s okay because they’re the “compassionate” ones.  Unreal.

Being a leftist means being totally exempt from their own phony standards (does anyone really buy all the faux “outrage” anymore?  I know I don’t.).  We know this, but what’s amazing to me is that they don’t even see it.  They somehow manage to justify calling for the murder of innocent people as . . . what?  I honestly don’t know.  It’s impossible for me to even begin to understand this warped mindset.  But it is one that is certainly shared with their Dear Leader, a man who makes enemies lists, attempts to shut down opposing viewpoints, and has a policy of “rewarding his friends and punishing his enemies.”

They’re being led by the Pied Piper of evil, and most of them love it, being rather evil themselves, they strut along proudly behind their false messiah (Mmm, mmm, mmm!) and support policies that not only blatantly destroy our country but that enslave the very people they claim to want to help.  However, there are those among them, or seemed to be in the Twitter game, who seem genuinely duped.  It’s these people we may be able to reach and shake from their slumber.




5 thoughts on “Duped Dupes Being Duped

  1. @Kerry, “consequences”? What is this strange language you speak? :/

    @Deekaman, heh, I played that for a while in the boring way, going along with the Planned Parenthood thing, but that got boring. I ended up going back and playing it Fuzzy-style. 😉

    @Opus, aw, thanks! Sometimes a girl's just gotta rant, you know?

    @Odie, I so love it, too!!! I'm having head my page until the Supremes ruling comes down, and no matter what they say, I'll keep it on my page until it's repealed. That 0Care is an abomination.

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