Bill Whittle Discusses the Frankfurt School & The Progressives’ Sword and Shield

I so *heart* Bill Whittle and sometimes listen to him just because.  Anyway, so this video (in two parts) is pretty much standard Whittle wonderfulness; he discusses the way that progressives (who are actually communists, but that’s my stance, not Whittle’s) use the “sword” of critical theory and the “shield” of political correctness to undermine our culture, our society, and all that we hold dear.  It’s truer than true.

Part 1 is the sad, scary part that we all need to know:

Part 2 is an overview of the seven fundamental beliefs of conservatives:

One of my favorite of his points is that the Bill of Rights does not grant us our rights to free speech, etc., but that it–much to BO’s chagrin–restricts the government’s ability to take away rights with which we were born, i.e. we were endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.  The Bill of Rights merely protects those, so even if Congress passed a bill that took away, say, the rights protected by the First Amendment, and the president signed it into law, and the Supremes upheld it, we’d still have our First Amendment rights because they don’t come from Congress or the president or the Supreme Court.  Period.

If we’re fighting the far left on the battleground of ideas, we win.  Hands down. And they know it, that’s why we are being ridiculed, threatened, and pushed toward a manufactured “race” and “class” war.  Only if we stoop to their level, react in anger and with violence, will we lose.  And lose everything.  Standing in truth and principle is the way to win this, and win we will.




9 thoughts on “Bill Whittle Discusses the Frankfurt School & The Progressives’ Sword and Shield

  1. i was watching some bill whittle videos yesterday, pretty much for the same reason. thanks for posting this, fuzzy. we need a little shot of motivation every so often, and this did that. 🙂

  2. @Kerry, there's something about him that makes me feel both comforted and resolved; it's a gift he has, I guess. I'm so glad you liked the vids, they do go along with Andrew Breitbart's book, too 🙂

    @Odie, I know, Odie, and I can't tell you how much strength that gives me. Truly.

  3. Great stuff Fuzz and Bill Whittle of course.

    First Video. 4 minute mark to the 7 minute mark.

    Who here thinks “Today's America” can break this mold ?

    Not me. Prepare yourself.

  4. @Velcro, thanks 🙂

    @Kid, yes, I think we can. The founders knew this and wrote a Constitution that protected against it. The only thing that seems to be lacking is the commitment of Americans to vote to stop it. Some are even saying that they won't vote at all (and Paulbots are saying they'll vote for 0). With enemies like this in our midst, we may not be able to stop it, but hopefully, they'll wake up before November 6th.

    @Dudge, he so does!

  5. Fuzzy, too many have been brainwashed, mis-informed, and not informed.

    I LOVE to be optimistic. It's my core persona. But we're not going to turn around until enough feel the pain, resolve themselves to get to the truth, and reject these communists.

    The only sliver of hope I have is 4 conservatives on the SC and one more that is usually conservative.

    But this country is a runaway train with a mob mentality.

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