Google Blogger Is Doing Some Weird Censorship Thing

Google’s been moving in weird and horrible directions lately (hiring BO flunkies and doing strange, illogical things with privacy), so I’ve stopped using Google for searches.  In fact, I’ve found that Bing is just as good as, and in some ways even better than, Google and haven’t even missed it.

This morning, however, I learned something that tinfoil hat Fuzzy found rather alarming, mostly because there was no warning about this. It was just done quietly, under the radar.  Our good friend Goodnight Vienna posted (that link should go to her post but instead goes to an error message; it did work, I know, because I posted comments to it. It just won’t work now.) that she’s having trouble with her blog (who hasn’t?), but she also pointed to our other good friend Barking Spider’s post about Google apparently cutting off American, UK, and Canadian blogs on Blogger.  Weird, right?  Comments don’t work amongst the countries, and now I can’t even access GV’s blog at all.  As I can still access Spider’s blog, I’m not totally freaked out or considering building an End-Times bunker, but it’s troubling enough that I am working on my WordPress version of Fuzzy Logic and hope to be migrating soon.  Ish.

Now, this may be just nothing at all, of course.  In which case, tinfoil hat Fuzzy has a bunch of egg bytes on her face, but it’s just weird enough in a long line of weird from Google that I’m pretty much done (as I am with Facebook).

Anyway, they’re probably just trying to organize (and isolate for some reason) certain countries . . . in some . . . oh, what do I know about online stuff, but it could certainly just be some kind of weird bookkeeping thing. I guess.  I mean if you saw the crazy folders and bookmarks and bookmark folders and other “organizing” things on my desktop, you’d probably glaze over and start to drool.  Organizing is fun for me, so maybe it is for Google, too.  But I don’t like that I can’t read UK and Canadian Blogger blogs or that the ones I can read, I can’t comment on, and let’s face it, I don’t like the troubling implication that Google can cut me off from the rest of world . . . should it be told to do so.  Not that it would.  But you never know.

So normal Fuzzy isn’t too worried and is thus still posting here and keeping my gmail account for my wonderful blog buds who want to use it.  But even normal Fuzzy has her limits, so it won’t be long before I post about a move to WordPress.  Actually, I’d have moved over ages ago if their templates weren’t so limiting, and I could create something that even vaguely resembled my “home” here on Blogger.  But hell, this blog design was a compromise and let down after my previous one (right, Kerry and Dudge?), so what’s one more move, recreate, re-do?  Anyway, I have found one template, called Twenty Eleven, that is allowing me to sort of make a new Fuzzy Logic that sort of echoes this one in that distant, maybe fifth or so, echo kind of way.  I’ll be able to use a wondermous header that the good folks at Conservative Blogs Central made for me, so I’m excited about that, but doing the blog roll in WordPress is a giant pain in the . . . well, anyway . . .

I’ll let you know when it’s done.




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