Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 5

We often hear that we need to have a “national dialogue” about this issue or that, or we hear that the goal of political discourse is “compromise.”  But as the ideological, socio-cultural, and political divides in this nation become more stark, I wonder if such a dialogue and/or discourse is possible . . . or even desirable.  How do you have a conversation (much less a “conversation as a nation”) with someone who not only doesn’t accept any viewpoint but their own but who also is utterly incapable of even comprehending your stance? Someone who willfully misunderstands it often simply to further their own ends?

There are so many things that leftists get wrong about conservatives that it was truly difficult to pick the top five [note: I’d intended to put them all in this post, but as usual, I just went on and on, so am breaking it up into five separate posts, a series if you will].  I decided to select them based on the weight of their contribution to our inability to “work with” and/or “compromise with” leftists and on their relative import to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic (it should be noted, that trying to converse and compromise with someone who doesn’t even share your goal is an exercise in futility.).

5.  Conservatives are fascists.  This one always cracks me up because as most of us–including BO and his traitorous horde–know fascism is rooted in and indeed cannot exist without massive government.  Fascism  focuses on “private-public partnerships” (i.e. the state dictating which businesses succeed, which don’t, how they operate, what they produce and to whom it is distributed and by what means, etc.).  It’s totalitarian and communist in nature (this is why Hitler had to defeat communists and socialists: his National Socialist Party–i.e. “Nazi” Party was their nearest ideological rival, the truest competition for statist votes).

Mussolini distinguished fascism from liberal (in the classical sense) capitalism in his 1928 autobiography:

The citizen in the Fascist State is no longer a selfish individual who has the anti-social right of rebelling against any law of the Collectivity. The Fascist State with its corporative conception puts men and their possibilities into productive work and interprets for them the duties they have to fulfill. (p. 280)

“Selfish individual,” “collectivity,” and “productive work” . . . sound familiar?  The collective, aka The Greater Good, is supreme, with the individual minimized, trampled, oppressed, rounded up, “re-educated,” imprisoned, murdered, etc. by the state if the state deems it “necessary.”  Up twinkles?

Capitalism is the enemy of fascism, just as it is of socialism, communism, and every other statist, totalitarian ideology.  Today’s leftists hate capitalism and the free market, they want the state to regulate and centrally-control everything; indeed, that’s the very root not only of BO’s own plans for “fundamental transformation” but of his “ows” movement. In 1933, F. A. Hayek wrote of the then-fledgling anti-capitalist National Socialist movement in Germany:

The persecution of the Marxists, and of democrats in general, tends to obscure the fundamental fact that National Socialism is a genuine socialist movement, whose leading ideas are the final fruit of the anti-liberal tendencies which have steadily gained ground in Germany since the later part of the Bismarckian era, and which led the majority of the German intelligentsia first to “socialism of the chair” and later to Marxism in its social-democratic or communist form.

One of the main reasons why the socialist character of National Socialism has been quite generally unrecognized, is, no doubt, its alliance with the nationalist groups which represent the great industries and the great landowners. But this merely proves that these groups too, as they have since learnt to their bitter disappointment, have, at least partly, been mistaken as to the nature of the movement. But only partly because, and this is the most characteristic feature of modern Germany, many capitalists are themselves strongly influenced by socialistic ideas, and have not sufficient belief in capitalism to defend it with a clear conscience.

Fascism, of course, is the polar opposite of conservativism which is rooted in Constitutional principles of limited government, individual liberty, entrepreneurship, and the free market. But leftists will never be able to understand that for a few reasons: one, they have no idea what fascism actually is (so understanding who is and who is not fascist is a bit tricky) and have no desire to learn; two, they have been conditioned to hate and to be intolerant of anyone who thinks differently (they believe that they are not fascists, but that conservatives are; therefore conservatives must not be tolerated, they must be hated); and three, they don’t seem to want to understand that it’s impossible to be both a Constitutional conservative and a fascist (if they read the Constitution and understood fascism, even on its surface as I’ve sketched it here, they’d know that.).

Their main argument for conservatives as fascists centers on the “nationalistic” aspect of fascism (another is the virulent antiSemitism and racism of Hitler’s National Socialist fascism, but I’ll discuss those in later installments).  Leftists don’t, won’t, or simply can’t understand that “nationalism” and “patriotism” are not the same things, that the former is used by fascist dictators as a means of solidifying the collective (a thing conservatives detest) and that the latter is a means of unifying a nation while celebrating each patriot’s individual rights, responsibilities, and liberties.

That’s why leftists attack and fear the very word “patriot” (indeed, anyone self-identifying as a “patriot” is auto-flagged by the FBI as an “extremist” and a “potential terrorist.”); it’s not that they think we are fascists, it’s that they know we are not.  And that they are (yes, more leftist projection).  At least the ones in power (the WH, executive branch alphabet agency heads, union bosses, certain businesses’ CEOs, et al. cozying up to same) know this; the useful idiots with whom we most frequently come into contact in our daily lives and on social media don’t know it at all. They are blissfully ignorant of the machinations that pull their strings and direct their hate.

How do you engage in an open and civil dialogue with the willfully ignorant?  Or with people whose objectives and methods of achieving objectives are the precise opposite of your own?

29 thoughts on “Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 5

  1. excellent post! really looking forward to the next in the series.

    and i would add, as far as “compromise”, that the left doesn’t use compromise in the same sense that we on the right use compromise. for them, compromise is when we give in to all their demands.

    • That’s so true. After refusing to meet with GOP at all during the healthcare “debate” (hmph! they even went so far as to have the locks changed so GOP coudn’t get in. What babies.), they suddenly wanted to “compromise” after the 2010 midterm shellacking, but it always meant do exactly what they wanted or GOP were “obstructionists.” It was ridiculous (and so clear that I wonder sometimes if leftists have two brain cells to rub together. They bought the Democrat lies, despite the clear evidence they were just that.).

  2. Bravo! An excellent post. I’m commenting mostly on your final question. You asked how do we engage in open civil dialogue with the willfully ignorant. It reminds me of an exercise I was forced to go through with my brother, who kept smoking in the bathroom at our workplace. I knew that if I confronted him about this, he’d merely deny he did it. I just wanted him to stop, but I couldn’t get past the obligatory asinine denial. “I don’t smoke in the bathroom, what are you talking about.”

    I decided to use the “I have a friend who has a problem” strategem. I didn’t accuse him, I asked him for honest advise on how to deal with someone who continually disobeyed both company policy and state law. He finally stopped me and said: “Ok, I get it.”

  3. It’s been my experience attempting to have civil dialogue with the willfully ignorant is like trying to nail water to a tree.

    Great post, and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  4. The left loves lies. It doesn’t have to believe them, it just has to get its opponents to defend against them. Top tier progressives have not interest in dialog, that too is a distraction. While professing to seek common ground, they move their revolution forward at a rapid pace.

    Too many conservatives fall for the trick, and want desperately to believe compromise is possible. They move to the middle thinking that’s the key,when what’s really needed is a firm counter-revolutionary stand.

    • So true, Doug. Your latter point is the one that haunts me now that Romney looks like the GOP nom. He’s a squishy, let’s compromise with communists loser. He doesn’t understand that you can’t compromise the Constitution, individual liberty, and the free market with people who seek to destroy it all (what do you say? Oh, sure, I’ll give you the 2nd Amendment but we’ll keep the 1st?). *sigh* but that’s a whole other topic for another day.

  5. I got your new site info updated on my site baby. 🙂

    Not to take away form your excellent analysis, but there is no doubt the left accuses the right of all they things they are or plan to do.

    • Woohoo! Thanks Kid! So true, I linked to a great post on projection by Silverfiddle, too. That’s something the left is very very good at (and will come up frequently throughout the series, I’m sure).

  6. Liberals are wrapped up tightly in their own little reality-defying cocoon. Try to pierce it and the wrath of gaia will come down on you. I got kicked off a liberal blog for making just this argument. He deleted my comments and then demanded I “take it back” before he would allow me to speak again. I told him to stuff it and never went back.

  7. Fuzzy, I give up. I had two paragraphs written and somewhere I pushed the wrong button. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I have to move on.

    • omg, Odie, that’s the most annoying thing in the whole world and happened to me all the time (or it was so frustrating that it felt lilke it happened all the time).

      Do you use Firefox by any chance? If you do, try the Textarea Cache add-on. It’s wonderful. It caches the text that you are typing, so if the page refreshes or you click something or the text disappears for whatever (or no) reason, all you have to do is go back to the page, right click, open the Textarea window and click the “close and paste” button. It’s saved me many a time.

    • Thanks so much, TCL. It really is so difficult to talk to them, like wading in mud. I started trying again because I think that there are still some who are aren’t ideologically deranged or brain dead, just not really paying attention and absorbing the madness via the media and culture.

  8. One additional aspect to this confusion of Fascism with Conservatism is that the definition of “Conservatives” differs from place to place and from time to time. For instance, the “Conservatives” in the Weimar Republic wanted to restore the Monarchy; the co-opting of this sentiment could be one reason for Hitler’s proclamation of a Third Reich (or Third Empire). This is the exact opposite of what Conservatives in 21st Century America want, which is a return to the foundational principles of limited government that drove the Colonists to rebel against British Imperial rule.

    • So true, Hayek writes about the difference between German conservatives and the English conservatives of his day (and later those he met in the U. S.). And I look at Cameron in the UK, and he’s . . . well, not conservative by any measure I’d use.

  9. From your excellent post, “That’s why leftists attack and fear the very word “patriot” (indeed, anyone self-identifying as a “patriot” is auto-flagged by the FBI as “extremists” and “potential terrorists.”); it’s not that they think we are fascists, it’s that they know we are not.”

    Now if the above doesn’t motivate conservatives to work hard to replace the Resident, et al I don’t know what will. It is maddening to realize that I am now a target because I do not agree with or suppoort the behemoth called the national government.

    Have been absent of late, am very glad you are here at WordPress. Easier for me — haha BTW, changed your address on my blogroll.

  10. Great analysis. Fascism has always been on the socialist / statist / collectivist Left. The only difference between Hitler and his communist rivals was the emphasis on the ‘national’ rather than ‘international.’ Which reminds me to point out American Progressives in 2012 are dedicated international Leftists, which sits at the core of their ‘Blame America First’ policies.

    • Exactly, Liberty. There is and was nothing “conservative” about Hitler and his fascist state; indeed, we see all too clearly how leftists embrace the same Jew hatred and knee-jerk need to silence any and all opposition.

  11. Beautiful article. I would add that the “conservative as fascist” evolved from the “nazi as rightwing” propaganda that Stalin engaged in once Hitler attacked Russia and they became bitter enemies. Until then they had been allies and ideological cousins. Once the attack occurred, a “new history” had to be invented (shades of Orwell) to explain things. Like many other Soviet propaganda operations, this story found great acceptance among left-wing useful idiots who considered themselves fellow-travellers, even if secretly, with the communists. Other pernicious Soviet operations that have persisted long past its demise include the whole modern “peace movement” and “social justice” movements – and, of course, many modern labor unions.

    • Thanks, John! You’re so right, the rewriting of history is a key part of the previous success of all enemies of freedom, and that has carried forward (0’s new old slogan: Forward!). But we have their number now, and the rewriting gets stopped before it even begins. We still have to go back and correct everything else that’s been rewritten in history, too, and one way to do that is to undo the lies. One by one. .

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