Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 4

So last week I (somewhat inadvertently) started a series of the Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives, and am picking up here with Number 4 (you can read last week’s installment here: 5.  Conservatives are fascists.).

4. Conservatives are anti-science neanderthals. I pretty much love this one because it’s based, most often, on two unproven scientific theories–lefties don’t understand that science is about theories, i.e. positing a hypothesis based on known qualities/quantities and developing a theory that is just that, a theory–and the way that they work (or actually, don’t work) together, most clearly demonstrate the fallacies of leftist “thought” when it comes to science. Scientific findings can be and are very often proved wrong (forget about Pythagoras and Galileo, think of Einstein’s theory of relativity being called into serious question just last year:  particles were found to travel faster than the speed of light, a thing Einstein claimed was impossible).  But hey, if Al Crazed Sex Poodle Gore says that there’s a scientific consensus, there must be . . . even if the UK won’t allow the showing of the Goracle’s “documentary” without qualification that there are at least nine proven fallacies in it.

The leftists’ two pet scientific theories are AGW and Darwinism; however, it seems pretty clear that you can’t have both (as I noted in my post Evolution or Global Warming: You Can Pick Only One); if humans are responsible for global warming or climate change (or whatever the accepted term is this week), then there should have been no marked climate change prior to the Industrial Revolution.  And if there was no climate change (though we know from the fossil record that there have been multiple Ice Ages followed by global thaws), then there can’t possibly have been evolution (even Darwin said that species adapted to environmental changes such as global warming and cooling).  Darwin was insistent in The Origin of Species that environmental adaptation was required for survival of the species: so why, if humans evolved from monkeys due to an unacceptable environment, are there still monkeys?  Species simply don’t evolve in a static environment, nor do the faulty species who did not adapt and evolve survive the inhospitable environment that first prompted evolution of that unfit species.  Or if they do, Darwin was wrong.  So you see the conundrum for addled lefties.

[aside:  The progressive/communist 100-year war on Judeo-Christian values is at the heart of forcing acceptance of evolution to the exclusion of creationism in our schools and society. Communism cannot work on a religious people, a people who have anything above the state; they know this, that’s why they use “science” to strip away parts of our religious foundation.]

This Catch-22 was compounded by the ClimateGate emails and the revelation that the earth is not only not warming but is now cooling and that we are again headed for another catastrophic Ice Age.  Uh huh.  (by the way, if you haven’t read Delingpole’s Watermelons, you really should.) These findings led to the die-hard climate hysteria nutters changing “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” (it’s just so much better to cover all your bases when you’re trying to stoke unfounded fear, create panic, and take over the global economy), but it hasn’t caught on fully, so we still see the schizophrenic posts and articles about “global warming” that talk about the coming Ice Age.  Why, yes, Virginia, the warming planet causes the formation of ice sheets.  Go figure.  But to leftists this makes perfect sense.  Somehow.

Anyway, my goal here is not to debunk their craziness, that’s been done repeatedly and by actual scientists.  My interest is in this lie and how it works for leftists and against conservatives, and how it, ironically and much like the “conservatives are fascists” meme, actually reveals more about them than it does about us. For example, one of their favorite pseudo-intellectual assertions is that conservatives are religious fundamentalists who reject science because it’s not “mystical” and “supernatural.”  They mock religious belief on the grounds of their own pseudo-religious fervency of belief in science, so if you don’t believe in their twin gods, Darwin and Gore, there is something wrong with you. You’re intellectually inferior because . . . well, their “bible” is better than yours.  Or something.

Leftists trot out the conservatives are anti-science neanderthals at every turn, be it in the debate about embryonic stem cell research or in the green boondoggling that is 0’s pet way to waste tax payer money.  He claimed only last week that conservatives would have been “flat earthers” back in the day because we don’t want to keep throwing billions away on unproven, unworkable “green” energy.  This is all backwards, of course.  He‘s the flat earther, buying into the accepted “norm” (as flat earthers did in their day) and ridiculing (or attempting to–today’s flat earthers are actually proponents of 0’s and leftists’ wrong-headed AGW alarmism)–anyone with whom he disagrees.

But this is what leftists do.  And it’s all they can do.  They can’t argue with you based on facts, they can’t argue with you based in science, they can’t argue with based in logic, so they resort to their fall-back position of supposed intellectual superiority and condescension.  You, poor dumb bitter clinger that you are, are simply too unintelligent and too backward to grasp the subtleties of their “science.”  It wasn’t “debunked,” it was “complicated.”  It wasn’t found to be false, it was “challenged by idiots.”  There’s a “consensus,” even though there clearly is not, not even in the scientific communities who study climate and evolution.

Leftists use science, including flawed and debunked science, to further their own ends, such as the UN’s Agenda 21 that President George H. W. Bush signed in 1992.  Using global warming/climate change hysteria and alarmism to scare and intimidate peoples and nations into giving up their sovereignty and destroying individual property rights.  Science isn’t just their god, it’s their means of controlling the population of the world, its resources, and its economy.


19 thoughts on “Top 5 Lies Leftists Believe About Conservatives: Number 4

  1. global warming is such hooey. i’m sick to death of most of the environmental crap that leftists dish. back after the bp oil spill, when they were all moaning and crying about how devastating the spill was and how the effects would last forever, i read about how some organism was discovered that had eaten up the spill. not a lot of press about that. i tweeted a link to the story i read, though, and one of my lefty friends read it and was like, “oh.” it wasn’t too much longer before he stopped following me on twitter. i think i was ruining his world view.

    • “hooey” heh! It sure is. I’m sick to death of it, too, Kerry. It’s so funny how leftists will just run away rather than face a tear in the fabric of their carefully crafted fantastical worldview.

        • It’s totally understandable. On one hand. But wouldn’t your own experience realizing that everything you’d believed your whole life is a lie make a great blog post? 😉 Heck, maybe all we former indoctrinated should post on that, our ah-ha moment or gradual realization may give hope to other conservatives (even ourselves) who think we’re fighting an uphill battle. Geesh, if you and me, suffering decades of indoctrination and craziness can see the light, anyone can. 🙂

          • true. i don’t know. not everyone can handle the truth. (heh) it always reminds me of the cybermen in doctor who. they’re basically people who have had their brains ripped out and implanted into machines. when the doctor connects something in their machinery that lets them see what they’ve become and how they’ve lost what made them human, they self-destruct.

    • Thanks, Teresa! yes, I did like your hubbie’s post. It’s so funny to me that the guy (kyle, i think) was saying that consensus, in essence, is “proof.” That’s exactly what’s wrong with leftists and their herd/collective mentality.

  2. The left’s anthropogenic global warming theory, or is it climate change?, is a classic example of the common fallacy of begging the question.
    a: Mankind’s carbon emissions are causing climate change.
    b: the proof of this is that the climate has changed because of the CO2 emitted by mankind.

    Re: the anti-science label in general, I think that many leftists who label conservatives as such, are atheists and think that belief in a creator of any kind is unscientific superstition. I realize that their own ideas are equally superstitious, the problems is that they don’t. [Yes the following is so much more logical and scientific than belief in a creator: The universe just popped into existence from nothing. Totally random. And of course we evolved completely randomly from inorganic matter that spontaneously and fortuitously arranged itself on the back of a crystal…or something]

    • Oh, good point, Jack, yes, their insistence that we are “anti-science” is most often tied up with their sense of superiority that we are “superstitious” and intellectually feeble because we believe in a power higher than ourselves. Or them.

  3. We must not forget their motive … They want your money and for you to worship their god … Hint … they’re worshiping their god tomorrow.

  4. Most telling is listening to the actual climate change scientists. Yes, they are marching to an agenda; money in science will do that, but many were dismays at Al Gore and other non-scientists taking a theory and preaching it as dogma.

    Send all you money to Reverend Al Gore and the Church of Gaia! He will bestow upon you carbon credits to atone for your enviro-sins!

  5. Great Post for Earth Day. I believe the environmentalists lie more than any other person or group.
    And in general, ‘teh scientists’ are jsut seething to come out and make a name for themselves so they often cheat and try to go around the “Scientific Method“. Which is pretty sad.

  6. ah yes. the “intellectual superiority” of the leftist. they DO resort to this as a smoking mirror tactic. it’s a mere step away from name-calling when they’re losing an arguement. good post, fuzzy!

  7. Well I am late to the party but would like to toss in my 2 cents worth … first, I am a Christian. Second, God created a”the heavens and the earth” and therefore is the creator of all things scientific. The problem with the leftist/progressives/whatever you want to call them is that they are all about power. They could actually care less about the environment per se, but use it as a tool to amass power.

    • Exactly right, Mrs. AL. And they resort to Alinsky tactics in their (now mostly futile) attempts to make us tow the line. The facts are what is “inconvenient” to them, so they try to make us look and feel stupid rather than face them.

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